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Cousin Beth

My cousin Elizabeth 27 (Beth) was a tomboy when younger and made my life hell. I'm Alexander 29 and I've never been a sporty type person. I was the skinny child who read books and kept away from the other children. Beth was always playing sports with them and was pretty good at the games. Her and her family lived next door to us and Beth would tease and generally annoy me just about everyday, even tackling sometimes while I was walking and reading. When I was 15, Beth and family moved away. I thought it was the best day in my life. I went on to university and got top honors and when I finished university I got a job at a prestigious research centre. I was very happy, then the day my mother Harriet rang and told me Beth was finished at university and was also moving to the city I now lived. So as I had a 3 bedroom house, my parents had bought for me. Beth would stay with me as long as she needed to. It was my idea of the end of the universe, but I was unable to come with a good reason she couldn't stay with me. The following weekend Harriet and Sofia (mom's sister) Beth's mother and Beth arrived. I was shocked when I saw Beth, the girl who I last remembered as better looking boy than real boys. She had changed a lot, stunning is the most accurate word I could use to portray her now. Gone was the boys clothes and replaced with a beautiful woman. It seems she changed after they moved and she started to do more female things. Anyway it was a relief that she wasn't the tomboy of my youth. She settled in and Harriet and Sofia left the following Tuesday, no problems for me with Beth. Then I got the invitation to the Research Centres annual awards nights dinner. I was to receive an award, while talking to Harriet on the phone about. She asked me Who are you taking with you, I should have seen it coming. I said Nobody I'm just going to go get the award and leave. Nonsense you should take someone and why don't you ask Beth Harriet added. Beth wouldn't be interested in going to something as dull as this I replied. Beth I'm sure will like to go with you, I sure Harried replied. Okay I'll ask her when I get home today I said. Harriet than rang Sofia who rang Beth telling her That the award dinner was a big chance for me to make an impression with my bosses. So I got home from work just after Beth had got home, so I asked her about the award dinner expecting a No and she said She would be happy to go with me. I was shocked that if a flea farted near me it would have been blown me over. Her seeing me Shocked and silence added It will give a chance to meet people outside of my work. Then the day of the award dinner arrived I dressed in my rented tuxedo and then Beth came out of her room. She was drop dead gorgeous, I think my jaw dropped. Even the cab driver has a stunned look on his face. On arriving at the dinner, I was in the centre of attention as all the men mainly came over to see me. But it was Beth they wanted to meet, I was left shocked and stunned when Beth was asked Why such a great looking women would be with me. She replied That I was her boyfriend and that she was living with me. I think everyone at dinner was stunned by this also. My section head Amanda 43 made a remark that I must have some hidden talent, as yet undiscovered by them. Anyway we got home in the early hours of Sunday morning, Beth said She had enjoyed herself and that I was now a talking point at the research centre. I was happy and sat down and removed my shoes and Beth sat beside and cuddled into me. This gave an erection and Beth on seeing it, said I will help you that and standing up grabbed my hand and led me to her room. We had sex and again in the morning, I thought I must been dreaming, but it was true. Beth and I regularly have sex now and she goes with me to all Research centre functions. I also got the Section head job when Amanda moved to another position.

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