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A Grandmother's Love

I lived in town with my parents since I was born. I was an only child so I didn't interact with other kids very well, even at school. My mom and dad's marriage seemed pretty good during the first twelve years of my life but then, they started arguing and fighting a lot. This became difficult to live with. I had a grandmother in the country. She was already seventy because my Mom and Dad had me when they were in their mid-forties. My grandmother learned about all the turmoil that was going on with my parents and she asked them if I could come to her house in the country to stay while they tried to work things out. I didn't know it at the time, but apparently my father caught my mother cheating with a neighbor's husband.

* * * * * * *

My grandmother's house was only forty miles away. She had a car and came to get me on Friday after school. She was a nice looking woman for her age. Of course I didn't really notice much about those things. I got settled in and enjoyed staying there even though she was very strict and I was made to listen to her or suffer the consequences if I didn't. Time went by very fast. I looked at her a lot more often. She often wore ass-tight jeans and I was looking at her shapely body a lot. I also noticed that she was looking at the bulge in my jeans a lot too.

Finally one night, she had poured herself a drink and asked me: "Bob, I know you're underage but would you like a drink? I won't tell anybody and I hope you won't tell anybody about anything that might happen here".

I said "yes grandma". We then shared some drinks and got more relaxed. She asked me to come over and sit next to her on the couch.

She asked: "Can I call you hunny and I would like you to call me hunny too". She then put her arm on the back of the couch and asked me: "I know I am your grandmother, but can I kiss you hunny?" She leaned over me and planted a nice kiss on my cheek, then my lips. I liked it and I put my arm around her neck and gave her a kiss back. I kind of knew what she might be getting at. My cock had swelled and we kissed again. As we embraced, she reached down and felt my cock and balls. I told her how nice that felt. She then reached and pulled down my fly and unbuttoned my pants. She reached in and touched my cock. I was so hard as she pulled her t-shirt over her head, exposing those big tits that were covered by her bra. She asked me to reach around and undo the clasp. I did so and it fell loosely to the floor.

I stared in awe and said: "Oh grandma, you are so beautiful".

She then said: "Let's go into the bedroom and take all our clothes off". We did so, then laid on the bed, put our arms around each other then kissed and petted each other passionately. She then looked me in the eyes and said: "Hunny, I know, as your grandmother, that we shouldn't be doing this but it's been so long since I've had a piece of ass since your grandfather died ten years ago. Let's keep this to just you and I. We'll be able to love each other a lot because you'll be here a lot. I feel like I have found a boyfriend in you, my loving grandson. Are you happy about that?"

I said: "Yes grandma, I am very happy that you would let me do this with you and I am learning so much from you.". She then laid on the bed and asked me if I would like to lick her pussy. She spread her legs apart and I got down and gave her pussy a good lick. Oh, the beautiful taste. She then got me to lay down and she gave my cock such a good suck.

I was nearly cuming when she stopped and said: "I have often disciplined you when you were bad. Hunny, would you give me a spanking on my bare ass?" She then got on her hands and knees. I got behind her and began slapping her ass cheeks and they were turning red. ""Hunny, please kiss and lick my ass" she said. I took my tongue and licked her ass cheeks first, then gave her asshole a good lick up and down the crack. Even grandma's ass tasted so good. She then asked me to get on my hands and knees because she wanted to lick my ass too. I did so. She got behind me and began kissing and licking my ass up and down. I couldn't believe how beautiful it felt.

Then, she got on her back and spread her legs apart. She said: "Hunny, put your cock into me and shoot your cream into your grandmother." I got on top of her and put my hard cock in. She then hollered" "Fuck me hunny!!! Fuck my ass off!!!"....I pumped back and forth and we both were breathing deeply as we came in unison.

Yes most people would have called our conduct disgraceful, but neither of us saw it that way. We kept things quiet and continued to make love for years. We regarded it as making love because we were indeed boyfriend and girlfriend, not just grandmother and grandson.

As time went on, we wanted to do more with each other and that's when some pretty kinky stuff began. We started to enjoy tasting each other's different bodily fluids. I don't know what made us start, but we started eating each other's snot. It actually tasted good and it was just something we enjoyed. Many people would have found that revolting but we didn't care. We liked it and that's all that mattered. By then I was 18 and she was seventy-eight, still a beautiful woman. Perhaps all this love and sex was helping her not show her years.

When we were laying naked on the bed a few months ago, we each ate a big glob of each other's snot and I then said to her: "Grandma, I would like to brush my teeth, but not with toothpaste. I would like to brush them with your shit."

She looked at me and said: "I would love to give you some of my shit. Our relationship goes such a long way. I always love to try new things. Matter of fact, I do have to shit." So, we put a piece of plastic on the floor. She got on her knees with her ass in my face. I put my mouth to her asshole and a nice, soft, juicy piece of shit came out of grandma. Oh, it tasted so good as I filled my mouth with it and sloshed it around. I then motioned to her to come with me. We went into the bathroom and a put a toothbrush in my mouth and began brushing my teeth with the beautiful tasting shit. She stood there and said: "Oh hunny, that was wonderful. Would you shit in my mouth? I finished brushing my teeth but kept the shit in my mouth.

I then, bent over and pointed to my ass. She then got on her knees under my ass as a long piece of shit came out of me. She let it slide into her mouth and shook with delight as she took the toothbrush and busily brushed back and forth with such pleasure. She put the toothbrush down and turned toward me. We both still had our mouths full of shit as we passionately shared a french kiss and exchanged the shit back and forth into each other's mouth. We each swallowed a bit of the mixed shit, then spit the rest out into the sink.

I am now in college. We still share everything we have ever done. She's in her eighties now and is just as capable of making love and enjoying the passion as I am. I hope it won't ever end, though some day we both know it will. I never realized how much I loved my grandmother, but in a different way that only her and I would ever know.

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