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A brother and sister meet for the first time in eighteen years

Gina had left her home in Leeds, England for Canada
with her husband David, three years after the birth of
her brother Barry. Her mother's pregnancy twenty years
after Gina was born was a tremendous shock for
everyone. Gina's parents had tried for years to have
another child without any success, and had given up all
hope of success.

After trying for a long time to have a child of their
own without any luck, Gina and David eventually
consulted a Gynaecologist, and after examining Gina, he
told them that she would never be able to have children
due to problems with her womb.

Work became their life, building up a nice home for
themselves over the years. David had no desire to go
back to England, even for a vacation, so it was
eighteen years before Gina went back home to Leeds
alone to attend her father's funeral

Barry was now twenty-one by this time, and when Gina
met him for the first time after all those years; she
was very taken by this good-humoured nature and
handsome appearance. He stood six foot one inch and was
well built with broad chest and narrow waist. He was a
total contrast to Gina in that; he was fair-haired,
whereas Gina was very dark, with the look of a very
good-looking Italian. She had kept her figure over the
years and her 36D breasts were high and firm and very
eye catching.

They got on like a house on fire from their first
meeting and became inseparable during her weeklong
stay. They were completely at ease with one another and
the attraction, although they would not admit it to one
another, was a little more than brother and sister.

Over the next three years Barry visited Gina and her
husband in Canada, and Gina went back home to see her
mother twice, during which time Barry and Gina
travelled everywhere together. On one his visits to
Canada during that time, they were chatting about how
Gina never got to go on any foreign holidays apart from
going home to Leeds occasionally. Barry suggested that
the next time she came home to visit her mother that he
could book a week's holiday in Spain for them, after
all, she was his big sister and there shouldn't be a
problem with that. Gina was delighted. "I would love
that Barry," she babbled excitedly, and David readily

It was eventually arranged for four months later, and
Gina experienced sexual excited anticipation that she
was uncertain of, in that he was her brother, and she
knew it was wrong.

As she thought about it, she felt herself become
sexually aroused. Her sex life with David had become
practically non-existent, although it had never been
that great. David was what you would call a pencil
dick. His penis was thin and just four and a half
inches long when he had a hard on, and Gina found
herself having to satisfy her own sexual craving either
by her own hand, or with a large dildo, due to his
premature ejaculation. Once he had cum, he just rolled
off without any thought for her needs and went to

Now when David was away on business, and she lay in her
bed, her hands would move between her legs, over the
thick black pubic hair that covered her mons. Her
fingers would slide between the lips of her cunt,
finger fucking her while her thumb rubbed her prominent
clit. She would take her favourite dildo from her
bedside cabinet drawer and push it between the lips of
her vulva, then pushing it deeper into her wet cunt.

Her thoughts strayed to her brother as she worked the
dildo into her cunt faster, rubbing her other hand over
her swollen clit. The thoughts made her even more horny
and excited and she imagined Barry working his big cock
in and out of her juicy twat. Her hands were going
faster and faster as she approached her orgasm until
finally her body convulsed in a mind shattering orgasm
as she cried out "Fuck me Barry, fuck me good and hard
brother. Stick that almighty beautiful cock deep in
your sister's cunt."

When she and Barry arrived at the Spanish hotel, in
which they were to share a two bedded room, since
single rooms carried a big supplement.

They checked in and made their way to the third floor
where their room was. The room was a nice size, but to
their shock, there was only one queen sized bed in the
room. Barry went to see if he could get a change of
room, but as it was the high season the hotel was fully
booked so a change was impossible.

"What are we going to do now" Barry asked Gina, "do you
want to see if we can find somewhere else to stay?"

"We won't get anywhere else at this time of year. What
do you say we just share the bed? After all, you are my
brother. We can both stay on our own side of the bed,
so what harm can it do?"

Barry could feel his cock start to harden at the
thought of sleeping in the same bed as his beautiful
sister. She might be forty-one years old, but she was
very fuckable he told himself, and he didn't know how
he was going to cope with the hard on it would give him
lying next to his sexy sister.

Gina had similar thoughts; as the tenting in Barry's
trousers had not escaped her attention and her own
panties were becoming damp at the thought of it.

"I wonder, she thought, did he maybe plan this all

The whole idea excited her more than she liked to

Although for the rest of the day they did the holiday
things such as the walk along the beach, exploring of
the town and, in the evening, a wonderful dinner at a
fine restaurant.

