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Dirty stories : The lady's naughty urge

"Ohhhh, Billy! Oh Billy! Ooooohhh! Mmmmmm! Wait, I don't know if we should do this!"

"Come on, Ellen! It'll feel good! You know it will! Ten times better than it feels already!"

The boy had the girl's skirt around her waist. Her panties lay in a forgotten heap on the floor in front of the couch where they were writhing so fiercely. He had pulled his cock out of his faded jeans and was prodding it against her smooth belly. His fingers were sliding in and out of her wet pussy. She moaned and squirmed excitedly. The boy hesitated before making his final assault. From the vigor with which he was fingerfucking the young blonde, it appeared he wanted to make good and be sure she would not try to stop him when he finally stabbed her cunt with his hard cock. His two fingers already glowed with her juices each time they found daylight. There was no doubt the girl was physically ready to be taken. Only her conscience stood in the way... and by the way she was howling and wiggling, it seemed her conscience was already on its knees.

Joan Carter stood on the veranda of the rambling country house that she had just rented for the summer. She stared dumbstruck through the wide front window, taking care to keep her body hidden. She did not want to cast a shadow that might disturb the two groping youngsters.

When the man, at the real estate office, had told her that upon her arrival to the island two young people had gone to her house that morning to get things ready for her, she had been delighted. She had not expected this kind of a reception.

She had not expected to find a boy and girl entwined in reckless lovemaking on the couch that was to be her couch for the summer!

Joan was a voluptuous brunette of twenty-nine with a healthy sensuality. It had been more than a half-year since her husband had abandoned her for another woman. She had steered clear of relationships with men ever since. She was too afraid of being hurt again. The wounds were too fresh.

The irony was that Joan had not even thought she missed making love. She gave herself an orgasm once every two or three weeks, but otherwise, she almost forgot she was a sexual woman.

The episode taking place in the living room of her rented country house was fast reminding her just what a sexual woman she was.

Joan was awestruck by the enthusiasm with which the boy and girl were groping at each other and by the apparent size of the boy's hard cock, as he kneeled over his blonde girl friend and rammed his fingers more urgently into her cunt. The erotic heat that seemed to come bursting out at her through the picture window, and engulf her in an excitement that brought perspiration out on her arms and forehead, was contagious.

The day was already hot when Joan had herself dropped off near the house by one of the two local taxis. The heat, though, was nothing compared to the fire that engulfed her now.

Joan felt alive again. Just watching the eager youngsters seemed to wrench the brunette out of the realm of lonely, deserted wives and into the league of hungering, full-blooded women. She felt her cunt flare with moist desire.

"Oh Billy... do you really think we should? Will you still respect me, Billy? You won't tell anyone, will you?" The girl was saying all the words that she obviously had said on other occasions. She did not even wait for answers between questions. She seemed uninterested in answers. Her mind was on her lust and those two hard-working fingers.

From outside the window, Joan watched the boy push his advantage. She watched him poise his swaying swollen cock over the girl's tight blonde pussy. She caught her breath as he pushed her thighs wider apart. Instead of protesting further, the teen-aged girl raised her legs and wrapped them around the boy's back. From there, it was an easy matter for him to slip his wet fingers from her cunt and replace them with the hot eager shaft of his cock.

"Uuuuuuhhh... ooooohhhhh, Billy! Uh! Uh!" With superhuman strength, the girl began to move her pussy up along the stiff shaft of the boy's cock. He had his hands full keeping up with her pace, shoving his cock again and again up into her cunt at the same moment as her bushy twat rose to engulf him. "Oh God, Billy, your cock's filling up my pussy!"

By this time, Joan was certain that the boy had no virgin on his hands, or, more accurately, on the end of his throbbing cock. Once she had put up the decent amount of protest, the blonde girl lost no time in immersing herself cunt and soul in the wanton urgency of the moment. Obviously she felt no pain. Only rolling, overwhelming pleasure. Joan's cunt throbbed again in blatant envy of the moaning teenager.

The boy was still holding on to some of his baby fat, and he was gasping audibly as he labored over the squealing girl. Joan thought she could see the sweat standing out on his forehead as he threw his head back and moaned out his appreciation of the hot young cunt that clung so eagerly to his rigid cock. "Ellen, you're beautiful! Really beautiful! God, I can feel every little bit of your pussy grabbing hold of me! Shit, uh, oh!"

Even in the midst of her watchful excitement, Joan found herself smiling at the efforts of the boy to keep up with the thunderous pace of the supple greedy blonde. It was as if the tables had been turned on the boy. One minute, he had been haggling with the girl, trying to get her to agree to his lewd intentions. The next minute, it was he who was spending every ounce of effort he possessed to satisfy the demands of her relentless wriggling twat!

The grin on the face of the brunette turned into an excited grimace as she watched the boy lunge his cock especially hard and deep into the blonde's pussy. The girl's exultant moans seemed to set up waves that tickled the tip of Joan's aroused clitoris. It was all the older woman could do to keep from moaning aloud. Her excitement was almost more than she could contain.

She thought of barging into the house and interrupting the obscene activity. It was her responsibility as an adult, anyway, to keep children from indulging in their mischievous depravity. In the midst of her righteous indignation, she would forget all about the lewd feelings the teens had excited in her own long-neglected twat.

But Joan had neither the heart nor the energy to leave her position of unseen voyeur. Both the youngsters knew what they were doing. The girl was not some virgin being victimized by some heartless youth. On the other hand, it was the boy who was struggling so hard to answer the seething passion of the girl's greedy cunt. The idea of interrupting them and trying to embarrass them seemed repugnant to her, not to mention hypocritical.

Besides, Joan was so wrapped up in what the teens were doing, it was impossible for her to actually contemplate putting an end to the action now, just when it was getting so hot and heavy. Her prudent curiosity demanded that she see it through. She had to watch every last moment of the progress of the lusty teenager's summer romance.

"Ellen! Oh baby... I never knew it could be so good! Shit, you're really doing it to me! I didn't know a pussy could be so tight! Oooohh yeah!"

"Do it to me, Billy! Do it harder!" Her small hands reached for his buttocks and pulled him into her. At the same time her hips lurched up to thrust her cunt up his cock-shaft. She raised her face toward his and he got her meaning. He lowered his lips to hers and they kissed wantonly, furiously.

From her place outside the window, Joan could feel the murmurs of their heated kiss exciting the nerve-centers in her swollen clitoris. She leaned her belly against the front of the house and she felt a new stab of pleasure soar through her. She positioned herself to give her clitoris the greatest possible contact with the hard surface. She stuck her fist in her mouth to suppress a moan.

As she watched the youngsters writhing out their passion on the couch, she was reminded of how it had been between her ex-husband and herself, back in the earliest days of their courtship, when they were both freshman in high school.

Fred had not been pudgy like the boy on the couch. He had been lean and hard from his workouts on the track team. But he had had that same boyish enthusiasm that the boy called Billy was demonstrating. New to lovemaking herself, she had been afraid that Fred would hurt himself with all his panting and straining and groaning. But he had not hurt himself.

He had only succeeded in making her pant and strain and groan with the same abandoned fervor.

Memories of how good passion had been then -- when she had been young and truly in love with a boy who was in love with her -- made Joan's excitement now all the more intense. She felt herself almost rooting for the boy, and for the girl too. She wanted to see them go all the way. To scale the heights together.

It was apparent from the building excitement in the house that the teenagers had exactly the same idea. Billy sent his hard cock soaring again and again deep into the blonde's hot cunt. His cock gleamed with her juices each time he pulled it from her clinging hole. From time to time, his mouth went back to seek out her lips and they kissed hotly while his cock skewered her pussy.

Their exclamations of pleasure were no longer coherent. Only garbled moans and shrieks escaped their lips as Joan watched the boy's buttocks lunge more lustily forward. The girl did not even have to coax him or pull on him any more. She was too immersed in her own ecstatic bliss to guide the boy's activity. He was too close to the sweet promise of orgasm to even be aware of the superhuman effort he was making. The effort was easy with the hot clinging folds of her cunt to reward him on every feverish stroke.

"Hhhhnnnhhh... ooohhhh..." Joan moaned almost silently. Afraid that she might give herself away if she stimulated her clitoris any further, Joan pulled her belly back from the wall. She concentrated on living her own pleasure through that of the young couple inside and through memories of her own teenaged passion. She watched the hard fleshy cock of the boy and the way it gleamed with its clinging coating of pussy-juice. She remembered the stiff cock of her ex-husband Fred when he had been only a boy like Billy was now.

She could almost feel that smooth girth splitting her cunt-lips wide. Her teeth gritted as she fought the urge to moan aloud and bury her fingers in her cunt. But the time had come when it no longer mattered if she was setting off a cannon on the front porch. The kids would not have heard it. They were living through their own explosion.

"God, Billy... My pussy feels sooo good-d-d! Ohhhhh... I think I'm... cummmmm-ing-g-g!"

"Me too, Ellen! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!"

Joan could almost imagine what it must feel like. The endless spurts of thick hot cum shooting deep into the girl's convulsing twat. The brunette had never wished so intensely that she could be young again. That it could be her on the receiving end of that lewd gushing spray.


At last Joan knew she could put off entering the house no longer.

She waited until the youngsters had rearranged their clothing and the girl had resumed her task of dusting the furniture. She recovered her duster from the same little heap that included her panties. The boy took a screwdriver to the kitchen door.

Joan nervously smoothed her dark hair that she had tied into a modest knot at the back of her head. She retrieved her purse and her suitcase from the bottom of the porch steps and entered the house.

As soon as the door slammed, the young people abandoned what they were doing and came to greet her.

"Mrs. Carter?" the girl asked. "Mr. Firth told us you wouldn't be here until the three o'clock ferry."

"I was luckier with connections than I thought I'd be. I hope it doesn't disturb you, my arriving early. I really appreciate all you're doing to help get the place ready. All I've got right now is a suitcase, so I won't really be able to settle in until the truck brings the rest of my belongings later on."

The boy laughed and grinned an awkward friendly grin at her. Joan was surprised at how young he looked on his feet. She could scarcely believe this was the same boy who had been wielding his cock so lustily just a few minutes before.

"You don't have to thank us for anything, Mrs. Carter. Mr. Firth is paying us. Not a living wage, exactly. But something to get us to the movies on Saturday night."

"You mean there's a movie house here? When I heard there were no private cars allowed on the island, I thought this would be a perfect place to get away from it all... including movies."

The boy looked serious, as though he felt personally responsible for having failed her. "Well, it's only one movie a week. That's not too bad... is it?"

Joan laughed. She had felt embarrassed with the kids at first. She feared they might guess, just from looking at her, what she had been doing before she came in. Now they seemed so much like regular nice young kids, she felt perfectly at ease. "Are you kids hungry?" she asked. "I brought some bagels and cream cheese to tide me over until I get to the store. Billy want to help me in the kitchen while Ellen finishes up?"

Both Billy and Ellen very quickly accepted. They had worked up a hearty appetite in the course of their morning's employment. Billy was especially excited as he wanted to get as close to this sexy older woman as possible.

It was after four when the youngsters had finished up what they had come to do. Joan waved them good-bye from the porch and promised to let Mr. Firth, the real estate man, know if she needed them for anything else. They walked at a decent distance from one another until they had almost disappeared over the sand dune that shielded Joan's summer retreat from the rest of the island. She watched them pause and melt into each other's arms for a moment. Then, hand in hand, they disappeared from view.

Joan had been pleasantly surprised to find the refrigerator stocked with various goodies, a gift of welcome from Mr. Firth. She opened the bottle of wine took it with her to the living room couch. Lying back with her glassful of wine, Joan felt at perfect peace with the universe. She had the whole summer before her to get in touch with herself, to forget the sorrow of her marriage break-up. Upset as she had been by the split with Fred, she had forced herself to get through the school year by promising herself that this year, she would take the whole summer off and do absolutely nothing but have fun. In September, she would take a new job in a new high school and really settle into her new apartment. Nothing would be as it had been. She was starting over.

The more wine she drank, the more heady Joan's excitement grew. She was free! Freer than she had ever been in her life! She had moved out of her parents' home into that of a young husband. At last she was going to learn what it was like to live where she wanted and how she wanted. It had taken her most of the past six months to sell the house that she and Fred had chosen together. "Wheeeee!" Joan suddenly cried aloud and kicked her feet into the air, letting them fall back with a thump onto the couch. She was amazed that she could feel so reckless and child-like. She felt very pleased with herself. When she bent to refill her wine glass she was surprised to discover that she had already almost finished the bottle.

Her exuberant display of pleasure had knocked Joan's skirt back up over her belly. She did not bother to sooth it back into place. Instead, as she sipped her wine, she let her brain replay the lurid scene she had witnessed that afternoon.

She remembered how the girl Ellen had had her skirt pushed back from her belly to expose the intriguing triangle of her pussy-hair. She remembered the way the boy had slid his fingers in and out of Ellen's wet pussy... and how at last he had summoned up the courage to replace his fingers with the urgently throbbing shaft of his cock. As she relived the enticing moment when his cock-tip shoved for the first time at the girl's crack, her hands reached for her panties and pushed them all the way down onto her thighs. She felt the warm wash of air on her cunt, still matted from her afternoon's excitement. She left her panties there, reassuring herself that she could pull them back up at a moment's notice. But feeling her greedy pussy naked made her feel very daring and very aroused. She wanted to relish the teasing excitement that made her pussy throb to life. A soft sensual moan escaped from her lips.

More and more wantonly, her fingertips wandered over her smooth taut belly. The alcohol made Joan feel pleasantly aroused without letting her feel guilty for her abandoned behavior. The growing dusk made her feel safe and even more aroused. No one would come by now to interrupt her and nighttime was the time for sensuality, for lusty games far from probing eyes of daylight.

"Mmm Mrs..." she moaned again. And without her even struggling to make the conscious decision, her finger managed to find its way down to the moist slit of her cunt. It prodded her taut clitoris which grew to greater hardness under her touch. Her fingers slipped down to her craving cunt. Her juices flowed so plentifully from her pussy, it seemed almost an accident when her finger slipped right on up into the wet confines of her cunt.

"Uuuuuuhhh..." She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. Her fingertip wriggled deep inside her cunt. It felt good. Very, very good. She wriggled the finger some more and thought again of the lusty boy and the way his hard cock had disappeared into the girl's cunt. She pulled her finger from her pussy and shoved it recklessly deep back up inside. She did it again. And again. And again.

Her ass thrust feverishly up off the couch, the same couch where young Billy had soundly screwed the blonde-headed Ellen. Her pussy lunged up to meet her finger the way Ellen's cunt had leapt for Billy's cock. Only the finger seemed nowhere near so thick and satisfying as Billy's cock must have been.

She tried two fingers. That felt much better. Her fingerfucking tempo increased. She was so involved in her wanton play that she did not notice soft footfalls on the porch. Young Richie was wearing his moccasins and he didn't make much noise. He had been wandering around the island watching the birds and the lizards that caught his attention, trying to put off the moment when he would have to go home for dinner. In the island's little town, he had heard a pretty lady had moved into the big house by the shore. He decided to drop by to investigate on his way home.

It surprised him that there were no lights on inside, for it was getting to be dusk, and everywhere island residents were turning on lights. The more enthusiastic back-to-nature types set coal oil lamps in the windows. He decided the lady must have walked back into town, but he went up to the window to check anyway, out of boyish curiosity, and out of boredom.

Richie's boredom dropped away as quickly as his lower jaw fell prey to the tug of gravity. It was getting dark in the house, but not so dark that Richie could not make out clearly what was going on inside.

A lady with long dark hair was lying on the couch with her panties pulled down onto her legs. She had her knees bent. She had two fingers working in and out of her bare cunt.

Richie was fascinated. The boy had just turned fifteen and he was very interested in sex. He had done nothing more than hold hands with a girl, and that only for a few embarrassed moments in a dark movie theater. He wanted to learn more about girls but he felt shy and awkward. Not that he was really shy. Richie normally had no trouble talking to whomever he wanted to talk to. Not that there was anything awkward about him. He was on the freshman track team and everyone said he had the grace and speed of a gazelle. But there was something about girls -- girls with big round tits and tight pants, especially -- that made Richie feel shy and awkward.

He was safe from discovery, crouching outside the picture window watching the woman work her fingers in and out of her wet pussy. The growing darkness made him feel secure, but he cursed the thought that it might grow too dark for him to see before he had had his fill of watching the pretty older woman do those lewd things to herself.

He felt an insistent throb in his groin as the cries of her passion filtered outside to his alert ears. Instinctively, Richie's hand fell to caress the growing bulge in his pants. The boy was intimately familiar with the needs and response of his favorite organ. He had been playing with it daily for some time now. He felt no qualms about clutching it through his thin jeans, just to reassure himself that his building passion would not go unappeased. A new tremor shook him as a new cry, louder than the rest, exploded against his eardrum.

"Aaahhhh! Oh God! It feels so damned good!" In her drink-hazed stupor, Joan felt totally free to release the welling tide of her passion. She was alone in her new free environment. She could swear and moan and play with herself without fear of prying eyes, without the worry of having to go to school the next day and feel a little guilty in the face of all the teachers she had worked with.

She didn't even let herself feel guilty about the fact that it was the memory of the teens' abandon that was goading her to such heights of depravity. Just by closing her eyes, she could see them again. The determined way the boy shoved his gleaming hard cock up into the girl's cunt. With a touch more imagination, she could imagine the boy was Fred, her ex-husband, as a boy. She could feel his eager young cock spreading her pussy-walls wide. She could feel the incredible, undreamed-of pleasure spilling through her for the first time... and remember the moment when she realized what a wonderful life it would be that could bring such joy again and again.

