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Hot pants wife

A growing-up period. A time when each member feels he is infinitely more daring and modem than the adults ruling the establishment he often rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more marked than in an open society like ours.

Many an adult has smiled in remembrance of the time in his youth when he snuck outback to enjoy a forbidden cigarette and beer. The time he challenged another boy to a drag race in his father's car.

Karyn Turner's story is that of a wife growing up in a very special way. Breaking the moral code she has been taught. Flaunting her body in open rebellion. Reveling in any and every wanton new experience. But all along what she is really seeking is sexual fulfillment. And when she doesn't find it, she struggles even harder, going from one shattering experience after another.

HOT PANTS WIFE -- the story of a wife's struggle to find happiness. A timely story for today. A story which answers many questions, but leaves many others still unanswered.

The Publisher


Following the beautiful woman through the house, Michael Turner couldn't take his eyes away from her shapely bare legs. Wearing nothing but a halter and white shorts, her tight ass was really something to behold. Looking at the woman's long red hair flowing down her back, Michael Turner's cock was throbbing frantically in his pants. God, how he'd love to ram his stiff prick up her hot pussy.

Michael Turner was dying to ram his cock up any pussy. Married to his beautiful blonde wife for less than six months, the man was filled with unbelievable frustrations. As a real-estate salesman of thirty, Michael now realized how foolish he'd been to marry eighteen-year-old Karyn. She was beautiful and vivacious, and Michael had fallen madly in love with the girl when she first came into the real-estate office with her parents.

They were married a month later and that was when his frustrations began. Karyn was an exceptionally passionate girl, but on their wedding night, she seemed to freeze up when he tried to fuck her. She let him put it in, but she remained completely still and rigid until Michael had shot his load. At the time, Michael decided it was because of her youth and inexperience, and that she would relax with time.

Now after six months, it had grown worse and worse. Whenever he held the girl in his arms, she was wild with passion, but the moment he'd start inserting his prick into her pussy, Karyn would freeze up. It had been almost two months since he'd last fucked her, and now with her sister, Patti, spending her vacation with them, there was very opportunity to ball his wife even if she wanted him.

Showing his beautiful red-headed client through the furnished home that overlooked the ocean, the sight of her cute ass and shapely legs was really turning him on. This was the third house he'd shown Mrs. Duncan this afternoon, but he didn't mind at all. She was trying to find a place to lease for three months, and she had to decide soon, since her husband and some business associates were arriving by the end of the week. She'd come ahead of them so she could have a place ready when they arrived. Her husband always took a long working vacation every year at a fashionable seaside resort town.

"This place is really lovely," the woman sighed as she looked out across the ocean from an upstairs bedroom. "I hope my husband will like it."

Michael couldn't see how any man wouldn't like it if he had a beautiful broad like this one around. There was a naughtiness about the obviously wealthy lady, yet there was a smoldering look in her green eyes that strangely excited Michael.

"I wonder how comfortable this bed is," she said, walking over and touching the mattress.

"I'm sure it must be quite comfortable," replied Michael. "The owner has furnished it with very fine furniture."

"I hope so," she sighed. "The bed is a very important part of my life."

"We could always exchange the bed if you're not satisfied with it," he suggested.

"This may sound strange," she smiled at Michael, "I never lease a house without first testing the bed. Would YOU mind helping me?"

Michael couldn't believe his eyes when she suddenly removed her halter, allowing her luscious big tits to spring nakedly free.

"Take your clothes off," she smiled. "We can't fuck if you're fully dressed."

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Michael just stared at the beautiful woman as she sensually removed her shorts, calmly displaying her juicy pink slit surrounded by a soft growth of fiery-red pussy hairs. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"My God!" he finally gasped. "You're beautiful, Mrs. Duncan."

"Call me Connie this afternoon," she whispered, looking at him with her teasing green eyes as she held her naked arms up and slowly turned around, displaying her smooth shoulders and long red hair cascading down her deliciously-curved back.

"Well," she whispered, lowering her hands and cupping her own full tits. "Are you going to help me test the bed?"