Both their minds kept returning to the fact that they
would have to get into the same bed together as if they
were just young children with nothing on their minds
except sleep.

Barry confessed at bedtime that he only wore shorts in
bed, and Gina said that David did the same, so no
change there, she laughed.

Gina went into the bathroom to change, and found that
she had to wipe her excited pussy dry, giving it a
gentle rubbing as she did so.

She emerged from the bathroom wearing a short white
silk nightdress, which stopped just below her delicious
ass cheeks. As she bent over to lay her watch on the
dresser, her nightdress rose up revealing her white
silk panties and giving Barry a hard on of massive
proportions as he lay in bed watching her. His cock was
nine inches when soft, but now it measured a massive
thick eleven inches.

Gina climbed into her side of the bed and they both
said their good nights. As they kept to their own sides
of the bed, it took them both a long hot disturbed time
before they eventually fell asleep.

At around four am, Barry was awakened by the sound
through the open window of a truck going past on the
road outside.

He was facing into Gina's back with an arm gently
resting over her waist, and his hand on her flat tummy.

His cock was semi hard, but as soon as he realised the
closeness of her body, and felt the heat from her, his
cock went rock hard.

He brought his hand down to his shaft and started
fisting it gently as his other hand gently rubbed her

As he rubbed her, the silk nightdress rose up at the
front above her waist. He carefully pulled the back of
the garment until it too was at waist level as he moved
forward so that his giant cock was on the cleft of her
ass cheeks. Gina groaned and her hot ass moved back
against Barry's cock.

"Was she awake?" he wondered.

Barry wasn't sure, but his cock was now ruling his mind
and he had to go on. He slipped his hand under the
waistband of the silk panties until his finger came
into contact with her luxuriant pubic hair. He ran his
fingers through her bush loving the silky feel of it
and its thick thatch.

As he teased her bush, her tummy quivered and shook to
his touch. He knew now that she was indeed awake and
wanting more. His fingers slipped over the lips of her
pussy. To his surprise, her pussy was soaked in her own
juices and the hair around her opening was wet. He
rubbed his thumb over her clit making her squirm with
sexual anticipation.

Barry removed his hand and pulled the leg of her
panties aside and gently pushed his bloated cockhead
between her legs easing forward. Again she pushed back
until the head of his cock stretched the lips of her
waiting cunt and slipped inside.

Barry had no doubt that she was awake now and he pushed
his pole deeper into her waiting fanny.

"Take my knickers off Barry and fuck me properly. I
need your cock inside me."

She turned over and Barry hooked his fingers into the
waistband and drew her wet knickers completely off,
while Gina pulled off her nightdress revealing the most
gorgeous pair of tits which Barry took into his mouth
and suckled greedily.

Gina's hand went to Barry's rampant cock, finding it
hard to get her small hand fully around it, although
she still managed to move her hand up and down, feeling
the strength of this mighty pole.

"Fuck, your so big little brother. I've never had a
cock like this, in fact I have only ever had David's
cock up me, and he is tiny compared to you."

"I love you sis, and I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist
touching you when you are in the same bed as me."

"You don't mind that I am your sister, do you Barry?"

"I don't mind in the least. You are so sexy and I have
had a problem controlling my feelings for you since the
day we met on your first visit home."

"I felt the exact same Barry. I am going to tell you
something now, so please, don't be shocked, okay? I
have been masturbating over thoughts of you for ages."

"Hell, it's been the same for me too. I have been
wanking to thought of fucking you since the day we met
and now I am going to fuck you sis, like you have never
been fucked before, but first I want to taste that
pussy of yours because it looks and smells fantastic."

Oh God, yes please Barry, lick and suck my cunt, do it
now, please do it now." She pleaded.

Barry kissed his way down Gina's body, which was now
glistening with the sweat of their actions. His tongue
ran through the rivulets of sweat, tasting the salt
from her body, down through her thick bush of black
pubic hair.

His thumbs parted the hair at the lips of her cum
soaked fanny, delving into the honey pot of her red-hot
cunt, his tongue darting in and out of her hole, making
her writhe with sexual delight.

He attached his mouth to her engorged sensitive clit
and started to suck and lick it till she started to
cum, her hips bouncing up and down, and then her body
stiffening as an almighty orgasm wracked her entire
frame, seeping her love cum into his waiting mouth.

"Aaiiiiiiiieieeeeee oh fuck Barry I'm cummmmminnnng. Oh
fuck Barry, eat me, eat me ooohhhhhh fuck!"