It made her grim for just a moment to realize that she had not had such pleasure for a long time. Not since her marriage had started to go sour, long -- too long -- before she and Fred finally decided to divorce. Her regret for what she had missed in the past only made her more determined than ever to make up for her loss. Her fingers flew wildly in and out of her clinging, spasming cunt. Her thumb taunted her clitoris. She was getting up there. Just the knowledge of what was waiting for her in the wings made her feel glorious. Joan loved to cum!

She loved to feel the pleasure surge through her hot convulsing cunt! She had almost let herself forget how much she loved it!

It was getting darker and Richie was having to strain a little to make out the lurid details of what was going on inside the old house. The boy was trembling with the contagious excitement of his discovery. He had expected to exchange a few words with Ms. Carter and maybe ask her if she needed someone to run errands, anything for some spending money.

Instead, Mrs. Carter was putting on a show for him like he would not have been able to conjure up in his wildest dreams. Totally oblivious to the company lurking outside the window, the woman was stroking her fingers roughly in and out of her cunt. Her legs flailed crazily in the air, working her panties down to her ankles then tossing them aside. Free from hindrance, she spread her thighs lewdly wide. Her tongue ran moistly over her lips as she savored the deep penetration she was getting.

Richie glued his nose to the window and thought he could make out the details of her hair-fringed pink crack. He could see the soft flesh yielding under the assault of her fingertips. Then sucking the entire length of her two fingers far up into her greedy pussy-depths.

Without thinking about what he was doing, Richie pulled his cock from his jeans and began to stroke it. It was hard and throbbing with lust. It grew thicker and harder under his touch, in the midst of his excitement, Richie began to imagine what it would be like to have his cock stuffed up into that hot cunt. He had never experienced a woman's pussy, so he could only try to imagine what it would be like.

Even his imaginings seemed awfully appealing. Richie's hand worked faster, even as the woman's fingers worked more quickly in and out of her churning pussy. "Ohhhh, I'm a bad girl! Soooo bad. And I want to cum so bad!" she cried out.

It thrilled Richie to think he was hearing forbidden words. The woman thought she was all alone! She was being her most primal self! And he was getting to hear and see and savor it all! He could feel his cock-head getting more bloated as his fingers slid easily over its smooth surface.

The boy stroked his cock while the woman worked her fingers deep into her cunt. Richie was beginning to feel as if he were in a race against time and darkness. Would he be able to see how she would look when her orgasm finally hit her? Would she even have an orgasm? He had heard some women never had them!

The boy sighed in frustration. There were so many things he wanted to know. And he wanted to know them all right now! His mother had been telling him forever that he would just have to wait until he grew up. But he was beginning to wonder if he had to accept his mother's unsatisfying pronouncement. After all, by that criterion he could never have expected to get to watch a woman shoving her fingers into her cunt only one month after his fifteenth birthday! The unexpected discovery made him greedy for more knowledge, for more good luck, for the feel of hot cunt on his pulsing cock!

His thoughts were interrupted by sudden turmoil in the living room. The woman writhed even more fitfully than before, though Richie would not have thought it possible. She lunged her ass fiercely up off the couch. She held it that way, with her fingers buried deep inside her pussy. Her own words told him she was cumming. "Yesssss! Oh, God, yes! Yesssss!"

Richie could feel the moment of climax getting closer for him too. Just a few more strokes of his cock and he would feel the release and the sticky hotness in his hand.

But Richie did not get his chance to join Mrs. Carter in orgasm. A burst of headlights told him a truck had just come over the sand dune and was heading down to this very house. There was nowhere else it could be going this far out. Richie had to stuff his cock back into his pants and flee. He did not want to be caught outside the strange lady's house in his condition. His climax was going to have to wait until later!


Exhausted both by the amount of wine she had drunk and by the force of her orgasm, Joan responded slowly to the loud pounding in her ears. When she realized that the sound was not inside her own head... that there was actually someone at the door... she panicked.

There was no time to consider whether or not she was in any condition to receive visitors. She scrambled for a light and turned it on. Her panties had fallen on the rug when she kicked them off. Deciding there was not time to fool around with them, she pushed them underneath the couch. She hid the evidence of her wine glass and a nearly empty bottle of wine inside a cupboard and hurried to the door. The pounding was still as loud as ever.

Mr. Firth smiled at her from the other side of the door. "Evening, Mrs. Carter," he greeted her. His eyes surveying her lush body made Joan uneasy. She grew uncomfortably aware of her appearance and realized her hair must be a mess. She reached up to try to tuck stray handfuls of thick dark hair back into her bun. "Caught you napping, did I?" The twinkle in his eye seemed to convey more than his words. Joan was reminded of the instinctive distrust of the man she had felt as soon as she walked into his real estate office that morning.

Then, she had been unable to determine what it was about him she did not like. Only now did she realize it was the way his eyes made her feel. They made her uncomfortably conscious of the fact that he was a man and she a woman.

"Yes..." she stammered. Her manners made her motion him into the living room, though she was terrified he might somehow guess what she had been doing on the couch. "Won't you come in?"

"Sure will, ma'am. As soon as I bring in that trunk of yours. Old Will came back with the truck just before dinnertime, so I thought I might as well bring your trunk right on out to you. Thought you might be needing it. You'll feel right at home with your own things around you."

"Thank you. That was very kind." She did not ask him why old Will had not brought the trunk out. She thought she knew the reason. Though she realized another woman would be flattered that he was taking so much trouble for her, his attention only unnerved her. He was a handsome man, no more than ten years older than she. But, those eyes of his...

While he was maneuvering the trunk up the porch steps in the push-caddy he had brought along, Joan adjusted her hair in the mirror and tried to regain her composure.

But she could not conceal the fact that she had been drinking. The thought that the beautiful brunette had been sitting alone in the dark getting drunk amused Ben Firth. It excited him, too. From the sober, proper correspondence he had received from his new tenant, Firth had expected a shriveled up, middle-aged schoolteacher. He had not been expecting the dark-haired beauty that had walked into his office that morning. She had made his cock throb the first minute he set eyes on her. She was making his cock throb now, as he watched her assemble a tray of lemonade and cookies on the coffee table in front of him.

She was the perfect hostess. Her manners forced her to be. But there were other aspects to Mrs. Carter... like the fact that the smooth contours of her ass under her skirt told the watchful Ben that she was wearing no panties!

"How do you like the house?" he asked between bites of cookie. His eyes never left her -- her big dark eyes, her full lips, her full, round breasts. He was waiting for her to give away some more secrets about herself. He was looking for more signs of a hot-blooded woman under the cool, school-marmish veneer.

"It's a lovely house. I want to thank you for all the trouble you went to get it ready for me. I know I'll be very happy here."

"Oh that was no trouble. Little Ellen... she's been living on this island all her life. Her and her summertime pals are always looking for a little work for spending money. They put in an honest hour's work, once I can get them pinned down."

Lewd visions of "little Ellen" lying flat on her back with Billy's cock impaling her cunt flashed through Joan's mind. Though she tried hard not to, she knew she was blushing. "Both of them stayed here and helped me all afternoon. They were a big help."

"Good. Good." He was still watching her like a hawk. He watched her fidgeting with her glass of lemonade, though she had not yet drunk a drop. He imagined the sweet-sour juice might not be too appealing after the booze she had already had. Her pretty dark eyes glowed every time she looked at him. He could not hold her gaze for more than an instant.

"By the way, you didn't have company, did you, before I pulled up?" He knew she could not have had company, not in the state she was in when she came to the door. But he was pretty sure he had seen something, animal or human, flee from the front porch as he drove up. He was testing her, just to see what she would say.

"No... not since the kids left, about four. Why?"

"Thought I saw something on your front porch. Must have been a critter. Sure moved fast when it spotted my lights."

A shudder ran through Joan that for the moment, made her forget all about her guest and her efforts to be a perfect hostess.

Had someone been watching her when she was playing with herself? Had someone seen her working two fingers in and put of her pussy?

The thought terrified her. Rather than dwell on it, she tried to drive it from her mind.

Ben Firth watched her eyes flicker nervously. He could see his casual question had got through to the beautiful brunette. She obviously did not like the idea of being spied on. Her complexion had lost its color. The hand that held the lemonade trembled. She had lost her schoolteacher's calm, proper facade.

To divert her attention from her own anxiety, Joan got to her feet and reached for the pitcher of lemonade. "Let me put some more ice cubes in this. It's getting warm."

She was halfway to the kitchen when she tripped and fell to the floor. The plastic pitcher flew from her hands and landed in an armchair. There was lemonade everywhere.

The accident had been too much for Joan. In her drink-confused state, she could do nothing more than raise herself to hands and knees and start to sob. "Damn! Damn! Damn!"

The next thing Joan felt was a hand stroking her naked ass-cheeks. Ben Firth had seen when she fell that she wore no panties! He was behind her now, his hand up under her skirt! He was stroking her firm rounded flesh with taunting familiar boldness!

"No! Stop it!" she told him. She wiggled her ass to shoo him away, but she did not try to get up.

Something else was going on with Joan. The hand on her bare ass was giving her pleasure. Her body was still sensitized from her orgasm and from all the wine she had drunk. The real estate man's hand on her buttocks was sending forbidden chills throughout her trembling body.

Ben Firth had had a lot of experience with women, particularly with the women that came to the island alone 'to get away from it all'. He sensed the struggle that was going on inside the inebriated brunette. He also sensed the passion that was bubbling inside her, begging to be let out. With the memory of past successes to egg him on, he plunged right into a bold and reckless plan.

He pulled his swollen cock from his fly and plunged his throbbing cock-shaft deep into the brunette's hot cunt. He was astounded at how wet her pussy was. Ben thought he understood now what had been going on before he arrived at the house. He gritted his teeth as he felt his cock pulsing inside the clinging depths of his new tenant's cunt. "Your pussy sure is fucking wet. You must have known I was coming! You've been playing with yourself, haven't you?"

His accusation that was half taunt, half passion made Joan tremble. She was ashamed. Ashamed that she had been discovered by her landlord drunk and woozy from the effects of stroking her cunt with her fingers. Ashamed that he had discovered she was wantonly naked beneath her skirt. Ashamed that he was starting to stroke his cock in and out of her pussy... and most of all, ashamed that unmistakable ripples of joy were teasing at her every nerve-ending.

The bigger, older man had caught her in her moment of greatest weakness. Still flushed with her earlier pleasure, her body was hungry for more sensual stimulation. Her cunt tugged hungrily on the cock that filled her moist channel to overflowing. It was the first cock that had lodged there in more than six long months!

"Uuuuuuuhhh..." the brunette moaned. She was not sure whether she was trying to express pleasure or humiliation. She knew she should be trying to resist this wanton assault, from as near-stranger. But somehow her energy failed her each time she tried to escape the onslaught of his engorged cock. She got only as far as thrusting her ass back to meet his thrust.

The desperate moans that escaped the woman's parted lips brought thrilling spasms to Ben's heavy balls. He knew she was feeling used and humiliated. The evidence was there in the way her ass tried to struggle away and then, as though it were ashamed of its own weakness, it slammed back to meet the progress of his greedy cock.

"You've got a beautiful ass, Mrs. Carter. It was the second thing I noticed about you, right after your big tits! Your pussy's tight as a brand new one!"

Tears sprang to Joan Carter's eyes. Though the pleasure was there, coursing through her, she could not let herself enjoy her sudden surrender to decadence. For months now, she had been denying herself the pleasure of lovemaking. She was waiting, she told herself, for just the right person.

Someone she knew would not hurt her. Someone who would respect her and the deep well of love and passion she had to offer.

Now, suddenly, all in one day, she had abandoned the code for living she had developed since her separation from her husband. She had knelt outside watching a couple of kids screwing right on her own couch! Then later she had brought herself to orgasm on the same couch by thinking about what she had seen and stroking her pussy with her fingers!

Her worst sin of all was that in her drunkenness, she had let a stranger somehow get his cock up into her hungering snatch. Before she could get a grip on herself and fight Ben off, she had fallen prey to the rhythm of his aroused cock. Even now, though she was feeling miserable with guilt, still her body was loving every stroke of his filling fleshy cock!

"Oooooohhhh... no... no... no..." There was no conviction to her "no's". The tone in which she uttered them was the best encouragement she could have given the hard-laboring man. It had been a long time since Ben had come across a pussy so wet and hot. With his cock stuffed up inside Mrs. Carter's cunt, it was hard to imagine her as the prim schoolteacher he had met that morning, with the cold smile and the dark hair pulled back in a modest bun.

Once again, her thick luxuriant hair was pouring over her shoulders, flowing free of the confinement to which she had returned it on his arrival. He pushed her skirt far up over her shoulders and ran his hands over her sleek, rounded flesh. He reached farther up and tugged on her hair. It was not a gentle tug. He was showing her the extent of his arousal. "I sure am glad you came to the island for the summer, baby. You're going to make nice company!"

The pain of his hand pulling on her hair aroused a sudden burst of anger in Joan. Rather than blaming herself anymore for her lurid predicament, she found it much easier to blame the man. She had known there was something sinister about the way he looked at her that morning! He had planned coming out to the house on purpose, just to find some way to get closer to her.

Her brain lost its confused docility. She began to squirm vigorously, thrusting her ass back hard against the man's loins. "I'm not going to make any company for you, Mr. Firth! Get away from here! Get away from me!" Her cries were growing more and more frantic. It amused the big man that while she was berating him, she was working her ass in a feverish bid to milk every ounce of pleasure from his hard-driving cock.

"Oh yeah, baby? Do you really want me to go away?" He gritted his teeth and slammed his cock deep, deep into her clasping cunt-hole. His action drove a shrill cry from her throat. Whether she was cursing him or praising him after that, he did not know. There was no longer any sense in her endless whines.

She hated him all the more for his sarcastic taunts. She hated the way his thick swollen cock forced her to groan with arousal despite her best intentions. Into her mind there flashed a picture of how it had been that afternoon between the boy and the girl. Their passion had been so much more pure, so honest. The boy had not been trying to prove anything to the girl, other than that he was a good lover and he liked making love to her. He had not tried to humiliate her or subdue her by the sheer force of his assault.

She remembered how Fred, her ex-husband, had changed as a lover as he grew older. Whereas once lovemaking between them had been all joy and pleasure, somehow it had turned into a struggle for power. She had felt he was using his cock to keep her in her place. The way the real estate man was doing now. He was trying to show her that he could subdue her, that his cock had what it took to send her to her knees in trembling submission.

On her knees was just where she was and Joan felt herself loathing the man for catching her the way he had. For presuming that she would allow a near-stranger to shove his cock into her pussy just because she was caught sprawled on the floor with no panties on. For being right about her, most of all, she hated him.

She remembered how pure and sweet passion had been with Fred when they had been the age of the afternoon's young lovers. She wanted to weep. Instead, she gritted her teeth and stared wide-eyed at the kitchen sink at the far end of her vision. She thrust her ass back with all her might to meet the insistent lunge of the man. If this was what her body needed, then she would take it, with a vengeance. She would suck Mr. Firth dry, then she would toss him out on his ear!

The full force of her excitement had made Joan bold. She felt there was nothing she could not do. Despite her contempt for the real estate man, she could rationalize to herself using his cock to satisfy the cravings of her pussy. As long as this would be the first and last time, she would drink up his pleasure with her pussy-lips. She would bounce her hot pussy up and down his cock until she made him cum. She would show him just what a wanton sensual woman she was. Then she would close the door behind him and let him live on memories of her exotic energy. He would want her again. He would think he could get her again. But he would be wrong. Dead wrong.

Sensing that the woman was climbing closer to the peak, Ben drove his cock hard and deep into her tight-clinging pussy. He grabbed himself two handfuls of firm round ass and pulled her forcefully back onto his aching cock. Her squeals of surrender only made him hunger for her all the more. He could tell that she was holding nothing back from him now. She was totally into him and his thick filling cock. She was not fighting her conscience. She was struggling for the high ride of orgasm that her cries told him was coming closer and closer to reality.

There was no longer any reluctance in her squirms and swivels. Her body flowed back in one smooth eager bid to swallow him whole up into her greedy twat. He could feel her pussy-muscles spasming more hotly. It was obvious she was getting closer to the top. And her spasms and wiggles were taking him right along with her!

Ben had always prided himself on his complete control as a lover. He only let go when he wanted to let go. So it surprised him when her pussy convulsed one last time, signaling her orgasm. The hot passion that welled inside her took him right along with her, before he had had a chance to decide whether he was ready to or not.

"I'm cumming... cumming... ooohhhh!" Joan was so high, it did not matter whose cock was bringing her the teeming explosion that rocked her whole body. She trembled as she slammed her ass back against the big man and let the release flood her being. She felt the hot wetness inside that told her he was cumming too. She heard his cries. But they did not move her. "What a sweet pussy. I think I'll be eback to come in this one again." He collapsed on top of her, sending her sprawling onto the rug that was damp with the sticky sweetness of lemonade. It was the lemony aroma that finally brought them both back to their senses.

He tried to stroke her some more but she managed to get to her feet and smooth down her skirt. "Mr. Firth... please go now... I'm very tired."

He left only because he did not want to wear out his welcome, and because he had got what he came for. He had scarcely dared believe he might have so much success on the very first day of meeting the voluptuous brunette.

She was grumpy now, and unresponsive. But he knew the secret of her hot tingling twat.

He'd be back when he wanted more.


