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Nicolette moaned silently to herself as Jacinto maneuvered the wheels of the car. He definitely didn’t know that she had her remotely controlled vibrator deep in her wet pussy. She didn’t tell him even though she knew he could control it remotely from his phone, it just made it all fun maybe. He finally pulled over near the cinema, it was time for their movie.

“Let me just get the tickets real quick. Anything you would like?”, Jacinto flashed a genuine smile towards her direction as he pulled the key out of the ignition.

“Just soda”, she moaned slightly as she replied, Jacinto didn’t seem to notice though. He was back about fifteen minutes later.

“I got us backseat tickets”, he flicked the tickets as he helped her out of the car. “Are you okay babe?”, Jacinto was quick to notice the way she was walking.

“Yes babe, I’m fine”, Nicolette smiled at him as they made their way to the cinema.

From the moment the movie started, Nicolette could barely concentrate on it. The vibrator stretching her out and filling her up completely was basically driving her nuts, in a pleasurable way though. She kept moving gently, responding to the waves of pleasure that washed over her over and over again. It was getting so intense that Jacinto noticed once again.

“Are you sure you are okay?”, he knew she was definitely up to something.

“I’m…okay”, she moaned as she replied, there was no more hiding it.

“Wait a minute, you have the vibrator up in you right?”, he smirked as he gently brought out his phone, the one that acted as a remote control for the vibrator.

“Hmm”, she bit into her lower lip as he switched on the sex toy. She tried to keep herself calm, to take her mind off the whole thing but as Jacinto switched gears, she couldn’t just help but moan. She dug her fingers into the seat, her toes curling as she suppress the moans again.

“Oh…fuck”, she mumbled to herself, it was becoming really hard to ignore the toy vibrating and squirming all around in her creamy pussy. She knew it would be a total waste of time to fight it, so she succumbed to the pleasure and allowed Jacinto do his thing.

“That’s my girl”, Jacinto smiled to himself when he saw her shoulders drop, he was in total control now. He moved the intensity of the toy gradually, Nicolette’s movement syncing with the object in her as she moaned softly. He loved the way she moved all about in her seat. He knew she must have been incredibly wet now, up to the point of dripping.

He made it even more intense, taking it to the highest level as she began to moan in different tones and tempoes. He knew her orgasm was close and he smiled with the knowledge, exactly what he wanted. He kept flicking the screen, driving her closer and closer towards the edge.

Even though the film was playing at the front, Jacinto could see how intense her orgasm was. It must have started from deep within her, traveling all over and washing over her heavily. He could even see the wet patch in between her legs.

“Should we try that again?”, Jacinto asked after she had caught her breath.

“Yes babe”, she smiled and nodded as the object began to vibrate once more.

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