Moving like a gorgeous tiger, the undulated over to where he was sitting on the edge of the bed and slowly dropped to her knees in front of him. Mewling softly, she lowered his zipper and gently freed his lurching cock.

"That's such a sweet prick," she whispered, rubbing the hard hotness of it against her cheek.

Holding to the edge of the bed, his entire body was trembling with excitement as her smooth diamond-bedecked finger gently stroked and squeezed his big fat boner.

Smiling up at him with her green eyes smoldering, Connie's pink wet tongue slipped out from between her parted lips and probed deliciously at the tip of his cock. Opening her mouth wider, she availed her wet lips and slipped them down over the head of his rod.

As her soft lips sucked wetly up and down over his dick, he could feel the tip of her tongue flicking and teasing around the sensitive base of his shiny cockhead. Completely carried away by the talented lips of the beautiful cocksucker, Michael was soon thrusting his hips back and forth, fucking his cock in and out of her slurping mouth. As she tightened her soft lips around his thick slippery dong, she began sucking harder and deeper on his big meaty cock.

"Oh, my God!" he panted, digging his fingers into her lush red hair, pulling her mouth down tighter over his dick. "Christ, can you suck!"

Completely last in his own lust, Michael was soon wildly fucking his shaft in and out of her mouth as if it were a cunt. Never in his life had he felt anything so wildly stimulating as Connie's sucking mouth.

"Suck it! Suck it!" he panted, still crazily pumping his big dick back and forth between her slippery lips. "Suck me off, baby, suck me off!"

She was clinging to his hips to keep from being knocked down by his wild thrusts, but one of his plunges sent her sprawling onto her back on the floor. Lying flat on the carpet with her creamy thighs spread wide open, her deliciously wet slit was glistening between the soft tufts of her red pussy hairs. Watching Michael frantically tearing his clothes off, Connie smiled up at him while she lewdly teased her juicy slit with the tip of her finger. When he was completely disrobed, Michael stood over her with legs apart and his rigid cock spearing up from his hairy lusty balls.

"I just knew you'd be built like a fuckin' bull," she smiled up to him as she admired his big throbbing prick.

"Jesus, baby, are you gonna get fucked," he panted, picking her up and tossing her onto the bed.

Spread out on the bed, her lovely naked body was squirming with passion. Her big full, tits were quivering as she lewdly spread her thighs, parting her lust-swollen cuntlips with her teasing fingers.

"Oh, Michael," she whispered up to him. "I want that beautiful big cock right here in my hot cunt."

She heard a wild gasp from deep in his throat as the real-estate agent threw his naked body down beside hers on the bed. Her big turgid nipples were quivering with excitement as his fingers began gently squeezing them, his mouth alternating from one hard tittie to the other.

"Oooooh, Michael," she moaned, her body melting against him.

Breathing hotly, he pressed his mouth down over her wetly-parted lips, slipping his tongue between them as she eagerly sucked on it. His mouth slid from hers and moved down over her chin and against the soft curve of her creamy throat. Once again his hands came up underneath her luscious boobs, drawing the woman's cherry hard nipples back into his mouth.

Connie was writhing with passion, her fingers threading through his thick dark hair as he sucked deeply on one erect bud and then the other. Hot cunt-juices were flowing out from between her legs as his sucking lips sent delicious throbs coursing through her entire body.

Still sucking deeply on her tingling nipples, Michael dropped his hand down onto the warm muskiness of her steaming hot cunt. Responding to his advances, Connie quickly wrapped her fingers around the hardness of Michael's thick meaty prick.

"Oh, Michael, fuck me! FUCK MEEEE!" she squealed, sliding the thick foreskin back and forth over his big hard boner.

Kneeling between her widely-spread legs, Michael grasped the base of his shaft and slowly guided it toward the beautiful woman's red-fringed pussy.

"Oh, sweet fuckin' Jesus!" Connie whispered when she felt the tip of Michael's cock kissing the wetness of her slit as it gently parted her hot slippery cuntlips.

She squirmed excitedly, trying to screw her cunt up onto his rod as it slowly slipped into the moist hotness of her slippery hole.