Richie and Billy had been best friends for four years now. They were summer friends. Their families lived in different cities, so they only saw each other during the three months of summer that they spent on the island. During those months, they were almost inseparable. Not that they didn't have fights and arguments. Those were part of being friends.

But something else was getting in between them this summer. Billy had a girlfriend. Richie didn't. The younger boy pretended that he did not care, but in reality he was dying of envy. It particularly hurt his feelings that as yet Billy had not shared with him one detail of the intimate side of his relationship with the blonde girl Ellen. Ellen was not really Richie's type. She was brash and arrogant. He figured she was a good match for his bullying friend who tried to throw his weight around just because he had more of it than anybody else.

Richie was entertaining such bitter thoughts about Billy when he ran into him on the beach the morning after he had watched Mrs. Carter fingerfuck herself. To punish Billy for his silence about Ellen, he decided not to tell him one word of what he had seen at the big summer house. He only hoped he would be able to contain himself. It was a big secret to try to hold onto. He was afraid it might bust right out of him as soon as he had a receptive audience.

"Hey, Richie! What are you doing, buddy?" Billy seemed as friendly as ever. It angered Richie all the more that his friend did not seem to think he might have any reason to be mad at him.

Richie dug his toe into the sand and gazed out on the sparkling blue waters of the strait. "Just thinking. I've got lots of things to think about."

"Oh yeah? Well, so do I! Wait until I tell you about what happened yesterday!"

Richie tried to appear uninterested, but his body grew tense as his ears perked up for hard listening. "Must have been pretty good. You're huffing like an elephant going uphill just from thinking about talking about it."

Billy looked at his friend quizzically. Richie froze, afraid that the bigger boy might reconsider sharing his news. He made an effort to look more interested.

"Don't worry, Richie. I understand. It's just sour grapes cause you're jealous about me and Ellen." Billy stated his belief matter-of-factly, without rancor.

"I am not. Ellen's a loudmouth. Why would I be jealous of you and her?!"

"Cause yesterday I finally got to fuck her!" Billy's face was creased from ear to ear with an unexpectant smile. Richie did not disappoint him. His wide-eyed look was everything Billy had been hoping for. There was no question now that he had a rapt audience.

"You're kidding!"

"No way! I wouldn't kid about a thing like that. That's why I haven't been talking to you about her. I didn't want to jinx my chances, if you know what I mean. But yesterday, we were out all alone at Firth's old country house, cleaning up for him and there seemed to be something about having a whole house to ourselves or something, but she really went for it when I started to push her. I'll tell you, she must be sore today, the way we went at it."

Richie was so fascinated by his friend's news that he completely forgot about his own. Screwing a girl made watching some lady jack off seem pretty lukewarm stuff!

Richie's mouth was hanging open, but he couldn't think of anything to say. The thought was painful to him that his friend knew he was a virgin. There was no bluff he could pull that would put him on equal footing with Billy at this stage.

Billy was enjoying his victory immensely. During their years of friendship, Billy had often been one-upped by the smaller boy's quick wits and agile body. At last, he had Richie over a barrel. His friend's admiration shone in his eyes. Billy was soaking up compensation for a lifetime's jokes about fat kids. His victory made him benevolent. "Tell you what I'm going to do."

"What?" Richie still felt dumb, and depressed. Already he was worrying if he would ever reach his friend's exalted state.

"Next time I'm with Ellen, I'm going to get her to suck my cock."

His depression was gone and Richie was interested again. His cock twinged at the thought of the bold Ellen with her mouth wide open, ready for the impaling plunge of a thick hard cock. "Do you think she'll really do it?!"

"Sure she'll do it. She's one hot chick! Once I get her all excited, she's putty in my hands."


"Yeah! We're going to down to the deserted boathouse just before dark tonight. If you want to get down there first and hide inside, you can watch."

"Yeah?" Richie already felt sorry for all the mean things he had thought about Billy. He was a regular guy after all.

Billy grinned at the eagerness on Richie's face. It excited him to think of his friend watching in frustrated envy as he got Ellen to suck on his swollen cock. "Yeah, but you've got to promise to be quiet. If she knows you're there, it'll be no good."

"I'll be quiet. I won't even breathe, I'll be so quiet."

"Good boy." Billy patted Richie on the back. Richie did not miss the slur in the use of the word 'boy'. Because Billy had screwed a girl, there was only one 'boy' between them now.

As they stood on the shore throwing stones out into the lapping water, Billy remembered another piece of news he wanted to share with his friend. "Have you heard about the lady who moved into Firth's big house?"

"Mm-n Mrs." Richie's secret was fresh in his mind again, but he decided to hold onto it just a little longer.

"She came by just after Ellen and I screwed yesterday... And you know something?"

"I think maybe she was watching us do it."

More than anything else he had heard that day that bit of information excited Richie's imagination. It gave him a hard-on to think that the pretty woman he had spied on last night had herself been a voyeur earlier in the day. "How do you know?"

"As soon as she met me, she started calling me Billy. You know I don't let anyone call me that anymore. I am sixteen now, and want to be called Bill. But Ellen calls me that, when she's hot. She kept calling me 'Billy' all the time I was screwing her."

Billy did not get the response he was hoping for this time from his friend. Instead Richie suggested they walk around the point and look for sailboats on the horizon.

Richie had swallowed his friend's information whole. He was still thinking about Mrs. Carter and her strange, sexy ways as he crouched behind some stacked timber in the old boathouse. He was only a short way from an old tarpaulin on the floor where he figured Billy and Ellen would be doing it. He would have a front row seat as soon as they arrived.

His cock twinged when he heard the sound of their voices approaching. As he expected, Billy and Ellen sat down on the tarpaulin and started to neck. He wondered how it would feel to have a girl's lips wandering over his neck. He wondered what it would be like to have her hands moving all over and then burrowing down into his groin and stroking his cock through his pants. Billy's groans told him it must feel pretty good. His own throbbing cock told him how much he wanted it to happen to him.

He scarcely dared breathe for fear the girl might detect his presence behind the timber. Ever so gently he lowered his hand to his crotch and squeezed the straining bulge of his cock. Billy was caressing Ellen's tits. Ellen had good-sized tits for a fifteen year old. They made a good handful for his fortunate friend. The boy longed hungrily for the moment when he too would be able to feel up a pair of soft tits.

"Billy, that feels nice." She murmured.

"Oh, yeah, how nice?" he asked as he pulled away. Richie was surprised to see his friend move away from the girl. In Billy's place, he would have clung to her like glue. But Billy was rummaging in the little pack he had worn over. He pulled out a bottle that Richie assumed was booze!

Richie's mouth fell open. His friend was really getting bold. He was even going to ply the girl with alcohol! Richie grinned when he realized that maybe Billy was not so sure of himself as he had let on. He was giving himself extra insurance that Ellen would do the lewd act that Billy had planned for her.

The young blonde seemed no stranger to alcohol. "Oh Billy! What a nice surprise! I sure am glad my parents are having a party tonight. They'll probably be drunk when I get home, so they won't notice if I am too." She giggled and took a generous slug of the bottle. Billy drank after her. They passed the bottle back and forth a couple more times, then Billy laid it aside.

"Now tell me how good it feels!" he murmured hungrily as he eased the girl down onto her back, and slid his fingers up her top.

"Oh Billy, you're so good..." She started to groan as the boy pulled down the zipper of her sweatshirt and exposed the full ripe mounds of her tits. He groped them awkwardly, then his head lowered to one erect little nipple. He sucked it hungrily.

The throb in Richie's cock grew more insistent as he watched his friend working his tongue around and around the soft swollen pink tip of Ellen's breast. Billy's hand kneaded busily on the other breast for a while, but Richie was all attention when he saw the boy grab hold of the zipper of her jeans and start to tug it down. It became clear that Ellen was not wearing any underwear on her lower half either. Stray strands of kinky blonde hair peeked out of her fly at the watching Richie as Billy made room inside her pants for his groping hand.

"Oh, Billy, your hand feels so good on my pussy!" The sound of her aroused voice uttering the lewd word sent a new thrill through Richie's balls. It was one thing for him to call a pussy a "pussy" but to hear the girl do it sounded all the more obscene. He realized she must be very drunk or very excited or both, to talk that way, the way his mother would say only a common whore would talk.

He watched Billy's fingertips delve down into the hairy jungle of her snatch. Richie realized he must be working on her clitoris, that little pink nub at the top of a girl's pussy. He and Billy had often pored over girlie magazines together, back in the days before either one of them had a real live girl to work on. Richie's knowledge of anatomy was pretty sound. It was the practical experience he was lacking... the raunchy thrill he craved of feeling his own finger caress one of those slick little organs. In the books it said they get wetter and more slippery, the more excited the girl gets. He imagined Ellen's clitoris must be awfully slippery. The girl sounded, and looked, awfully excited.

"Oh God, Billy... I'm getting so hot!" The blonde's words came out a little slurred. The alcohol was obviously having its effect on her, but so was pure seething lust. She was so excited that she was caressing her own tit while Billy sucked on the other. She ran her fingers through the boy's hair to encourage him. Her pussy-mound humped up against his hand inviting him to delve deeper into the secrets of her hungering cunt. "Billy, nobody's ever made me feel so good as you do!"

It surprised Richie to know the girl was not ashamed to admit other boys had done those kinds of things to her. He imagined his friend's cock must be throbbing with pride to hear her panting compliments. He knew his own cock would be if he were in Billy's shoes.

More than ever, the boy wished he had a girl of his own, so he would not have to hide out and stroke his own cock. So he would have a hot-blooded woman to do it for him. Out of the blue, his mind wandered back to memories of Mrs. Carter and the way she had looked shoving her fingers up into her cunt. He remembered her cries of passion, her wanton undulations. He wondered if she was hungry for a man, the way he was for a woman. He wondered if she might fall for his seduction if he tried doing it to her the way Billy was doing it to Ellen.

He forgot all about the wanton Mrs. Carter as he realized Billy's girlfriend was naked right now, right here in front of him. He watched her pull her feet back against her ass and thrust her cunt furiously up to meet Billy's finger. He got a bird's eye view of her pink blonde-fringed snatch as she let her legs fall open in ecstasy. Her jeans had gradually worked their way down past her knees. She was half-naked and sexy, and she was cumming... cumming with an incredible shrieking wail of pleasure!

"Oh Billy-e-e! Oooooohhh, it's soooo good!"

His friend's hand worked her pussy until it was dripping with pleasure. Richie was too excited to hold back any longer. As quietly as he could, he pulled his cock from his fly. He held the fleshy shaft in his hand. He knew any minute now, his friend would be getting his cock sucked by this slut. And he wanted to be prepared!


What surprised Richie most was that his friend did not even have to ask the girl to do the obscene thing to him! As soon as she had finished working out her orgasm against the boy's hand, Ellen got up on her hands and knees and crouched over Billy's groin. Her naked ass squirmed excitedly in the air as she began to fumble with his fly. "You want me to suck your cock, Billy? Oh, I can hardly wait to feel your big hard cock in my mouth! You are so big!" she exclaimed.

The watching Richie might have been amused by the wide-eyed surprise on his friend's face as Billy leaned back on his elbows and let the girl have her way with his cock. But Richie was too excited to see the humor in the erotic way Ellen pulled Billy's swollen cock out. She began to caress the bloated cock-tip with her fingers, gently, as if his cock were something awesome, sacred even.

"Oh Billy... your cock's so big! It feels so nice in my hand! I love to stroke it... it's getting harder, Billy!" She ran her tongue lewdly over her lips and the suggestion in her gesture made Richie's cock pulse in his hand. Billy had not even noticed. He was too busy watching the progress of her hand on his aching cock.

"Uuuuuuhhh!" the big boy grunted and lunged his cock up through the oval she had made of her fingers. Again and again, he screwed her grasping hand. Her head dropped closer to his cock-head, as though the blonde wanted to examine every pore of his fleshy cock.

Quick as a snake lunging at its prey, Ellen's tongue darted out and lapped the tip of Billy's cock. His mouth was wide open in shock. His eyes were gassy. He leaned frozen back against his elbows, looking as if he was afraid to do anything else. Then he moaned and a look of ecstasy wreathed his features as he blissfully closed his eyes.

Ellen licked his cock-head again and again, and each time her movement coaxed a short moan from Billy's slack mouth. Richie stroked his own cock with regular steady motions. He was astounded by the brute reality of what he was witnessing. Billy, his own best friend, was lying only a few feet away with a girl licking the end of his cock! He couldn't stop staring at the scene in front of him.

Ellen was no longer content with licking. She had his whole cock-head inside her mouth and before too long, she had engulfed Billy's entire cock. Her cheeks bloated lewdly with her effort. What made the scene even more lewd was the fact that she had not even bothered to adjust her clothes when she got up. Her full tits were dangling from her sweatshirt. Her bare ass was swaying with the excitement of her task. She looked the very picture of an experienced older woman -- much more impressive than anything Richie had seen in magazines because, this time, he was looking at a real live female!

A real live female with a mouthful of cock!

It astounded Richie to think the girl was only fifteen years old, exactly two months older than he was. They had compared birthdays one day, and Richie had been sure that it was only when she found out that he was younger than she that Ellen finally decided to go out with Billy instead of him. Both boys had had designs on Ellen, for they had heard about her reputation for being a good-time girl. But Billy would be sixteen in a couple of months, and he was barely fifteen. Richie cursed his youth that had robbed him of the prize his friend was enjoying right now!

For such a young girl, Ellen certainly seemed to know her way around a cock. Richie watched her cheeks hollow and swell as she held Billy's cock up inside her mouth. He could not be sure exactly what she was doing, but Billy's moans of satisfaction made it sound awfully good.

At last, she raised her head just far enough to expose ninety-nine per cent of Billy's cock. Then again she sent her lips sliding down the gleaming cock-shaft. His cock had disappeared again; but not for long. She made a lusty rhythm out of the way she raised and lowered her head over Billy's fat cock. She even hummed softly as she swallowed it. The humming seemed to make the pleasure even greater. Billy's moans got louder when she did that. And he shoved his cock hard up into her willing open mouth.

"Ellen, baby, wow, that sure is good! It sure is good, baby!" Billy called out much those same words time after time. Richie could understand how his friend was having trouble thinking up anything original to say. He could appreciate how difficult it must be to think with a pair of soft warm lips sucking greedily on a guy's cock!

As his hand caressed the contours of his own aroused cock, Richie tried to imagine how it might be to have a girl sucking on his stiff cock-shaft. He thought of Mrs. Carter and how shamelessly she had stroked herself to orgasm on her couch the very day she arrived from the city. He recalled what Billy had said about her watching them fucking. If Mrs. Carter was really naughty enough to do a thing like that, then she just might be willing to give a guy a good blowjob. If the guy seduced her properly, the way Billy had done, with maybe a bottle of booze.

Crouching behind the stacked timber, his thoughts wandering in his own private fantasy world, it was not hard for Richie to imagine himself with the courage to try to seduce Mrs. Carter. With his hard cock clutched in his hand, anything seemed possible for Richie. He would put his dreams into action, the first chance he got. Just the thought of getting Mrs. Carter to suck his cock made the strokes of his hand feel all the better. Having the lurid scene of Ellen bending over his friend's cock was more stimulation.

He could almost imagine that the sucking girl was a brunette and not a blonde. That her long dark hair was falling out of place as Mrs. Carter's had done when Richie watched her moaning under the strokes of her tireless fingers. That the ecstatic moans that filled the rundown boathouse belonged to him and not to his friend Billy. With the lewd substitutions of his imagination, the spectacle before him took on a new compelling excitement for the boy. It was like getting a sneak preview of the dawn of his own manhood.

Richie's cock throbbed longingly as Ellen's blonde head paused over Billy's cock and she extended her tongue to probe the slit in his head. "Mmmmmmm," she moaned. Her tongue darted against his resilient cock-head again and again, she seemed to be finding something in his slit that delighted her. At last she raised her head. She licked her lips as she looked over at the stupefied Billy. "Your cum tastes good, Billy. There's just a little bit, coming out of the tip. I can hardly wait until I can drink it all!"

With that raw comment, Ellen bent her head back to her task. Her mouth again took all the boy's, cock up inside. She murmured constantly as she sucked. Her ass swayed with the rhythm of her efforts.

Even though he had been willing to go out with her, Richie had always thought Ellen was kind of a bitch. He had not known just what kind of a dirty little bitch she was. She was the kind of girl he had heard his dad making cracks about. The kind of girl the guys in the city made nasty remarks to when they passed by. She didn't mind if Billy knew she had had other boys fuck her. She wasn't afraid to use dirty words like "pussy". She was even dying to swallow down the hot load of Billy's cum! Richie could hardly believe what he had heard! Ellen was too much, almost intimidating. Somehow he found his fantasies about Mrs. Carter and her frustrated hunger for sex, more reassuring. Somehow he thought he would feel safer with Mrs. Carter than he ever could with Ellen.

"You nasty bitch!" Billy grunted, as if he had heard Richie's thoughts, and he thrust his cock hard and deep into the kneeling girl's mouth. He repeated the motion again and again. The boy seemed no longer able to hold himself back. He had to express the throbbing passion that was welling inside him. He reached for Ellen's blonde head and pushed it cruelly down onto his cock. She did not seem to mind. She only moaned and yielded to the harsher pace he was establishing for her. By the way her ass was wriggling, Richie thought she must like being forced to suck harder and faster. She liked being a love-slave to a heedless pounding cock.