Barry continued to suck on her clit until her orgasm
subsided and her body relaxed onto the bed.

"Oh shit Barry, I've never cum like that in my life
before. It was fantastic. I'm absolutely soaked in cum

Barry went down between her beautiful thighs again and
started licking the cum from her pussy and running his
tongue through her pubic hair, licking it clean of her
sweat and cum. As he continued to lick her pussy,
another smaller orgasm racked her body and she shook
and whimpered loudly till it subsided.

"That was really good sis, but now I am going to fuck
you with this big fuck pole of mine." Their language
had become very explicit now in their love making.

"MMMmmmmm, yes please, fuck me good my dear not so
little brother. I want to feel my brother's cock deep
inside me and all the way up my love hole."

Barry knelt between Gina's legs and rubbed the head of
his swollen dick up and down the lips of her soaked
pussy lips. Gina opened her legs wide and pulled her
knees up to open her cunt for the invasion of this
giant cock.

Barry continued to rub his cock on the lips and clit of
his sister's swollen pussy.

"Ohh fuck Barry, give it to me! Put it in my cunt, I
need him now!"

"Here it comes big sister!" he said, and as he pushed
forward, the head of his shaft suddenly popped inside
her cunt and he slowly eased the rest in a bit at a
time in order that she get used to its size. She moved
her ass slowly to assist him.

"Your cock's so big little brother. Will you be able to
get it all in? Umph" she grunted. "I feel so full."

With that, Barry pushed firmly, and his ball sack came
to rest on Gina's ass.

He waited a moment to let her cunt get used to his
size, and then started a gentle stroking in and out at

"Fuck Sis, your cunt is so tight; it's like riding a
virgin." He groaned with pleasure.

"That's because David's cock is so small that I have
never really been stretched before."

This feels so fucking wonderful. You are so tight that
I can feel every part of my cock being hugged by your
cunt walls."

"Do it to me Barry, fuck the arse off me. Fuck me
Barry; make me cum again with that big cock of yours

Gina felt a new orgasm building already and pushed her
cunt up to meet his strokes as he started to speed up.

"Fuck me hard brother. Stick it to me. Shove that big
cock right up my hot cunt and make me cum.

"Yeeeesssss, of fuck I'm cumming again. Aaaarrrrrghh!"

Gina shook violently as she reached her greatest climax
yet, something she had never experienced before during
sex with her husband, and as she did , her nails dug
into Barry's ass cheeks leaving tell tale tracks along
his skin.

As her orgasm raged, her cunt clamped tightly round her
brother's big cock and his own climax started to build
deep in his balls. He held back so that his lovely
sister could experience another orgasm before he came.

It wasn't long before Gina had another crashing orgasm
and she came screaming and moaning, her legs locked
around her brothers back pulling him in as deep as she
could get him.

"Oh Barry, I'm cumming again! Oh god! I'm cumming
again! Fuck me Barry! Fuck me hard baby brother! Fill
me with your cum. I want to feel you're cum filling my
whole insides please baby brother."

Again her body became stiff and she shook as though in
a fit as her latest orgasm rushed through her body.

Barry pushed deep into Gina's hole until his balls were
slapping hard off her arse. The final clamping of her
pussy did the trick, making him shoot his sperm deep
inside his sister's cunt. She could feel the hot sperm
jetting into her cunt, washing the walls of her
quivering fanny.

Jet after jet of incestuous cum was injected into her
body as they both felt the satisfaction of complete
sexual union.

They lay still for some time with his cock still
embedded in his sister's cunt.

"Was that okay for you sis?"

"It was the greatest thing I have ever experienced
baby, and it took my own brother to make it happen for
me. I somehow don't think it is going to be the last
time either, as long as you are agreeable, that is?"

"Sis, I think we might never leave this room while we
are here," he laughed.

"Can I suck your cock clean Brother?" Gina asked. He
still had his cock embedded in her pussy.

"Wow yes!" He exclaimed.

Barry slid out of the cum filled hole and his sister
grasped his still hard meat and closed her mouth over
the head, licking it and sucking any residue of cum
still left in him. She then licked his pole clean from
top to balls.

Barry returned the favour and he could taste his own
cum as he sucked and licked his sister's cunt and her
pubic hair clean of his own and her copious amounts of

Later, exhausted, they both fell asleep knowing that
this was the start of a very loving and sexual

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