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My name is Brandon I'm 24 years old and work in shipping and receiving for a company that installs and services computers and computer servers. This past Friday on of our local small business customers had a stand alone server go down basically shutting them down. One of our techs is looking for parts to repair the outdated and near obsolete server and we have none . I call our other facilities and one two states and 7 hours away said they had parts for it in an off site unmanned warehouse but could not get them located and shipped in time for them to get it up and running Monday . My boss has the bright idea for me to take our company pickup Saturday morning drive down get the parts and come back . Wow there goes my weekend . Saturday at 7 am I go get this pickup truck it looks like a beat up piece of junk, they send a tech to go with me to find the boards they need and the correct cabinet . I wait until the tech comes and its Donna a woman I guessed to be in her mid 40's and I had seen her around seemed nice enough . She gets in the truck I ask her how did you get roped into this adventure ? She says because she one of the older tech and knows the system we are dealing with better than most do. So our adventure starts Donna talks all the way there about everything form work to her family the only break I get is when I stop to let her pee every 50 miles or so. About 7 hours later we arrive at the warehouse and meet a security guard who lets us in Donna finds and pulls the parts I wrap them and load on the truck the guard helps me with the server cabinet and we are off again . About 2 hours in the return trip the old piece of junk truck starts acting up by luck I get it off the highway and into a tire and auto center just off the exit . The mechanic says the Alternator is failing and he can't get one until the next morning .Trapped in Hick town USA with no change of clothes or personal cleaning supplies nothing . The nearest place to eat is a Bar-b-que joint in front of Walmart . We eat I use my cell to find a close by hotel only a few in town and most full because of some redneck fishing tournament Omg !!! I luck out again I find a room at an Indian owned hotel and con him in to holding his last room for us . We walk to the Walmart and buy toothbrush and tooth paste shampoo and deodorant and walk the two long country blocks to the hotel and check in .We walk in the room and WTF its got 1 queen bed I'm like ok what ever I will sleep on the floor .We watched the news on T.V while Donna calls home to tell her husband what's going on . Then Donna is talking again OMG, I find out she's 52 years olds were she went to college and more useless shit about her . Its late and we decide to go to sleep I we agree she can go in the bath get ready and then I can . Donna goes showers and comes back wrapped in the hotel towel and gets in bed . I shower come back in my jeans and boxers use the rooms extra pillow and blankets to make a place in the floor cover up and slip my jeans off . I try to sleep its impossible . After about 30 minutes of rolling around Donna says it's a big bed and for me to take one side so I could sleep I had a long drive tomorrow. I give up and climb in the bed as far from her as could get . I fall asleep and guess I rolled over and found myself against Donna's back and she wakes up. I wake up and say I'm sorry and roll over to the side of the bed again . Donna says its warm and she is going turn on the air conditioning I say ok . Donna gets up still wearing her towel night gown and turns on the air and gets back in bed After about an hour I find myself rolled against Donna's back again this time she had lost her towel in her sleep and I was cupping one of her soft breast in my hand . Donna turns on her back and looks at me as i hold her breast in my hand .I quickly let go and apologized saying i guess in my sleep i thought i was with my girlfriend . Donna says oh it's ok don't worry no harm done . I apologized to Donna 2 or 3 more times , she kept saying it was ok we was in a bad spot and it just happen . Then to my shock Donna pulls the covers down to half way of her chubby belly and exposes two of the biggest breast i ever seen , I turn on the light over the bed Donna has huge dark areolas and long thick nipples . In hopes it was what Donna wanted i raise up and began sucking one of them she responded quickly softly moaning and laying her head back with her eyes shut . I sucked one then the other next thing I know I'm kissing Donna and her me back our tongues darting inside each others mouth and I reach under the covers to find Donna's pussy now I'm thinking she older and expect to feel a thick bush , but no Donna is shaven bald , smooth bald not even short stubble . We kiss and stop as i sucked her breast while I'm rubbing and fingering Donna's now soaking wet pussy . Donna bucks her hips to the rhythm of my finger working inside her pussy , I kiss my way down Donna's chubby belly until i reach her pussy and bury my face in it wetness . I lick up and down Donna's slit and in circles around her clit . Donna wets up in my face several time and moans and at times gropes her own breast . I concentrate on Donna's cilt licking and sucking it until i give her an orgasm . I lay down and quickly Donna's on her knees in the bed and kissing me and licking her own wetness from my face . Donna's attention turns to hard cock taking it in her mouth and sucking me like no girl had before mounting me and lowering herself on my cock . Omg Donna's wet mature pussy was so much tighter than i expected ,Donna worked my cock inside her tight pussy and began to ride me her huge breast moved in perfect rhythm in circles to her movement . Donna moans loud and yells at times when she slides down deep and my head presses against her cervix . Donna rides several minutes then she sits straight up on my cock rolling her hips and grinding my cock balls deep in her tight pussy . I can't take it any longer and cum with my cock as deep inside Donna's pussy as it can go she keeps ridding hard and fast for another minute or so until she has a screaming orgasm and falls off onto the bed exhausted . Donna and i pee and clean up and go back to bed without fear of being too close or naked and sleep well. The hotel alarm clock goes off at 8 am we have to pick up the truck at 10 am i wake up and here people outside the room talking and loading their cars . I get hard thinking about making love to Donna that night i pull the covers back from her spread her legs and push my way inside Donna's pussy Donna wakes suddenly and bucks her hips to meet my strokes as she gets wetter and i go deeper .Donna is moaning and screaming fuck me fuck me so loud i know people outside could her . i fuck Donna for maybe 15 minutes until she has a soaking wet screaming orgasm thats makes me cum and overflow her pussy . Donna and I shower get dressed and walk to eat breakfast and then to get the truck . On our 5 hour trip home Donna again talked about every thing but us making love and we stopped every 50 or so miles for her to pee . Back home Donna tells me her husband brought her daughter to get her car so she could drive it and ask me to drop her at home . I take Donna home and she ask to come in and meet her family AKWARD ! I meet her husband son and daughter knowing what i had done with his wife and their mom . Donna's daughter Jessica looks just like her short little chubby nice round ass and huge breast with lite brown hair and eyes . i said good bye and took the truck back and went home i will never forget this weekend best sex i ever had and she was old enough to be my mom .

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