While Billy expended his lustful energy in supervising the girl's sucking rhythm, Richie stroked his cock to the same harsh beat. The younger boy was scarcely aware anymore of what he was doing. He was intensely excited. He had the scene he was watching all mixed up in his mind with his fantasies of making Mrs. Carter suck his cock. Though it was his own hand that was finding just the right tempo, just the right technique to bring pleasure to his cock, in his fantasy it was Mrs. Carter's wet and willing mouth. His cock was getting harder and more aroused. It was not going to be much longer before he had to blow his hot thick wad of cum deep into Mrs. Carter's throat!

His fantasy could not withstand the blast of Billy's ecstatic wail. "God, Ellen baby! Suck harder! Harder!" His hand forced her head down cruelly. Richie saw this eyes open very wide then shut tight. "Shit, I'm cumming. Ellen! Suck it, baby suck it!"

Richie was intensely aware now that it was his friend Billy who was shooting his sperm into a woman's mouth. He watched Ellen's blonde head bobbing tirelessly as she made sure she had not missed a drop of his hot nut.

Richie felt a wave of relief engulf him. He felt good. Really good. But his thoughts were not on his present pleasure. He was already planning for the moment when he too could cum in a woman's mouth. He was determined not to leave the island as innocent as he had arrived. No matter what his mother said, Richie could not wait until he was grown-up for the good things in life. If Billy could get his cock sucked, so could he.


Richie found it was not so easy to get his courage up to visit Mrs. Carter when he was not high on sexual stimulus. It was another day and a half before he finally got himself to go to her house. And then, it was only on the pretext that he was looking for some kind of summer employment. After all, he had never met Mrs. Carter, though he had watched her fingerfuck herself to orgasm. He had to have some reason for going over to her place and introducing himself!

Joan had still not quite gotten over the shock of her first day on the island. She could scarcely believe that all in the course of one day she had watched two teens screwing in her house, she had jacked off wildly as she fed off her memories, and she had let herself be screwed ruthlessly by a man she had only met that morning!

Though even Joan herself knew it did not make much sense, she found it easy to blame Ben Firth for her sudden total surrender to lust. At least, if he had not come by that evening, she would never have gone so far as letting herself be screwed by a near stranger. If he had not taken advantage of her drunkenness and her confusion, she would not have had to wake up for the past couple of days feeling lousy about herself.

So, as it turned out, when Ben Firth came by to 'pay his respects', Joan had no trouble firmly turning him away at her door. When she was sober, Joan knew she had a cool presence that intimidated people. Ben Firth could find no way through her hard shell. He had left quietly. Joan hoped she would not have to see him for the rest of the summer. She did not want to see anybody for a while. Not until she got her head straight.

She was ready to be cool and unfriendly to whomever it was ringing her doorbell on that Thursday afternoon. But the shy grin of the brown-haired boy disarmed her. He looked so innocent and nice. She could not be cruel enough not to smile back at him. "Hello. What can I do for you?"

If it had not been for the fact that she was a beautiful woman, Richie would have had no trouble answering her. But he could only stare stupidly at her for some moments before he found his voice. And then he stammered. "I... I'm Richie Benson, Mrs. Carter. I heard you moved in here... and, well... l... I was wondering if you might have any errands... or anything... you want done."

"Gee, Richie, I don't think so..." Some instinct made her stop before she turned the boy away. He looked so utterly nice, and Joan found she was more eager for company than she had realized. She had never lived with so much silence. "It's hot out there, Richie. Why don't you at least come in for some lemonade and we'll talk about it."

The boy was disappointed that she drank lemonade too. He had been hoping that she might want to use his presence as an excuse to have some wine or something. Loosened up, she might be easier prey for his lusty intentions, the way she had been for her own fingers the other night.

"I know what, Richie. I've been wanting to rearrange the kitchen cupboards. It's very inconvenient the way the dishes are set up. With you to help me, the work could go twice as fast. How does five dollars an hour sound?"

"Great." She could have said ten cents and it still would have been fine with Richie. Just sitting on the same couch with her and smelling her perfume was enough to make him feel his visit hadn't been a fruitless one.

"Okay. Well, how about now?" she asked as the boy walked ahead of her into the kitchen. She noticed that he was very strong, long and lean in a way that her ex had been. It made him look taller than he really was. Like her ex-husband Fred had been when they had first became lovers.

She didn't let herself try to define the kind of pleasure she got from the boy's presence. He was quiet, not brash and outspoken like the other boy, Billy, had been. His silence gave him a certain mystery. His attentive eyes told Joan he admired her, and that pleased her. It was good still to be admired by a boy whose age she had lived almost twice over. His shy smile made her think of Fred in the times when he had first eagerly held her hand and offered to carry her books from school.

Richie was unaware that the fear that was making him tongue-tied was scoring him points with Mrs. Carter. He was afraid she must think him boring. He hadn't said two words since they came into the kitchen. He stood on the floor beneath her stool and set down the dishes she passed him. It was hard for him to keep his attention on the dull chore.

Mrs. Carter was wearing shorts and she had very shapely long legs. The first hint of the swell of her ass was just visible beneath the hem of her shorts. Every time he looked at her, Richie felt his cock throb. He was terrified she might, look down at him and discover he had a hard-on. He was afraid she might throw him out if she knew.

It was hard now for the boy to visualize how she had looked with her hair disheveled and her fingers buried up in her pussy. If he had not seen with his own eyes, he would never believe it was the same person. Even when he tried to imagine her with her shorts off, Richie still stood in awe of Mrs. Carter.

He handed her the duster she asked for and watched her clean the shelves.

"There, that's better. Now I can store my staples up here and put the dishes where I can reach them without dragging out a footstool. That makes more sense, don't you think?"

Richie knew nothing of such matters, but he agreed, to be polite.

He watched her well-rounded ass make its way back down the steps of the stool. She knelt beside him and opened the cupboard next to the sink. It was only when she turned to ask him to hand her the pots and pans that she noticed the pronounced bulge in his pants. He knew that she noticed because her eyes grew big and her voice trailed off in mid-sentence. Richie was frightened at first, and then his cock began to pulse more insistently. Panicked as he was, still he realized there was no disapproval in the look she was giving him.

Hope began to flower in Richie's heart. Joan swallowed hard and tried to get hold of herself. She realized she was having little success, for her cunt was throbbing noticeably and her hands were shaking. She felt as if she were sinking into the midst of the sweet dreams of youth she had been having ever since she had seen the boy called Billy screw his girl friend. The episode with Ben Firth had left impressions that were harsh and ugly. But watching the teens had warmed up dim memories of her own teen years and the tender passion she had known with the boy who became her husband. Her memories of a distant past consoled her for the crude memories of what had happened with Ben Firth. She had longed for that purity, that gentleness -- what had been love for Joan when she was fifteen years old.

And here it seemed it was staring right at her. This gentle pleasant boy was standing next to her with a hard-on straining at his pants. He was excited by the nearness of her! And the longer she looked at his bulge, the more excited she was getting by the nearness of him.

Temptation stood there for Joan less than two feet away. In the shape of something lush and ripe and sweet. And there was Joan with a sweet tooth that she had been trying so long to deny! Would she be able to resist when it lay right there for the grabbing?!

The answer was a plain and simple no.

Not daring to think about what she was doing, the brunette reached for the swollen place in the boy's pants and squeezed it. "Uuuuuuhhh!" Richie's teeth tugged feverishly at his lower lip. Now that everything he had been dreaming about seemed on the verge of becoming reality, Richie felt weak. He was not sure he could hold out against so much stimulation. Even the stimulation of having the beautiful older woman squeezing his cock through his pants! Richie was in ecstasy.

Ready or not, Richie had no time to steel himself for what came next. She pulled down his fly and slipped her hand deftly inside his pants. She was searching for the thick swollen thing that had first caught her attention. It did not take her long to find it!

Richie's hand flew out and grabbed hold of the kitchen counter. Without its support, the boy knew he would fall down. It was incredible! Her hand was holding onto his cock! The same hand that he had seen playing with her pussy was now wrapped around his stiff cock!

Once she had a glimpse of the boy's rigid cock, Joan knew she was lost. She pulled it out into daylight. She stared at the smooth rounded tip at the long slender shaft of his cock. Even the feel of it reminded her of Fred, reminded her of the pleasure Fred had shown her when they first made love together.

Without hesitation, she reached forward and took his cock-tip into her mouth. That was something Fred had not taught her until later. But it was something the mature woman wanted to do for the handsome quiet young boy! It was a spontaneous gesture of the boiling lust that surged from deep in her soul and threatened to pour from her in a raging inferno of passion!

"Mmmmm Mrs..." Joan slid her lips all the way down to the base of the boy's cock. She loved the way his cock felt inside her mouth. It was so smooth. So firm. So responsive to every movement of her lips. She felt it jerk when she sucked on it. The gesture set up an answering throb deep up inside her moistening cunt.

Too impatient to be content to stay still, she began to work her lips up and down along Richie's cock-shaft. Kneeling on the kitchen floor of the summer house, Joan was still aware that the boy standing over her was the same boy with whom she had just shared lemonade and light conversation.

But her mind was starting to wander farther and farther astray. She was remembering how Fred's cock had felt the first time she touched it. She was remembering how excited she had been when she learned about the awesome pleasure it could bring her. Her emotions went back to the time when she had been a carefree girl. When love had been everything. When there had been no thought for the hurts and cruelties that were part of being grown-up.

In her fantasy world, there was nothing that mattered to Joan but the importance of pleasing the hard slender cock in her mouth. Her lips worked agilely over the boy's cock-shaft. She stabbed her tongue against his cock's spongy resilience, surprising him, making him moan. Every moan from his lips brought a new surge to her pussy.

Joan was in another world. From the tedium of tidying kitchen cupboards, she had escaped to an incredible place where there was nothing but pleasure. A hard cock. A moist tingling pussy sending her joy signals from inside her short shorts. And no guilt. For Joan was not letting herself feel guilty about this new leap into depravity. She was living the moment for itself, as if she were a fifteen-year-old girl again!

"You... you have such a beautiful cock, Richie!" Her tongue leapt out to stab the sensitive spot where his cock-head joined the shaft. The boy's hips lurched forward, driving his cock deep into her throat. She whined with the joy of pleasing him with her tongue and lips. Joan was astounded at how good it felt to be appreciated. With innocent excitement, the boy was entrusting his whole sexual being to her. He held back nothing. He gave himself completely to the pleasure.

And instead of feeling used and humiliated, Joan felt she had found a wonderful source of new happiness in her life. She wanted to be a sensual woman again. But she wanted the sex to be pure and happy and eager. She did not want it to be a struggle for dominance.

Though the warm throbbing in his cock told him that all this was really happening, Richie still could not get over the thrill of looking at her. He watched her purse her lips tightly around his cock-head, then slide her head forward until his cock was buried in her face. He felt her tongue sneak out to stab him in unexpected places and he grabbed more fiercely at the counter to keep from buckling under.

It seemed like years had passed in the couple of days since Richie had crouched in the boathouse watching his friend Billy get a blowjob from Ellen. Richie had been full of envy then. He had longed to have his own cock licked and sucked and coddled. He had made plans for the seduction of Mrs. Carter, but they had been castles in the air. Somewhere deep inside Richie had been sure nothing would ever come of those plans. He was sure he would be too afraid to seduce her. It had never occurred to him that all he had to do was just stand next to her with a hard-on and she would fall to her knees in eager ecstasy!

The boy could not know that he was satisfying a need in the woman more intense than just the sexuality involved. He did not know that his cock in her mouth was like a dose of medicine to a woman who had been alone and hurt and confused for many long months. Richie was giving Mrs. Carter the first feelings of overwhelming tenderness that she had experienced in a long, long time. He was feeding her soul as well as the aching hunger in her wet cunt.

She told him over and over again how beautiful his cock was and Richie felt light-headed with pride as well as desire. He remembered the jealousy he had felt when he heard Ellen praise Billy's cock. Ellen's opinion to Richie was nothing compared to that of a beautiful older woman like Mrs. Carter. If Mrs. Carter said his cock was beautiful, then it must be so. Mrs. Carter was a woman-of-the-world. Beautiful and smart. Any man would desire her. And she had chosen him! Richie Benson!

She was sucking Richie's cock with the abandon of a starving person. The boy thought he might not be so shy and awkward with girls from now on. With her mouth on his cock and her praise in his ears, Mrs. Carter was making the boy feel better than he had ever felt in his life!

His only worry was the fact that it was getting harder and harder to resist the throbbing urge in his balls. The urge that tried to seduce him into shooting his hot cum into Mrs. Carter's mouth before he was ready.

He did his best to try to hold out against the feelings -- to enjoy them without letting them take him where he was not yet ready to go. He thrust his cock only a short way into her mouth, letting her do the rest of the work, bobbing her head forward to meet him. One wrong move, Richie knew, and his cum would no longer be safely stowed in his balls. It would be painting Mrs. Carter's tonsils white!

The longer she sucked the boy's cock the more completely Joan lost herself to the fantasy of her erotic submission. She almost had herself convinced that she was a girl again. None of the hurt she had been carrying with her for so long touched her. Her only reality was the excitement of bringing pleasure to the handsome gentle boy. Every moan he uttered made her more frantic to please him. She no longer imagined him as Fred as he used to be. It suited her that he was someone new. She remembered the shine of admiration in his eyes as he looked at her over his lemonade.

He liked her! He really cared about her!

Ben Firth had not looked at her like that. His look had undressed her and made her cringe. The boy had waited modestly to be invited into the secrets of her sexuality. Because he had asked her for nothing, she wanted to give him everything. She wanted to feel his hot cum pouring into her mouth!

No sooner did she long for it one more time, than he gave her what she wanted. In jet after furious jet the boy lost control of his lusty load. He held her head over his cock while she swallowed his cum down. Until there wasn't anymore. Until she could feel him trembling. His orgasm had taken a lot out of him. He could barely stay on his feet.

When she was satisfied that she had gotten every delicious drop of his juices, she reached for his hands and coaxed him down onto the floor with her. She smiled at him and kissed him gently on the mouth. "You're really something, Richie," she whispered.

"So are you, Mrs. Carter... I didn't mean to cum so soon. I wanted to make it last and last."

She held a finger to his mouth. His anxiety and the flush of his passion made him look very young. Her cunt pulsed with desire for him. "Don't worry Richie. It was good, wasn't it?"

"Yeah, but..."

"No 'buts', that's all that matters." Joan wanted the boy to believe that. She wanted him to know right from the beginning how to savor the pleasure just for the pleasure. She did not want him to have to struggle.

Her soothing words relaxed the boy. He let her draw his head down against her chest. Through her thin blouse, he could feel the contours of her bra against his cheek. It made him think of those secret parts of a woman. He realized he had seen nothing of Mrs. Carter's nakedness today. He wanted to touch her all over. He wanted everything at once.

But it was not to happen. When he tried to unbutton her blouse, she smiled and gently pulled his hand away. "No, Richie. We've shared something special today. But we live in two different worlds. Let's be happy with what we've got and not let ourselves get greedy." Though she still had a hot twat to remind her of her excitement, Joan felt the same ecstasy she would have felt if she had cum. She had the boy's cum in her belly to satisfy her. And she had the memory of the pleasure they had shared. She could think of it as something pure and beautiful, as long as she didn't spoil it and try to take too much.

He was a boy, no more than fifteen years old. She was almost thirty. They did not belong together. Though the temptation was great, Joan knew she must not yield. The surge of excitement in her belly when she thought about his cock was so raw that she did not let herself think about it. She knew her thoughts were the worst enemy of her good intentions. Along with her throbbing cunt.

The boy looked miserable. He watched her tuck his deflated cock back into his pants. His brain struggled wildly for some pretext to delay the rebuff that he knew was coming. He did not want to go. He wanted to stay and stroke her and kiss her and fuck her.

"You'd better go now, Richie."

"But... can I come back tomorrow?"

"No, Richie. I don't think so. I don't think either one of us could handle that, do you?"

The boy let her hand guide him gently but firmly to the front door. He could come up with no bright ideas to change her mind. He felt desperate and helpless as a kitten up a tree, but all he could say was, "Bye, Mrs. Carter."

"Bye, Richie." As she watched him climb slowly up the sand dune, Joan repeated one thought over and over to herself. "Please don't let him come back." For that moment, she had been strong. If he came back, she knew she was lost. The medicine was too potent. One more dose, and Joan knew she would be addicted.


In Mrs. Carter's presence, Richie had been docile and obedient. In his bed that night, he tossed and turned, cursing himself for not having resisted her firm decision that they must not see each other again.

In his waking dreams, he relived every moment of his visit to the brunette's house. He could almost taste her lemonade and cookies. He could see her shapely legs. Most vivid of all were the memories of her hand and her mouth on his swollen tingling cock. Hard as he tried that night, he could not quell the excitement that surged from his balls every time he thought about Mrs. Carter and her big dark eyes. He thought about having his mouth on her soft tits after she sucked the cum juices out of his cock. The boy had never known his cock to be so resilient. Though he jacked off three times before he fell asleep, he was still clutching a hard-on when consciousness left him.

In the morning Richie made a decision born of desperation.

No matter what Mrs. Carter had said, he was going to go see her. There were so many things yet that he wanted to do with her. He could not rest easy with the memory of one fantastic blowjob. Richie wanted every part of her! The boy knew for sure now that his mother had not been right when she had said he would have to wait until he was a grown-up to enjoy life's greatest pleasures. Emboldened by one success, the boy could not rest until he had learned it all!

His mother was not even in the kitchen yet when he left the house and made his way toward Mrs. Carter's place along the beach. He did not even pause this time to watch the birds or to check for sailboats on the horizon. He had other things on his mind. Things heavy enough to change a boy's whole way of thinking!

His insistent knock on her door dragged Joan Carter out of a deep sleep. She clung to her red silk kimono as she stood groggily in the doorway. It took only one moment for her to realize who her visitor was, and the importance of his appearance on her porch so early in the morning.

"You've come back, Richie," she murmured. Without saying anything else, she stood aside to let him enter the house. Only now that he was here did Joan realize how she had been secretly hoping that he would come. She had not thought he would return so soon. But she knew that if he had not come at all, she would have been disappointed. No matter what her conscience said!

The boy did not sit down when she gestured toward the couch. Instead he stood icily in front of her, his eyes wandering from her face to her body and away. Joan could see he was struggling with an impulse. At last, with a little jerk of his head and a sigh of determination, he gave in to the impulse.

He put his arms awkwardly around Mrs. Carter's neck and planted his lips firmly on hers. Richie had done little kissing in his life, and he was not sure exactly what was expected of him. He was surprised when her tongue came lunging through the barrier of his lips and started to prod at his own tongue. It was not long before he conquered his surprise and began to answer the hunger in her kiss by shoving his tongue deep into her mouth. Hot waves of passion shot through him. His cock was getting hard. For the first time in his life, Richie understood why grown-ups liked to kiss so much.

It made him feel awfully good all over! The excitement that rattled every nerve made his cock pulse urgently. It made him want to kiss her harder and deeper. It almost made him forget the greater plan he wanted to accomplish. But not for long. The heedless pounding in his cock told Richie just how much he wanted to screw Mrs. Carter's pussy!

Once the boy realized that the older woman was giving him no resistance, Richie knew he had won. He grew calmer in the mind, though not in body. He took her by the hand and led her toward her bedroom.

Joan already had herself convinced that if the boy showed up, she would have no choice but to respond to him. The memories that had kept her awake all night came back now to make her follow the boy to her bedroom. She could still almost feel his cock up inside her mouth. She could almost taste the hot jets of his spurting cum. It was those sensual memories that made Joan so obedient to her illicit impulses.

She remembered how sucking the boy's cock had made her feel. His innocent passion had renewed her. She found it difficult to believe that what they had done together was wrong. The boy's gentleness, his appreciation, had boosted Joan's spirits more than anything that had occurred since her divorce. She needed to be appreciated the way the boy appreciated her. The brunette had convinced herself that she owed it to herself to take the beauty and energy the youth could give her.

Scarcely daring to breathe for fear it would all vanish, the boy gently pulled away the hand that held Mrs. Carter's kimono shut. He pulled the garment down her shoulders and let it fall to the floor behind her. With trembling fingers, he reached out to stroke the firm round white tits with their hardening pink tips. By touch he relished the way her narrow waist flared out into smooth womanly hips. Her belly was taut and firm. It was not easy for him to get up the courage to reach into her dark-thatched pubic area. He only grazed her cunt-hair and reached back up for her breasts. Even as he caressed her tits a second time, his cock was throbbing in anticipation of learning more about the secrets beneath her luxuriant cunt-triangle.

Her eyes heavy with lust, Joan guided the boy's hand back down to her pussy. She watched the nervous pleasure in his face as she helped him find her swollen clitoris. "Mmmmmmm," she encouraged him to run his fingers around her sensitized nubbin. She thrust her cunt upward against his hand, spreading the stimulus, to her moistening pussy-hole. "Oh, it feels so good when you touch me there, Richie. Play with my pussy!"

The dark-haired woman had totally abandoned the conscience that had made her turn the boy away the previous day. Once determined that she needed the affection and the stimulation that Richie could give her, she threw herself heart and soul into the pursuit of the teenager's sexual education.

She grinned at the look of amazement that registered his joy in stroking a woman's pussy. "Mmmmmm... that's so nice, Richie! Have you ever felt anything like that before?"

"No, ma'am," he replied nervously.

Joan hastened to reassure him that his inexperience did not disturb her... except to excite her. She began to tug on his belt. "It's not fair that I should be the only one that's naked. I want to see you naked, too. I want to feel you against me."

Her voice trembled as she spoke. The thought that she was ravishing a handsome young virgin thrilled her almost as much as the touch of Richie's fingers on her clitoris. The brunette felt almost as if she were being given a chance to be young again. Her sense of the boy's virginal excitement compounded her own arousal. She was awkward undressing him, but at last she had the job done. She pulled his lean, hard young body against her and kissed him hungrily full on the lips. Though the bed was only a foot away, she was putting off the moment when they would fall onto it. It felt so good to be standing pressing herself against him. Feeling his hard eager cock pressing against her pussy mound.

The boy was stunned. Despite all the resolve he had brought with him to Mrs. Carter's house, he had not expected things to go so quickly. It was hard to believe he was actually caressing the wet cunt of a woman he had watched fingerfucking herself on a darkening summer's evening. He thrust his loins forward, forcing his cock harder against her furry mat. Her groan of pleasure made him bolder. Without taking his mouth from hers, he maneuvered her around so her back was toward the bed. He pushed her down onto the mattress, with himself right on top of her.

It was Richie's turn to groan. He had dreamed so long about lying on top of a naked woman that the excitement of the new reality was almost enough to force his cum prematurely from his balls. He was growing less afraid of Mrs. Carter's hairy snatch. He pushed his hand farther up between her legs. His fingertip probed for her yielding place. He stuffed her cunt full of his finger.

At last the youth was getting hold of himself enough to remember the lessons he had learned from watching Billy fingerfuck his girl friend. He became more aggressive with Mrs. Carter. As Ellen had, the older woman responded abandonedly to his finger-stroking onslaught. She seemed not the least bit reluctant to let him manage their love-play. Her body succumbed willingly to every kiss and caress he dealt it.

He could hear and feel and smell the way her pussy responded to his wriggling finger. She was so wet that her juices made a juicy sound as Richie's finger worked back and forth. Her cunt seemed to mold itself around the slender invasion of his finger. He realized quickly that there was room inside for more than just one finger. He shoved a second finger into her greedy pussy. She groaned and turned her cunt upward. The more avidly she impaled her twat on his fingers, the more heady grew the aroma of her excited cunt. Richie was having trouble keeping up with her pace. His cock throbbed urgently. His mouth was dry with his excitement. Only gradually did it dawn on him that now was the perfect time to slip his swollen cock up inside where his fingers were working.

It was time for Richie to learn to screw!

He was trembling all over as he climbed in between her thighs and forced them apart, making room for himself to kneel over her. It excited him that she automatically raised her legs and spread them wide. He could hear her breathing getting more uneven. He pulled his fingers from her clasping cunt and guided his cock-head toward her waiting hole. It took a couple of false shoves before he found the right place. Then, his cock glided up into her pussy as smoothly and easily as if he had been doing it all his life.

The older woman's reaction gave Richie courage to go on. Like an untamed creature, she writhed and squirmed on the boy's impaling cock. As soon as he pulled out of her for the first time, she thrust her cunt back up his cock. Her exuberance fired the boy's lust. Primal instinct took hold of him and he longed to screw her deep and hard. He started to do it. His pace was awkward at first, but she helped him. Her cunt kept riding relentlessly up his stiffened cock. He learned to work to her rhythm. Soon he was screwing her in a hard-driving frenzy that had both woman and boy wailing with erotic abandon. Richie could scarcely believe how quickly he had moved from innocence to responsible manhood.

Suddenly he had a kicking writhing bundle of woman-flesh on the end of his cock. And it was up to him to tame her!

Though it had been the youth's innocence and gentleness that had made Joan yearn for him, as soon as their naked bodies met the brunette realized she had a lot of passion locked up inside her. It was going to take more than gentle stroke to satisfy her intense craving. With the boy's cock safely stowed in her hungering cunt, Joan lost all control of her responses. She could no longer be content to savor the boy's charms at leisure. She needed him to take her hard and deep. With a gentle boy that she knew really cared about her, Joan felt free to set free the animal lurking within her belly.

Some of that passion had seeped out with Ben Firth. But with the older man, she had been too immersed in the struggle between two opposing wills. Though her body had wanted Firth's heedless pummeling, her brain had been repulsed by his insensitive treatment. He had done nothing to satisfy her romantic notions.

Young Richie took Joan back to the days when she herself had been fifteen and full of eagerness to conquer life. He was that intriguing combination of man and child that Fred had been when they first became lovers. He was infatuated by her. He admired her. He wanted and needed the sensual attention she so longed to give him.

One part of Joan looked on the youngster as a cause she had taken up. She would teach him all the pure joys of love. She would make him so sure of himself that he would never have to resort to the kind of sexual struggles that she and Fred eventually became entangled in. With her greater maturity, she wanted to give the boy all she had been unable to give Fred at fifteen. But first she had to do something for herself.

She had to let herself be a woman again. Ben Firth had struck only the surface fires compared to what Richie's bold young cock was unearthing from her. Richie was digging all the way down to Joan's soul. He was making her cast aside all her resentments, all her inhibitions. He was sharing the storehouse of Joan Carter's primal passion.

The way she was moaning and undulating under him, Mrs. Carter was making Ellen look like a frigid kid. Richie's cock swelled with pride as he realized he was actually doing what he had set out to do.

He was screwing Mrs. Carter! He was pleasing her so much that she could not contain her excitement. She was ranting and raving like a lunatic, yet her clinging pussy reassured the boy that she was screaming because of him.

It amazed Richie that he was still holding on against the incredible tug of her tight cunt. Despite all the temptation to spill his hot cum-load into her pussy, he kept right on screwing her. Right on filling her with his inciting pleasure.

The boy had fallen into screwing with unexpected swiftness. One early morning visit had transformed his entire outlook on the world. Richie had thought a blowjob from Mrs. Carter had been something! And it had been! But the thrill of filling her with lunge after lunge of stiff cock and having her moaning for more of it gave the boy a sense of power that nothing else ever had. He was totally in charge here. The woman was on the receiving end, totally dependent on whatever he decided to give her. It was his cock and its relentless pace that was flooding her with the awesome joy that made her moan! His cock was getting its first taste of wet pussy, and Mrs. Carter's responsive cunt was telling him that he was doing well. It made his cock throb to hear her cry for more of him.

Richie thought he knew now what it was to be a man. He would no longer feel inferior to Billy who had his blonde-haired girl friend to keep him busy. He would not tell Billy about Mrs. Carter. That would be his secret, his and Mrs. Carter's. He would just know more about how it was with Billy and Ellen. When Billy told him his wide-eyed boasting stories, he could just smile and say nothing. It made him smile now to think what Billy would say if he knew what Richie was doing. Richie knew his friend well enough to realize Billy was more interested in Ellen's body than her companionship. There was no doubt in the younger boy's mind that Billy would sell his soul to sink his cock into Mrs. Carter's pussy.

But he would never have the chance! Not if Richie had anything to say about it! He was not about to share a prize like Mrs. Carter. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever met! Her hot steaming cunt made him feel better than he had ever felt in his whole life! The moaning squirming brunette had just become the center of Richie's existence. He could imagine himself screwing her taut responsive pussy forever!

But there is no such thing as 'forever' where throbbing cock is concerned. Sooner or later, the surging load in a man's heavy-laden balls has to win out. In Richie, the urge to cum was getting more and more intense. He looked down at the fierce concentration in the woman's face. She was staring over Richie's shoulder, but the boy sensed that all she was seeing was contained within her clasping cunt. Her pussy-muscles clenched around his cock and he felt the pressure in his testicles grow unbearable. He bit cruelly into his lip, trying to hold on. Just at the moment when he realized he could not, he realized he did not have to. Mrs. Carter was cumming!

The blast that burst from his cock was like nothing the boy had ever experienced. Even the cum Mrs. Carter had pulled from his balls with her mouth had not been so intense. He felt like he was cumming and cumming... as if he was spilling all of himself into Mrs. Carter's greedy cunt.

At last, though, he realized the geyser had stopped flowing. Mrs. Carter was cooing peacefully beneath him. A mellow smile relaxed the mouth that a moment ago had been taut with orgasmic reflex. Richie too relaxed. He coiled himself comfortably around the half-conscious woman and closed his eyes. Within moments, he was asleep. He had never experienced a pleasure so blissful as that of falling asleep with his arms around a beautiful naked woman.


Busy as he was these days with his girl friend Billy could not help noticing the changes around him. The island was a small place and people ran into each other. When he stopped running into his friend Richie, Billy started to wonder about it. The odd time he did run into Richie, he tried to figure out what was keeping him so busy. Richie just grinned and changed the subject. Billy was sure his friend was up to something. The longer the mystery went on, the more determined Billy grew to solve it.

There was one minor change that Billy noticed, though he did not make an association with the change in Richie. This change was in Mrs. Carter, the pretty older woman who was living in Ben Firth's big house. Though he had not been to the house since the day of Mrs. Carter's arrival, Billy always talked to her whenever he met her at the post office or the general store. When she started to wear her long dark hair flowing over her shoulders, instead of tightly fled up in her bun, Billy was struck by how very beautiful she was. He wondered what it was that had made her decide to wear her hair in the more girlish style. He decided living on the island must be mellowing her out. His boyish libido pulsed wistfully after the older woman who he knew was hopelessly out of his reach.

He thought no more about Mrs. Carter until the day he followed his friend Richie out toward her place. Billy followed stealthily at a good distance behind the younger boy, falling flat to the ground whenever Richie looked around. It was not until Richie had passed by all the other homes that Billy realized he was going to Mrs. Carter's place. Richie was walking with purpose. There was no question that he had known where he was going all along.

At first Billy felt angry because he thought Richie had stolen from him summer work that should rightly have been his! Mrs. Carter had promised she would tell Mr. Firth to call Billy and Ellen if she needed any help around the place. Billy assumed Richie must be working for the older woman.

He crouched just beyond the tip of the sand dune for some time, waiting for some signs of activity. The front door stayed shut tight. At last, impatient with his waiting, Billy crept down toward the house, creeping around the edge of the sand dune to decrease his chances of being spotted. He tiptoed onto the front porch and looked inside. No one seemed be there.

He went around to the side of the house that had the hedge of hydrangea. Billy's blood was pounding faster through his veins. He was beginning to suspect Richie was into something far more interesting than some part-time employment. He paused, crouched beneath what he knew was the master bedroom window. Only when he heard the first moans of passion did he gather up the courage to peek inside. His head emerged from the hydrangea just high enough to let his eyes peer over the sill. Billy blinked, and blinked again. Though his suspicions had begun to move in the right direction, still Billy had not been prepared for the incredible scene that greeted him!

Both Richie and Mrs. Carter were naked on the bed. The dark-haired woman was kneeling on all fours, her head turned round to watch Richie crouched behind her. The boy was stroking the full round cheeks of Mrs. Carter's ass. He had a stiff hard-on that swayed impressively between his thighs. Billy's mouth hung open as he watched his friend slip his hand in along the crack of Mrs. Carter's pussy. She moaned as she had before, but more loudly and more lustfully this time.

"Yes, spank my ass! Oh, Richie, I'm a bad girl! And I'm dying for your big hard cock up inside my pussy!"

Billy had to swallow hard to keep himself from gasping aloud. He would never have suspected it of his innocent friend. How had Richie ever managed to seduce a beautiful older woman like Mrs. Carter? His respect for his buddy soared. Billy felt a bit foolish when he remembered how he had let Richie watch him and Ellen making out. He wondered if Richie had been doing it with Mrs. Carter then. He doubted it. He remembered how much more impressed Richie had been then by his stories about blowjobs and marathon screws.

Lately, Richie had been much harder to impress. Billy guessed his new sophistication dated from the time when he started spending afternoons with Mrs. Carter. The way the woman and the boy behaved with one another, it was clear they were used to each other as lovers.

The more he thought about it, the more annoyed Billy grew to think Richie had been holding out on him. After the big break he had given Richie, letting him watch him with Ellen, the least Richie could have done was to give his best friend the same opportunity.

Billy grinned grimly when he realized he was about to steal that opportunity, even without Richie's permission. He rested his nose on the windowsill and watched Richie continue to fondle the woman's parted cunt-slit. She was mewling like a wild creature now, her excitement overwhelming her. She thrust her ass back to try to coax the boy to impale her pussy. Her round tits bobbled under her torso as she squirmed.

Billy watched her beautiful big tits and her round ass and he felt himself begin to sweat. He licked his lips hungrily, trying to imagine exactly what he would do next if it were he who had the greedy moaning woman writhing in front of him. He came to the conclusion that he would do exactly what Richie was doing now. He would kneel close in behind her buttocks and gaze her tempting slit with his hardened cock-head. Billy's cock was already getting rock-hard just from watching the younger boy doing the thing that he could only crouch outside the window and fantasize about. He would stab his cock-tip against her pussy-hole a couple of times, just to make sure she was good and excited.

"Richie, fuck me! Fuck me hard with your big cock." Even though it was the other boy's name she was uttering, Billy was so wrapped up in his fantasy that he continued to press on. He imagined his cock was rutting up into her hot cunt. He slammed hard and impaled her all the way.

As soon as young Richie had his cock stoutly embedded in her pussy, the brunette began to rock herself forward. Her motion egged the boy on, invited him to establish a screwing rhythm into her heated cunt. Richie was right on top of her every wish. He took hold of her grinding buttocks and held them steady. He shoved his cock deep into her cunt over and over again. He smiled the tense smile of passion as she moaned out her lusty appreciation.

By now, Billy had to accept the fact that it was indeed his friend's cock screwing the beautiful woman's pussy and not his own. But he kept his eyes riveted on Richie's action. He admired the way the younger teenager managed to vary his pace, the way he knew how to take control of the woman and hold her steady when her impassioned contortions made it hard for him to stick her true and deep.

Richie had obviously learned a lot in the course of his illicit affair with Mrs. Carter. It was Billy now who was envying Richie, the way Richie had once envied him his association with Ellen.

Ellen was great. She was sexy. She was good-looking. And now that she was used to a steady diet of him, she was ready willing and able whenever Billy wanted to do it. But when it came right down to it, Ellen was still only a kid. She was not a sensuous, experienced older woman such as Richie had managed to score for himself.

Billy's envy of his buddy was in close contest with his lust as he ran his hand abruptly over the bulge in his shorts. He could almost feel Richie's urgency as he pulled Mrs. Carter closer by her rounded ass-cheeks. He could almost feel the tremor in the younger boy's balls that made him screw her the way he did. Rough and deep and hungry was Richie's pace into Mrs. Carter's hot twat.

"Yes, baby. Fuck this wet pussy! Fuck it hard!" Though at first Mrs. Carter had looked around from time to time to smile at the boy who was using her so wantonly, now she did not bother. She stared unseeing straight ahead. From the partial profile that he could see, Billy realized Mrs. Carter was mesmerized by the action of his friend's cock rutting up into her receptive cunt. She moved her ass back like she was automated. She moaned almost constantly. Though from time to time she managed to utter something vaguely coherent, it was clear her mind was paying little attention to her words. It was her cunt that preoccupied her. It was the slick tireless way Richie was slamming his hardened cock into her moist pussy.

The sight of her juices gleaming on his friend's cock brought more than one throb to Billy's aroused cock. The boy was tempted to pull his cock from his shorts and start to stroke it. But that seemed like childish stuff compared to the better things Billy could think of to do with it.

The more he thought about it, the more disturbed he was that Richie had managed to land Mrs. Carter all for himself. And without telling his best friend a thing about it! He began to think of an appropriate punishment for Richie, a punishment that would give Billy his own well-deserved reward.

Billy was becoming immersed in the heady erotic atmosphere that oozed from the bedroom window like an early summer fog bank. He was no longer interested in logic or politeness. He was consumed by the aching frustration in his cock. He thought he knew what to do about it, but still he held back. His plans might backfire. He might end up in mortal combat with his friend. If he decided to take a chance, there would be a heavy risk of failure. But the promise of success stood before the impressionable boy like the pot of gold at the end of an orgasmic rainbow.

Thought was suspended for a moment as Billy watched Mrs. Carter launch herself on the last climb to ecstasy. With an abandoned grunt, she slammed her ass heedlessly back at her young lover's loins. She mewled in appreciation of the rock hard cock that filled her cunt to pleasurable capacity. Without pausing to luxuriate in the joy of one impalement, she began to work crazily to force the boy to a more and more hectic pace. Billy could see that his friend was straining. He understood why and despite his vexation with Richie, he admired him for holding out against incredible odds. Billy doubted if he himself could resist the tug of Mrs. Carter's heated cunt-walls. The way she was shaking that thing, he guessed her pussy must be hot as a volcano by now!

The toll was telling on Richie. The boy's teeth showed as his whole face contorted in sexual concentration. He slapped Mrs. Carter sharply on the buttocks one time, just to let her know who was in control. Billy liked that touch. His cock twinged at the thought of spanking that round sleek ass as it hustled in reckless abandon.

He realized Richie's gesture had been as much an indication of his own frustration as anything else. The boy knew he could not hang on much longer. He was telling that to Mrs. Carter. He was letting her know she better take her climax while the taking was good.

Billy marveled at how intimately the unnatural lovers were tuned into one another. As though by mutual consent, they both started to rush headlong into orgasm. The boy squeezed right up behind her, pasting his loins against her backside. His squirting cock was buried to the roots. Billy imagined the hot load that his friend was spurting into the older woman's greedy pussy. The thought made his own cock throb. His excitement made up Billy's mind for him. Billy was damned if he was going to let his own hand do the job for him! Not with hot excitable pussy lying right there in the next room! The boy was determined to go in there and claim his due. Right now, before he started worrying again about the consequences.


Billy's hard cock was all ready to go into action when he walked into Mrs. Carter's bedroom. Neither Richie nor the woman noticed his entry. They were entwined together in the twilight of afterglow, aware of nothing but the blissful release that made their nerve-endings tingle.

The heavyset boy removed his clothes quickly and quietly and eased himself onto the bed behind Mrs. Carter. She was curled away from him into Richie's arms, but both she and Richie noticed the added pressure on the bed at the same time.

By the time they noticed, it was already too late. Billy put his arms around the dark-haired woman to hold her close. He eased his swollen cock in between her ass-cheeks, searching for the hot hole that Richie had just reamed so thoroughly.

"Who... NO..." the woman blurted out, and she tried to wiggle away from the arms that held her so tight. Her efforts were half-hearted. She was beguiled by the pressure of the bloated cock-head that was exploring her wet pussy. Her cunt was still highly sensitized. It was easy for her to respond to the promise of more swollen cock.

It was Richie who reacted most forcefully. He sprang to a sitting position and glared down at his friend. He tried to push Billy's hands away from Mrs. Carter's bare tits. Billy's clasp was firm and Richie made no headway against the bigger boy's superior strength. "What the fuck, Billy?" Richie was still only half conscious from the effects of his tumultuous orgasm. His brain struggled valiantly to get back in working order. Despite all his resolve that Billy should never know anything about him and Mrs. Carter, here was Billy curled naked against his lover's back. It was clear the other boy had every intention of turning a private affair into a threesome. That was just what Richie did not want. He had worked too hard for the treasure that he wanted to remain his and his alone.

But things were moving too fast for anyone's control. Billy only smiled grimly at his friend. The big boy's attention was absorbed by his efforts to get his cock embedded up inside Mrs. Carter's pussy. The woman was showing him minimal resistance, which indicated to Billy that all he had to do was get his cock in her cunt and she would be all his. She was giving him his chance to show what he could do for her!

Joan still was not fully conscious. She had been lying snugly in Richie's arms, entertaining erotic fantasies that passed through her mind during her orgasmic afterglow. The woman had been intensely excited by the robust way Richie had screwed her. She had enjoyed an unbelievable climax, but was still very horny. She hoped the boy would not take long to get his strength up again to screw her.

It was almost like an answer to her erotic imaginings when the youthful arms enfolded her and the swollen cock-head pushed its way into her pussy-slit. She realized almost at once that her assailant was Billy, the boy she had watched screw his young girl friend. The thought of feeling his sturdy hard cock up inside her pussy intrigued her. Though she knew the boy should not even be here, still in her aroused state she was sorely tempted to take advantage of opportunity.

Her cunt was still hot for action, and Billy was promising her a second thrilling screwing. Despite the vague tinglings of conscience, Joan could not bring herself to put up a real struggle, not even to save Richie from disappointment.

The boy was sitting nervously a couple of feet away, watching her reaction. She realized he had already accepted the fact that she would not fight off his friend. She could not tell from his face whether he was more disappointed or excited by what was happening. She knew she did not want to hurt Richie, but she knew she wanted Billy to screw her too. Her affair with Richie had opened her up, made her greedy for sexual experience. His eager lovemaking had uncovered a well of desire that one feverish boy was not always enough to fill. She realized she must not pass up a chance to slake the residual hunger that was often still with her even after she and Richie made love.

"Watch him, Richie! Watch him fuck me! Then you can have it again!" She reached for Richie's hand and squeezed it tight, trying to draw him closer to her. He was reluctant at first, but at last he answered her entreaty. He stretched out facing her. His cock began to throb to life. Joan felt weak from the thrill of being trapped between two sweet young boys with two hard hungry hard-ons.

She moaned thinking lewd thoughts of a possible threesome. Billy finally found his target. He shoved his cock deep into her sopping wet pussy. He held his cock buried up in her twat for a moment, relishing her loud gurgles of pleasure. Then slowly, he began to pull back. He trembled in anticipation of the moment when he would stuff her all the way to the hilt for the second time. Young Billy had never been involved in anything so exciting in his entire life.

Ellen was a hot little slut, but there was nothing in his experience so far to match the way Mrs. Carter's talented cunt-walls wrapped around his cock and clung to him like warm wet suction. He could not resist for long the urge to pummel her one more time. And another. And another.

Eyes closed in ecstasy, Joan ran her fingers through the tousled hair of the boy lying in front of her. Her hands roamed down along his neck and back. She clutched urgently at his bare buttocks. At last she reached around for his hard cock. She squeezed it.

It was that squeeze that sealed young Richie's part in the orgy. The boy had run the gamut of emotions from resentment to disappointment to hurt feelings. But as soon as Mrs. Carter let him know that she had not forgotten him, his natural inclination to respond to the erotic situation rose to the fore.

His cock had already been halfway to a hard-on just from the obscene knowledge that Mrs. Carter was getting poked from the back by his best friend and was responding to it! When she started to wail like a cat-in-heat and Richie knew Billy was doing it to her, his arousal increased. The last straw was her hand on his cock. Richie could not remain an embittered bystander with such promise of sexual fulfillment before him.

He soothed his feelings by reminding himself that Billy was his best friend. Billy had let him spy on him and Ellen. He realized it had been selfish of him not to share at least, the information that he, too, had a lover. He had been afraid of sharing, and that was not nice. That was not being a good buddy.

His affair with Mrs. Carter had helped Richie grow up a lot. He realized there were a lot of things he could not share with the older woman, because of the age difference, because of the differences in their experience. Sometimes even the awesome excitement he knew with her seemed more than he could handle. She demanded a lot from him during their times together. It might not be so bad to have a friend around to help him out!

This way maybe everybody could get what they wanted. Mrs. Carter could get all the screwing she wanted. He and Billy could get to share what it meant to be a man. They could all learn from the fantastic situation that had just erupted on Mrs. Carter's rented summer bed.

She opened her eyes and smiled at Richie as she swiveled her ass back at Billy. "It's nice, Richie! I'm glad you're here to share it with me."

Her comment reassured the boy that he would always be in her affection. He had been her first boy-lover, and she would never forget him for that. Richie felt a sudden urge to make it as good for her as he possibly could. He dropped his head to her breast and began to suck her nipple urgently. His head moved from one tit to the other. He grew more absorbed in his task as she mewled and stroked his head to encourage him. Richie was actually getting pleased that his friend had decided to drop in and join them.

The longer her affair with the brown-haired boy had continued, the more Joan had realized the difficulties involved. Richie had started to become sexually dependent on her. And she was realizing that her own hungers surpassed the nourishment the boy could give her. She was getting in touch with her womanhood. She was feeling strong again, and she knew young Richie was very much responsible for making her feel that way. But their relationship was an unnatural one, and it was natural they should gradually grow away from one another. It seemed fitting that the other boy Billy should drop in on them.

With two boys to bring her to the heights of ecstasy, Joan could get the total stimulation she craved. And she knew the process would be a leaning experience for Richie. He would learn to see their relationship in perspective, even as all three of them enjoyed a memorable erotic experience.

"Ooooohhhh... God-d-d Billy-e-e! Fuck me!" She thrust her tit full against Richie's face while she tilted her ass back to meet the older boy's stiff cock.

Though dazed with the success of his bold intrusion, Billy had little chance to revel in the thought that he was actually screwing the beautiful woman whom he suspected of spying on him with Ellen. To hear her calling him Billy now only incited his lust. He thrust his cock urgently up into her clutching cunt and groaned at her efforts to hold him prisoner in her twat. He marveled at how tight her pussy was. It seemed even tighter than his fifteen-year-old girl friend's. He knew now what experience could do for a woman. When she learned exactly what she could do with her pussy-muscles, age was no barrier to a taut cunt!

"Ooooo... Mrs. Carter." He looked over her shoulder and saw his friend sucking the woman's tits. The sight increased the thrill of the situation for Billy. He and Richie were taking the woman together! She was satisfying both of them with her eager greedy body! While she squeezed Billy's cock up inside her pussy, she held Richie's head closer to her passion-swollen tits! "Wow, Mrs. Carter... you're fantastic!" he praised her.

Joan heard his comment and smiled to herself. She felt fantastic. She had come to the remote island seeking isolation and a chance to restructure her attitudes to the world. She knew that when she arrived she still had not gotten her ex-husband out of her system. Now Fred seemed only a safe distant dream.

Her boys were curing her. They were changing her into the sensual vital woman she wanted to be. Their youth kept them safely out of the arena of serious relationships. Their youth also gave them the greedy vitality that she craved. She knew now that she could leave the island at the end of the summer without regrets for either her immediate or her distant past.

Her boys were making her strong; strong enough to go on without them, without anybody, until the time was right for her to take somebody. The brunette thought she had never felt so sure of herself as she did now with a boy in front of her and a boy behind her. She squealed with delight as she felt Richie reach for her clitoris and start to stroke it. Her hard pleasure-bud added extra thrills to the dose being dealt her by Billy's tireless cock.

"Let me stroke your cock again, Richie!"

Obediently, the boy slid back up the bed to let her take hold of his aroused cock. He stroked her clitoris while she worked her fingers boldly over his fleshy inflated cock-shaft.

"Hhhhnnnhh..." As he grunted with pleasure, Richie looked over her shoulder at his old friend Billy. He could not suppress a grin that immediately was answered by the older boy's frank open smile. "You like that pussy, Billy?"

"She's got the best pussy I ever felt wrapped around my cock!" Billy answered his friend.

Richie felt tolerant of his friend's boasting. Billy could not help it. He had to talk as if he already had had a hundred women when Richie knew that Mrs. Carter was only his second. "I know what you mean, Billy! Mrs. Carter's the greatest!"

Their youthful talk increased Joan's delight in the erotic situation taking place on her bed. She worked her fingers skillfully along Richie's manhood while her ass answered every thrust of Billy's stiff cock. She knew with Richie's finger working her clitoris and Billy's cock in her pussy, it would not be long before her body would explode into orgasm.

It had been so long since she had had a vibrant relationship with her husband that Joan had almost forgotten her capacity for pleasure. She had almost forgotten it was possible to cum and cum. She had always relished the taunting release of climax, but she had forgotten how good it could get when they came one after another, in close succession. Each one built on the one before until she almost passed out from the pleasure. She was getting to that stage now.

"Oooooh... bad boys..." she called out.

The boys sensed she was close to something big and they worked hard to help her get there. Richie's fingers vibrated her wet clitoris with frantic energy. Billy slammed his cock hard and deep into her cunt. They shared the thrill of achievement when her crisis hit her.

"Uuuuuuhhh... oh Billy... oh Richie-e-e! I'm cummnunm-ing-g-g!" Joan did not know whether to laugh or cry, the pleasure was so intense. She struggled to continue to meet the boy's needs, but she was weak. Her joy blossomed into full flower when she knew she had both of them. Her hand grew sticky and wet. Billy's cock blasted her spasming hole full of spurting juices.


Though Billy had had no inkling of it, he too had been followed to Mrs. Carter's house. His girlfriend, Ellen, had seen him following his friend Richie down toward the sand dunes. She had immediately become suspicious of her boyfriend's behavior. Having nothing else to do, she decided to follow the parade. It was some time before she decided it was safe to check the window and see what Billy was doing inside. It had never occurred to her that she would find what she did.

Billy was screwing Mrs. Carter from behind while Richie was playing with her tits and her clit! Ellen saw red! Though only fifteen, Ellen had already had several boyfriends. The one thing she demanded from each in his turn was fidelity. It made her sizzle to think that Billy had snuck off on her to go screw a woman old enough to be his mother!

As she crouched outside the bedroom window, Ellen entertained several plans that might give her a proper feeling of vengeance. She thought of barging into the house right now and spoiling the fun. But that wasn't enough. She wanted something more -- something that would fix Mrs. Carter good for stealing away her boyfriend!

But before she got around to her revenge against Mrs. Carter, Ellen wanted to get her own satisfaction. She knew she would never let Billy screw her again. But her pride demanded that she go put and prove to herself that she could do what he had done. She could get herself a grown-up too. A man just as handsome as Mrs. Carter was beautiful!

She chose for her target Ben Firth. She had long been attracted to the brawny older man, but wisdom told her to steer clear of such complications. She had always chosen her lovers from the summer crowd, for the island was a small place and once she got involved with a local, gossip and the local custom would tie her down. Ben Firth was a local, but he kept his mouth shut. Ellen knew for a fact that he too had had several affairs with summer tourists. She thought she would risk Ben's discretion now that a situation had arisen that made the risk worthwhile.

Her anger gave her energy, and Ellen reached Ben's small remote cabin in record time. The girl had never been able to understand why the big man chose to live in such a small place when he owned half the property on the island. His cabin was small and neat, but it was not nearly so comfortable as, for instance, the house he had rented to Mrs. Carter for the summer holidays.

Ben looked surprised to see the blonde girl on his steps. "Why, it's little Ellen! Come on in. What can I do for you?"

He had been calling her "little Ellen" for as long as she could remember. She had longed for him to notice the fact that she was turning into a woman and sometimes she thought she saw blatant admiration in his eyes. But then he would go ahead and call her that silly name again, and she would fret and turn her back on him and pretend she didn't care. This time, though, her tactic was different.

She did not turn her back. Instead, she thrust out her full womanly tits and smiled at the man who towered over her. "I don't know if you'll understand this, Mr. Firth, but I had to talk to someone. And I didn't know who I could trust. I've always admired you, my dad says you're the best man on the whole island..." She hoped she was coming across sincere. The look of pleasure on his face told her she was heading in the right direction.

"I'm pleased you'd come to me, Ellen. I only hope I can help you out. It does a man good to help a little lady in distress."

He was doing it again, but Ellen ignored him. Her young cunt was throbbing with her bold scheme. She sat on the couch and broke into sobs. As she had hoped, he sat down beside her and put his arms around her. She leaned into his shoulder and cried harder than ever. Her hand went down around his waist, low down, near the hiding place of the cock she had never seen but often dreamed about.

"It's... it's my boy, my boyfriend!" Ellen was studying drama at school, and she was impressed with the job she was doing. The further she got into it, the more she was moved by her role of wronged woman. She began to cry real tears. "He's... he's making love to another woman... I saw him... just now..." The tears were unstoppable at this point.

Her small hands clenched into fists that gripped Ben Firth's clothing as if they would never let go. In one fist was his fly and the first lurchings of his responsive cock.

Ben tried to shift his position without being too obvious about it. It was no good. The girl had an iron grip on him. He tried to console her as best as he could, stroking her blonde head and telling her how everything would look better in the morning.

But try as he might, he could not forget the growing excitement in his pants.

If he had not known better, Ben would have thought the girl was doing it on purpose. But this was "little Ellen"! He had known her all her life. When she had started to change into a desirable young woman, Ben had had difficulty ignoring her developing charms. He had immunized himself against her by always forcing himself to think of her as the child he used to take fishing. It had worked, until right now. Right now, Ben was having a hell of a time ignoring the many charms of "little Ellen".

The tension in the big man's body told Ellen that she was having the desired effect on him. Her hand, clutching his swelling cock, began to knead his lap. She could feel his cock growing steadily more stiff and engorged with blood.

"Ellen... little Ellen... oh..." The excitement soaring through his system was flashing alarm bells throughout Ben's body. He was almost certain now that the pressure of the girl's hand on his cock was no accident. He suspected she was seeking the kind of solace that a wronged woman often pursues. She wanted to soothe her hurt in the arms of another man.

But Ben did not dare let himself be that other man. He had been friends with Ellen's father for years. He knew the other man would not approve of his taking advantage of the girl's seduction, even though Ben knew personally that Sam would slap him on the back for his good luck if the teenager in question were anyone but its own daughter.

He tried to ease the girl away, but she was insistent. The pressure she was applying to his cock was more than a reasonably responsive man could resist. Ben knew that. He was exercising every ounce of willpower he possessed, but still his groin was vibrating with the thrill of the hungry young hand on his cock.

"I need you... need you to make me feel better. I know you could, Mr. Firth."

Somehow the blonde had gotten the jump on him. Her deft fingers pulled down the zipper of Ben's fly. They started to stroke the pulsing shaft of his cock. Ben knew he was lost. There was no resisting her now.

In his aroused state, the big man could not even remember the good reasons for resisting her. The way her hand worked along his cock told Ben he was in store for a treat. Ellen knew what she was doing. And she was young enough to give him a new perverted turn-on.

"Your cock feels so nice. It's so big and thick. So much bigger and harder than my boyfriend's."

Ben knew that comment was thrown in as a piece of spite against her unfaithful boyfriend, but still he felt flattered by the teenager's praise. She was concentrating so hard on the way her fingers investigated his rubbery cock-shaft that he did not notice, the moment when her head deserted his shoulder and dove for more erotic territory.

The first inkling he had of the girl's plan was the hot stab of her tongue against the tip of his cock!

"Ellen... holy shit!" Ben could not believe it! He looked down at her blonde head bent over his throbbing cock. Another blast of pleasure hit him as she took his whole cock-tip into her mouth and began to suck him. The very thought that this was the girl who used to tie her hair in pigtails and go fishing with him brought taunting pressure to Ben's testicles. Without thinking, he lunged his hips forward. He forced his cock all the way into her mouth. She moaned and worked her mouth to accommodate his fleshy shaft. The enthusiasm with which her lips coated his cock with shiny saliva told Ben how much she was enjoying herself. Ben decided there was nothing for him to do but sit back and let the feelings flow through him.

If they were both discreet, there was no reason why Ellen's father ever had to know what had happened here. Ben did not have to worry about that. Not really. He wanted so badly not to worry that he managed to soothe his edgy conscience. With that in order, he could rest his head back against the couch and concentrate on the skill of the girl's supple tongue and fluttering lips.

He was astounded by how well the girl knew her way around a hard cock. He had concentrated so hard on trying to keep Ellen a child in his thoughts, it had not occurred to him that she might already have acquired a full-blown sex life. Now he had to face the fact that "little Ellen" was all woman. She knew how to please a pulsing cock.

Her cheeks bloated and hollowed as she noisily sucked Ben's cock. His cock was getting even harder in response to the abandon of her efforts. Forgetting his qualms about letting his friends' daughter suck his cock, he grabbed hold of Ellen's yellow hair and thrust his cock deep into her mouth again and again. She grunted and flickered her tongue around the resilient shaft, but she never once lost the rhythm of her erotic seduction. Her energy never faltered. No matter how ardently he tested her devotion to his swelling cock.

Ellen was enjoying herself thoroughly. Her hurt forgotten, she was feeling almost grateful now to Billy for forcing her to take the awesome step of seducing her father's best friend. She felt very wanton and very impressed with herself as she heard the big man moaning with pleasure above her. She tried out every trick she had ever learned to please his bloated cock-shaft. Every stab of her tongue, every nibble of her lips seemed to swell his cock just a little more. Until his cock inside her mouth felt like a rod of flesh-coated steel.

"Mmmmmmm," the girl moaned as she looked up at him. Her hand held tight to his pounding cock. She no longer worried that he would try to push her away. She knew she had him hooked. "I love sucking your cock, Mr. Firth. God, it's the biggest one I've ever had in my mouth."

Her cunt throbbed excitedly as she took his cock back up into the back of her throat. Her lewd words turned her on. She wondered if Ben Firth was impressed with her worldiness. Already she was pretty sure she would not have to worry about his calling her "little Ellen" again... unless he used it only as a trick to deceive nosy locals.

Ben was shocked by the shameless abandon of the girl. He would never have guessed that "little Ellen" had got herself such a well-rounded education in the skills of cocksucking. He thought grimly of what her father would do to her if he ever found out what a little whore she had become.

Ben could have no complaints about her acquired knowledge. She was devoting everything she had to the pleasure of his hard cock. Ben was grateful. He lay his head back and moaned up at the ceiling. He could feel the excitement flaring from his cock-shaft. Every inch of his body tingled with the arousal of what the girl was doing to him. "Ooooohhh Ellen... baby that's good!"

Chills ran up and down the girl's spine as she thrilled to his praise. Often, boys her own age had told her how good she was at lovemaking. Ellen always took their comments with a grain of salt. She knew the boys were beginners, less experienced than she was in discriminating between a good and a bad lay.

She had no choice, though, but to believe the praise of a man like Ben Firth. She had seen the way the tourist women flocked around him. She had seen the naked desire in their eyes. She knew Ben had taken a lot of the favors offered him. He would know what made a woman a good lover. When he said she was doing good, she believed it!

Her eager young pussy flared hotly inside her shorts. Her obscene occupation was exciting her intensely. The ecstatic response of the groaning man made her feel weak with building desire. Much as she was enjoying sucking his cock, she wanted more. She wanted to make her conquest complete. She wanted to enjoy the same forbidden triumph that Billy had experienced that afternoon. She wanted to feel Ben Firth's swollen cock splitting her cunt-lips wide!

Boldly the girl stood up and began to peel, off her clothes. She watched with pride the admiration in Firth's eyes as she unveiled her well-ripened woman's charms.

Though some small voice was trying to tell hint he ought to put an end to this, Ben was mesmerized by the sight unfolding before him. Not since his own teen years had he seen a nakec woman as young as Ellen. Her tits were perfectly firm and poking straight out at him. Her tiny waist flared into well-shaped hips, separated by the blonde triangle that signaled the hiding place of her cunt. Just looking at her brought his steel-hard cock close to the bursting point. He tried to look away, but it was no good.

He knew his desire for her was just as great as her determination to get him.

Ellen felt very sure of herself now. Mr. Firth's face told her that she had won. He was totally under the spell of what her mouth had done to his cock and what the sight of her naked body was doing to his erotic hunger. She felt no shyness in sitting down on the man's lap, his big cock squeezed in between her thighs. She enjoyed the frustrating thrill of having his cock caught there, so near and yet so far. She decided to wait and see if he would take the last step of embedding his cock in her eager pussy.

"Jee-zuz!" Ben exclaimed and gazed heavenward for a moment, as though asking the relevant Gods for forgiveness. The ache in his cock was almost unbearable. He raised her up. She felt light as a feather. He sat her back down on the thick hungering shaft of his cock. "Uuuuuuhhh..." Her young twat gripped his cock like a second skin. From that moment on, Ben had no other rational thoughts. Only the impulses of overwhelming lust. "Oh God... little Ellen... ELLEN... yes, fuck me!"

The girl whined with pleasure as she immediately set up a rough rhythm over Ben Firth's cock.

She raised her hips up just far enough to keep only his cock-tip inside her cunt. Then she sat down heavily, whinnying with the thrill of filling her pussy with thick hard cock. The pace she had established for herself might quickly have exhausted a less eager girl. But Ellen was relentless and bottomless in her appetites. The more she got of Mr. Firth's filling cock, the more she wanted.

"Oooooohhh... Mr. Firth... your cock feels so good in my pussy!"

"Call me daddy, you little whore," he said huskily. He was surprised that had come out of his mouth. But she ate it up.

It was the most shameless seduction Ellen had ever made. She felt good about it. For once, she had not felt she had to put up her usual token resistance with a lover. This time, she had known exactly what she wanted, and she had gone ahead and taken it. And the obscenities that he was now spewing at her fueled her fire even more.

Boys, she knew often made judgments about a girl who seemed to be eager to go ahead and fuck. She had known instinctively Mr. Firth would appreciate her unbridled sexuality. Besides, she had enjoyed shocking the older man. It had been fun to see the struggle in his face as he tried to resist her naked beauty. It had been more fun to see the surrender as he made his decision that he had to have her... and even more fun to feel his bloated cock stretching her cunt-walls to capacity.

She put her arms around the big man's neck as she rode him like a horse. She kissed him on the nose, the eyes, and the neck. Her wanton grin was contagious. She forced the man to smile back at her, a smile that was weak with the effort of distracted lust. "This is fun, Mr. Firth. I like screwing you even better than I like fishing with you. Riding your cock is more fun than baiting your hook." She teased him with her little babyish voice.

"Uuuuhhh... you're a little devil, Ellen," he teased her, "but didn't I tell you to call me daddy?" He held her hips steady for a while and thrust his cock up into her cunt at his own rhythm. The wide-eyed, impressed look on her face pleased him. He just wanted Ellen to know that he could have things going all his way any time he wanted to. It pleased him, for now, to let the girl take charge of their erotic coupling. He had to admit that she had seduced him, fair and square. She deserved the reward of getting to plunge her pussy down onto his cock any way she liked it! "Oooooohhh, you little slut! Your pussy is so sweet and young and tight!"

Ellen was pleased. He was playing hard with her. Giving it back to her just as hard as she was dishing it out. It excited her to feel his strength for the short time he held her steady and shoved his cock up into her cunt. She knew there was a great reservoir lurking there. She felt brave and carefree, riding him the way she was. She knew how a cowgirl must feel when she has tamed a bucking bronco!

The screwing came to be less play and more serious business when Ellen realized how insistent the pleasure-pangs were getting. They teased at her hot cunt. They made her naked nipples stand straight out. She wriggled her hips faster and more erratically. She felt his cock getting harder inside her clasping cunt. She knew what that meant. The excitement of having him about to blow in her pussy sent her shooting right off the edge. She shrieked and tossed her head frantically from side to side as her orgasm swept through her.

"Oooooohhh my-y-y God-d-d-d! I'm cumming! Yes, daddeeee!"

Watching the young ex-tomboy tossing off her tumultuous orgasm caught Ben off-balance. The heat inside her convulsing pussy lured the juices from deep in his balls. He held her hips tight and shot his load into her cunt. A strained grin twisted his face. The excitement was all the more intense for being completely unpremeditated.

"Uuuuuhhh... you little whore! You made daddy cummmm!"

While his orgasm made Ben groggy, it gave Ellen more energy than ever. She felt the devil taunting her with the urge to reyeal the information she had been holding back. She brought Mr. Firth a beer and knelt before him as he drank it. "Know who it was screwing my boyfriend?" she asked innocently.

"Uh-uh." Ben was wishing the girl would put her clothes back on. Now that his excitement was past, he felt definitely nervous about what he had done. He was unprepared for the shock of the girl's next words.

"Mrs. Carter. That's who it was. Billy's probably still over there right now. And Richie too. She was doing both of them at once, can you believe it?"

The information was too fantastic for Ben to doubt it for a moment. He jumped to his feet and was in his car before Ellen had time to figure out what was going on. The girl smiled as she finished the rest of the older man's beer. Mrs. Carter was in for it now! She would learn the locals did not want any perverts around who would do things like screwing two boys at once! When Ben Firth was through with her, she would be barred from the island for life!

That was just what that older tramp deserved for stealing her guy!


Ben Firth had almost gotten over Mrs. Carter. She had insulted him the day she turned him away from her door, but Ben remained stoic about her behavior. He decided she truly was a woman with a strong sense of morality. She had slipped the night he had caught her with her pants off. To be true to herself, she could not let their affair continue.

That was the way Ben had rationalized it to himself, though he had thought it was too bad that it should be so. Mrs. Carter had been the best piece of ass he had had in a long time. He could see himself falling for her in a big way, given time. But she could not let their affair continue because of her strong principles.

He had actually respected her for that. He understood how anyone could slip once. Anyone could make a mistake. Both Ben's pride and his sense of fair play were insulted by the scene taking place inside Mrs. Carter's bedroom.

The dark-haired woman was kneeling in front of young Richie, taking his hard cock deep up inside her pussy. The other boy, Ellen's boyfriend, was crouched under her, sucking on her full round breasts. He worked frantically from one tit to the other. All three of them looked overwhelmed with lust. If Ellen's story were accurate and he could not doubt it now -- they had been at it for more than four hours!

A grown woman and two boys! It was sick, Ben decided. But his cock was throbbing with renewed life, despite the raunchy orgasm he had enjoyed with the blonde teenager. The woman's depravity was turning him on!

Though his pride was wounded by the thought that the brunette had spurned him for boys half her age, his erotic imagination was titillated. He could never have imagined what kind of woman it was who preferred sex with children to full-grown men.

Now he knew. It was a woman like Mrs. Carter who was afraid of the heady passion of adult sex. If he had known before what the woman's problem was, he would never have let her turn him away. He would have forced her to respond to his ardent lovemaking. Ben was sure he could have cured her of her perverted obsession!

He watched awestruck as she thrust her ass back to meet the insistent pummeling of Richie's rigid cock. Her lusty moans drifted out the bedroom window and prodded the growing erection in Ben Firth's pants. The man was remembering the night it had been him kneeling up behind the uninhibited brunette. He remembered how hot and wet her pussy had felt even though she had put up token resistance to him. A new surge of indignation shook him as he thought of the arrogance of the woman. She had tried to make him feel, when he came back to see her, that he was some kind of a weirdo.

When all along it was Mrs. Carter who was the weirdo!

Mrs. Carter liked to screw little boys... even when there were good, hard grown-up cocks right in the neighborhood!

His contempt for the woman grew as he watched her wiggling her ass at the panting grunting boy. With his contempt, his excitement grew. Young Ellen's mouth and cunt had brought Ben unexpected thrills that afternoon. He was still feeling the effects of her bold seduction. But it never once occurred to him that he had that very day done the same thing Mrs. Carter was doing now. He had fallen for the charms of a fifteen-year-old, though he had had only one -- not two, like the greedy whining brunette!

Ben was staring at the threesome as the heavyset boy Billy made his move to win a hot moist place for his swollen cock. He kneeled in front of Joan Carter and waved his cock-head in her face. She watched it eagerly as her cunt sucked up Richie's hard cock. Then suddenly, she struck like a snake. Her mouth sucked up the stiff cock in front the way her cunt was swallowing the cock impaling her from the rear. "Mmmmmmppphhhh..." Her hungry moans betrayed her satisfaction with her obscene lot. She writhed and mewled in her efforts to satisfy the two boys' cocks.

In all his lusty life, Ben had never seen anything to match it. The naked woman looked incredibly lewd with a cock filling her from either end. He watched her lips scurry down the shaft of Billy's cock. Her cunt-lips clung just as avidly to Richie's bloated cock. Even with two cocks to keep her happy, she seemed reluctant to let either of them go, even for a moment. Her devotion to her wanton slavery was awesome!

The boys grinned at each other over the woman's back. Ben could understand perfectly what had led young Billy astray. Even a girl friend as exciting as young Ellen could not match the allure of an older woman who was willing to service two boys at once!

Ben thought back to the way he had been at the boys' age. He felt a pang of envy for the youngsters who were getting such a thrilling initiation into the more lurid wonders of sex. Ben had had to be content with his own hand at their age! He had not been lucky enough to run into a shameless woman like Mrs. Carter... a woman who would rather cavort with a couple of boys half her age than risk a real relationship with a man!

The longer he watched her, the more split Ben's feelings toward the woman became. Part of him was full of resentment for the way she had cut him off when he had come back to see her. Part of him was full of desire for her and the way she was sucking the cock in her mouth and screwing the hard-driving cock in her pussy. Both emotions were being pushed slowly toward extremes as he watched her shameless performance in her rented summer house. He could not decide whether he loved the strange beauty or hated her. The two emotions took turns dominating his excitement fevered brain.

Ben could feel the contagion of the boys' excitement soaring through his veins as he watched them strive to synchronize their rutting motions up into Mrs. Carter's heated cunt-hole. He could hear her piercing moans floating put into the early evening air. It shocked him to think that the naked bitch on the bed was the same striking cool schoolteacher who had walked into his office at the beginning of the summer. Mrs. Carter had hidden her depraved nature well then, though he had sensed at once the sensuality of the woman. He had longed immediately to sink his cock into her pussy. He had never dreamed she kept her private hole reserved for the lusty attentions of eager boys!

Ben's cock ached as it strained against his pants. He almost wished Ellen were with him now, to suck his cock while he watched the progress of the depraved orgy within. The man knew he was losing control of his more rational self in favor of the fantasy-world self who longed to prove his potency to the world! He felt an almost overwhelming urge to feel once again the hot clasp of Mrs. Carter's cunt around his cock. And then he began to toy with more lewd prospects for Mrs. Carter. He got more excited than ever.

The man was reveling in the knowledge that Mrs. Carter was his now to do with as he would. She had been bold enough to engage in her obscene activities in the house that Ben had rented to her for the summer! He would barge in there and confront her with her perversion. To save herself, she would have no choice but to go along with his most decadent plans for her immediate sexual future!

His imagination was enjoying the scenario he could see unfolding when he decided to put an end to the wanton antics within. For the moment, he was content just to dream, and to watch the two boys ramming their cocks into her two greedy orifices.

Both cocks shone with a generous coating of Mrs. Carter's juices. Billy's cock was slickened with her spit. Richie's cock wore the sheen of her ample cunt-juices. The looks on the faces of both boys now were pained. Ben could see the anguish with which they were striving to keep up their pace into Mrs. Carter's mouth and cunt until the last possible moment. Knowing boys, Ben guessed that neither wanted to prove his weakness before the other. Each hoped the other would blow first!

Seemingly unaware of the trials and tribulations of her two youthful lovers, Mrs. Carter continued to writhe in wanton bliss between their stroking cocks. She sucked greedily on Billy's fat cock in her mouth. Her round firm ass swiveled raunchily back to meet the strokes of Richie's hardworking cock. Her endless moans were ample testimony to the eagerness with which she was responding to her dual captivity.

Hypnotized by the scene within, Ben continued to crouch outside the window and to fantasize about the immediate future of the woman on the bed. He was in no hurry to wreak his revenge upon her. Rather, he was enjoying the secret to which the threesome were oblivious: that their wanton depravity was no longer a private affair. A force more powerful than they were was about to do something about it. Ben's cock throbbed at the thrilling notion of the surprise he would give them all when he walked into the bedroom.

The threesome were about to launch themselves into another kind of surprise -- the sweet gripping surprise of orgasmic release.

Ben realized he was probably more aware than the boys were of the fact that they could not hold on any longer. Both looked as if they would die of anguish if they did not spurt their juices into the hot wet space before them. Their cries of ecstasy mingled into one erotic whole as they shot Mrs. Carter's cunt and mouth full of hot boy sperm.

"God, I'm cumming!"

"Me too! I'm cumrning!"

Both boys gripped her tightly to make sure their eruption of cum arrived safely in her greedy belly. She swallowed all of Billy's juices while her cunt sucked up Richie's teeming explosion. Ben wandered if the boys realized that the woman was cumming too. He could tell by her squirms and moans that she was dealing with her own crisis.

Ben knew enough about women to recognize the signs of their orgasmic abandon. He guessed that the teens were so absorbed in their own pleasure that they did not even realize that their climaxes had provoked hers.


There was something else that Ben thought he knew about women. A woman in heat knows no bounds to her pleasure. When she is intensely excited, the pain-pleasure threshold is confused. In that state, even pain becomes pleasure.

He intended to test his theory on Mrs. Carter.

In the lull that followed the three-way orgasm, Ben quietly entered the house and made his way to Joan Carter's bedroom. The boys noticed his entry before the half-conscious woman did. They eyed him warily as they grabbed their clothes and edged their way toward the door. Ben let them go without saying a word. He had no quarrel with the kids, but he was dying to start one with the cum-soaked, naked brunette whore in front of him.

He relished the fear that strained her features as she sat up and stared at him. "Leave me alone!"

She almost screamed. "You have no right in here!" she added nervously when she received no reply to her first command. "Get out! Get out!"

Ben's answer was to slowly start removing his clothes. "I did get out the last time you told me to, Mrs. Carter. Remember? I was real nice. I didn't know then you were trying to get me out of the way so you could screw your boys!"

Joan's face flushed a bright red. There was no defense she could make for herself. The big older man had caught her, literally, with her pants down. She could not pretend indignation to someone who had just watched her being screwed from both ends by two teen-aged boys!

She decided to try to appeal to Ben Firth's humanity. "Please, Mr. Firth. Just let me alone. I'll move out of the house if that's what you want. I don't know what got into me. I must have lost my head. I'll head back to the city tomorrow!"

He was naked now, and despite herself, Joan cast a curious glance down at his loins. His cock-shaft swayed awesomely. It was hard and thick, swollen with lust. Watching her with her boys had turned him on!

Though she knew it was true the worst thing she could do in the circumstances, Joan panicked. She leapt from the bed and tried to rush for the dresser and her clothes. She intended to run out into the evening, to flee the awful vengeance of this quiet frightening man!

She didn't get three yards! Ben caught her around the waist and threw her onto the bed. He landed on top of her, pinning her down with his superior weight and strength.

"Don't do this to me! Please don't!" Joan felt on the verge of tears. She could not face the prospect of having the light-hearted pleasure she had enjoyed with the two boys suddenly turned into something ugly and vicious. She did not want the cock of a full-grown man inside her pussy! Especially not the cock of a man like Ben Firth!

She did not understand the man! He actually seemed to be enjoying his cruel mastery of her. She did not relish the prospect of being forced to submit to his reckless lust! She had sworn never again after the last time. She must not let him do it to her again! "Get off me! Get off!"

Ben grinned down at his helpless victim. He felt a sudden surge of gratitude for the wanton schoolgirl who had made this moment possible for him. Without Ellen's information, he would never have come near Joan Carter again, except on business. He would never have satisfied the heated lust for her that had been born the night of her arrival when he had screwed her ruthlessly on her living room floor with the scent of spilled lemonade ripe in the air.

Ben thought now that he understood the guts-level passion he had felt for her the first moment he saw her. He thought he had sensed then the raw confrontation for which the two of them were destined!

He tried to stroke her face, but each time he touched her she turned her head the other way. "Don't worry, Mrs. Carter! You're going to learn to like it! I swear it! After all, if you can go so wild over boy-cock, you should pass out when you see what a man-cock can do when it's really serious."

"As I remember, I've already had a demonstration of your skill," she said coldly. She was rallying now. Even as she realized how hopeless her position was, she decided the man was not going to win a moral victory over her. Just like last time, she would keep her soul inviolate, even if his cock was bound to plunder her pinioned body!

She would resist him to the end! He would not have the satisfaction of pleasing her!

As soon as he saw that the woman intended to resist him with cool contempt, Ben's cock throbbed. It would be a challenge to win her round to the lurid pleasures he had in store for her! He was determined to make her beg for more of his hard-rutting cock!

Without further hesitation, Ben forced the brunette's thighs wide apart. He guided his bloated cock in between her pussy-lips and thrust the head home. He drove his hard cock into her cunt all the way to the hilt. He grinned as he watched her bite her lip. He realized she was having to struggle to deny the excitement of his throbbing cocks presence. "You are a whore who deserves to be used. Now that I know this for sure about you, I am going to use you as I please. You can fight me, because I like a challenge."

He felt remarkably cool considering the urgent throbbing pleasure that was darting through his belly. Her cunt was wrapped snugly around his cock. He pulled it out to the tip and filled her again, and again. Each thrust of his cock made her close her eyes and tug valiantly with her teeth at the corner of her lip.

"Better watch it, Mrs. Carter. It's liable to feel good. And I know you've got yourself convinced you don't like grown-up cocks!"

His grinning irony infuriated Joan. It gave her courage to go on resisting.

His cock was splitting her cunt-walls awesomely wide, compared to the pressure of young Richie's more slender cock. Her body was still charged by the intense pleasure she had shared that afternoon with her boys. It was difficult for her to keep herself from giving in to the lulling rhythm of Ben Firth's cock, even though she despised the man it belonged to. Her body was still greedy for ecstasy! Joan knew it would be a fight all the way to deny the big man the satisfaction of making her surrender.

Her jaw dropped open in wonder at the suddenness with which Ben pulled his cock from her pussy and flipped her over onto her belly. She had no choice but to cooperate with the powerful hands that pulled her up onto hands and knees. With her bare ass waving in the direction of Ben's hard cock, Joan felt another onslaught of the hungry arousal that threatened to engulf her. She gritted her teeth as she felt his juice-slickened cock-shaft prod against the puckered entrance to her asshole.

Joan thought it was a mistake. It was not until it was too late that she realized Ben had only been screwing her pussy to get his cock lubricated for the violation of her ass!

"Aaaaggghhh!" she wailed as his hard cock probed the first little way up into her virginal asshole. "Stop! Don't! Don't hurt meee!"

Ben did not hear the genuine distress in the woman's voice. He heard only stubborn resistance that thrilled his cock into greater stiffness. He grunted as her anal chamber throbbed hotly around his cock. Just the thought that he was taking the proud woman in the asshole made the lust surge through his loins. It had been a long time since Ben had enjoyed such a wanton victory over such a haughty beauty as Mrs. Carter! In fact, he could not remember being more lustfully incensed than he was right at this very moment!

"Shut up! You know you like it! Your asshole feels good! I've never had anything so tight on my cock!" He began to screw her in regular insistent strokes, working his cock a little deeper into her ass each time. She grunted and mewled. She tried to wriggle away from him. Her efforts only made him more eager for the tight charms of her nether chamber. He ignored her cries for mercy and told her only that she was going to love it.

His remark seemed so ludicrous that Joan wanted to laugh. But she was far too preoccupied with her discomfort to laugh. She could not understand how she had progressed from what seemed to her the innocent joys with the boys to the vulgar wrath of the strange man who had rented her this summer house. She knew now with an awful sureness that she could hope for no respite from the fate he had determined for her. He was going to ream her asshole until he had cum in her there!

The thought horrified her! Her helplessness horrified her! To forget her pain... to make one last bid for her freedom... she began to struggle with every ounce of energy she possessed. Instead of concentrating on the stretching discomfort of the cock in her ass, she wiggled her ass to try to break free of the lewd impalement.

Her efforts had exactly the opposite effect of what Joan intended. She only thrust her ass farther back onto Ben's cock, driving his cock deeper inside. Soon his cock was buried to the hilt in her forbidden passage and the man was reveling in the belief that he had won her over.

Ben had only one explanation for her fitful writhing. She had fallen prey to the depraved thrill of being screwed in the ass. She was learning to appreciate the pain-pleasure of accommodating a cock where a cock was never meant to go!

And the awesome part was: his belief was soon reality!

Joan was no match for the overwhelming masochistic sensations that surged through her body when she was stuffed to the hilt with sodomizing cock! She groaned wantonly, and her groan signaled the surrender that her body was already made... that Ben thought she had already made.

The brunette had never imagined a pleasure so perverted as that of feeling a cock ramming its way in and out of her asshole. The very idea of what was happening to her filled her being and she began to rut her ass back against Ben's cock with feverish haste.

"Screw me! Screw me in the ass!"

"I told you you'd like it slut! Did the boys fuck your ass too?"

Though she did not realize it, what Ben was doing to her was the culmination of Joan's summer immersion in self-indulgence. It had started with her hiding on the porch watching two teens make love. It had proceeded to being ruthlessly screwed in the pussy by a man she had just met, the man who was now rutting his way deep into her asshole.

Her affair with the boy Richie that had ended today with a threesome with Richie's friend had been a warm-up for Joan. Little by little, she had learned again to face the incredible potential of her body's sexuality. And now the man, Ben Firth, was showing her that she could even take a cock up into her asshole and enjoy it! Even though this was the cock of no boy, but a man ten years her senior.

She was celebrating her maturation with a wanton writhing, sing-song surrender to sodomy.

Though they had been halfway up the sand dune before their courage returned, the boys decided at about the same time that they could not leave Mrs. Carter to the mercy of Ben Firth. They had no idea what the relationship between the adults was, but they had sensed that Mr. Firth had something evil in store for their beautiful woman lover.

They crept back to the bedroom window and took a look at the incredible goings-on inside.

Mrs. Carter was thrusting her ass wantonly back against Mr. Firth's cock. She was moaning for him to do it harder and faster. The boys felt somehow betrayed to think that their intended rescue was unnecessary. The woman had what she wanted. She had the older man's thick cock fucking her!

Almost at the same moment, the boys realized it was not her pussy that Ben Firth was screwing with such teeth-clenching concentration, he was sawing his engorged cock deep up into her asshole!

"Holy Cow!" Billy exclaimed before he had a chance to cover his mouth. "It's her ass!" The words went unheeded inside, but they ran like an electric shock through young Richie.

It had been an eventful summer for Richie and today had been the heaviest day of all. He had lost his virginity to a beautiful experienced older woman who taught him the secrets of grown-up sex. Today, he had had to learn to share his lover. First, with Billy, his best friend. It had been hard at first, but Richie had ended up enjoying the male collusion of forcing their cocks in rhythm into Mrs. Carter's mouth and cunt.

Mr. Firth was something else entirely. The boy felt as if his woman lover had gone over to the enemy. He watched her asshole gape to receive Ben Firth's stroking cock and he remembered that Mrs. Carter was the enemy. She was a grown-up. She was one of those people who spent a lot of time and energy telling kids what to do!

She had given Richie a lot. He would never forget his summer at the age of fifteen when a gentle older woman had shown him the secrets of her animal nature... and his own. The boy sensed, though, that it was time for him to return to his own... the way Mrs. Carter was doing now.

"Oh God... God I'm getting so high!" The woman was moving with all her old exuberance, taking the cock into her asshole as easily as if it had been her well-lubricated pussy. She slammed her buttocks back to meet Ben's every stroke. Her mouth fell open and wanton moans escaped her lips as she grew steadily more incoherent.

The boys watched awestruck from outside the window. Each felt curiously detached from what was happening, though the scene excited them intensely. For both boys, it was hard to imagine that just a short time ago that same woman had been sucking on Billy's cock and screwing Richie's hard impaling cock.

It all seemed like a crazy erotic fantasy -- a fantasy that would intrigue them for the rest of their lives -- a fantasy that had helped form their expectations of their sexual future.

"Look at her go!" Billy whispered. His young cock was straining against his pants, but he was content just to enjoy the sensation... and to watch.

"Yeah! Mrs. Carter sure knows how to fuck!" It seemed a long time ago to Richie that the older woman had first sucked his cock in the kitchen. He knew he had been much more innocent then. Thanks to her, he was innocent no longer. Richie believed in himself enough to know that even Mrs. Carter was no longer necessary to him.

"Your ass is sooo much tighter than your pussy!" It sounded like Ben was complaining, but the look on his face said clearly that he was enjoying himself immensely. His eyes were clouded with his excitement. His rough screwing motion had become automatic. Ben was ready to blow, any time Mrs. Carter was ready!

"Aaaailieeeee! Oh my God-d-d! I'm cummingg-g!" Joan would never have believed that she could experience such an intense orgasm, just from being screwed in the ass. The pleasure was so awesome, she forgot even who it was lurching his cock into her hot ass. His tremendous bellow of victory reminded her.

"Are you ready... I'm going to blow that sweet asshole of yours full of cum!" Ben was enjoying himself to the hilt. His body was racked with the joy of orgasm. He had the satisfaction of knowing that he had taught Mrs. Carter to respond to the most depraved of sensual turn-ons. He had screwed her ass to orgasm! She had loved it!

Even as the last shattering waves of pleasure surged through her, Joan knew that her wanton experiences on the island had come to an end. As soon as she could get herself packed and ready, she would leave the island and the big house that had witnessed so much erotic abandon.

She was strong enough now to leave, to go back out into the world where things did not happen so suddenly or so intensely as they had here. Joan Carter felt strong inside again. By challenging every boundary of her resurrected libido, she had come face to face with her full-grown woman. She knew that the next time a man asked her out for a date, she would not feel afraid.

The only thing she would have to worry about was whether the man pleased her. And whether he could keep up with the new Joan Carter!

Richie and Billy stood on the top of the hill in the middle of the little town and watched the ferry ease its way back out into the strait. They knew Mrs. Carter was on that ferry. They had watched her arrive in one of the island taxis and rush to catch the last ferry of the day.

"Well, that's that," Richie commented wistfully. "In another few days, I don't know if I'll believe that it really happened."

"Sure you will. Anything that good has got to stick with you, forever."

"Yeah, I guess. She sure was something else!"


Automatically the friends started to walk away from the town, in the direction of the dunes that sheltered the house that had, for a short time, belonged to Mrs. Carter. "Where's Ellen?" The thought had been plaguing Richie. For so long, the girl and his friend had been almost inseparable.

Billy shrugged his shoulders and looked uninterested. "She got herself a job working in Mr. Firth's real estate office. She hasn't got much free time now."

Richie looked at his friend quizzically. He decided not to pry further. "What say we go check out the sailboats? Should be a good day far sailing."

At once, Billy's beefy countenance cheered up. "Sounds great!" It was about five minutes later that he added, "I think I've had enough of women for a while."

"Me too," Richie agreed. "But just for a while."

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