"Oh, you sweet baby!" she mewled.

Pushing forward, Michael's deliciously hard cock glided further in, spreading the walls of her twat as they sucked and squeezed against his big thick prick.

"Oooooh," Connie sobbed as she ground her cock-filled cunt up tightly around the base of Michael's deeply-imbedded tool. "I love that fuckin' prick of yours."

Michael was panting with lust as he partially withdrew his rod and slammed it back up into her fuck-hole again.

"Aaaahhhh, yes!" she squealed with delight. "That's what I want, baby! Give me a good hard fuckin'!"

Michael began thrusting his cock into her sucking cunt with long, slow, steady strokes as he pumped back and forth between her beautiful legs. Looking down, he could see the passion in her smoldering eyes as she smiled up at him. Little droplets of perspiration stood out on her forehead and upper lip like dew drops. He couldn't believe that he was actually fucking this gorgeous woman that he'd only met a few hours earlier.

His thoughts suddenly turned to Karyn, his blonde wife. God, how he wished that Karyn could enjoy his body as Connie was. It would be so wonderful to see and feel his beautiful wife writhing with passion. The thought of his bride climaxing with him seemed to further excite the man, and he began slamming his cock into Connie's hot cunt with a renewed fervor.

"Oh, God, how I needed this," Connie whispered up to her lover. "I haven't been laid for three days, and I rarely go that long without it."

"You're some hot little trick," he panted, still rhythmically pumping his dick into her juicy cunt.

"You can bet your hard cock on that," she giggled. "There's nothing in the world that I love more than fuckin' and suckin' I'd ball ten guys a day if I had the chance."

Connie's cunt was writhing with joy as the thick ridge of his cockhead sent ripples of ecstasy up and down her sweet pussy. The top of his hard shaft was sawing deliciously against the sensitive tip of her erect clitty, and the myriad of tingling nerve-endings in her sucking fuck-hole were being wildly stimulated by his steady thrusts. The feel of his big knob pounding into the very depths of her belly was driving Connie wild.

Screwing her hot cunt up tighter around the lurching pole, she could feel her nipples rubbing against Michael's hairy chest. Her heart almost stopped beating when he lowered his mouth down over her parted tit and he began stroking his tongue in and out with the same intensity that his cock was stroking in and out of her hot, sucking pussy.

This was a supreme thrill for both of them as the super-horny woman and the sex-starved man responded so beautifully to each other's needs. They both fully realized that this wasn't just another fuck, but something they'd remember for the rest of their lives.

Connie clung tightly to the handsome man as he continued fucking his big swollen dong into her hot slippery slit with more gusto. His hard, deep thrusts were bouncing her lovely naked body all over the bed, filling her with an ecstasy she'd never felt before. The talented woman was working her clasping twat up and down and around his plunging piston while she sobbed and moaned from his frenzied fucking.

"Oh, God," she squealed. "Bring me off, honey! I'M GONNA COME!"

"So am I," he panted, driving harder and faster. "Here it comes, baby!"

"Yesssss! Yesssss!" Connie shrieked as she felt his hot wet cum gushing into her cunt. "Squirt me full, honey! Fill me with it! I'M COMING! I'M COMMMMIIINNNNNGGG!"

Michael's sex-starved cock kept pumping stream after stream of jizz up into the writhing girl's convulsing cunt, completely filling it until his thick cum began oozing out from between her clasping cuntlips.

"My God," she whispered when he finally withdrew his limp prick, allowing his jizz to flow freely from her slit. "I've never felt such a big load."

"I know," he panted. "I've been saving that one for a long time."

"How long?" she asked.

"A couple of months."

"Oh, my God!" Connie gasped. "I can hardly stand going without a cock for two days."

"I didn't say I enjoyed going without a piece," he laughed. "It was pure hell."

"I'll bet it was," she smiled, gently rubbing his limp dick. "But I'll take good care of you this afternoon."

Leaning forward, she began licking up the sticky cum that was still clinging to his flaccid prick.

"I'll get that beauty hard again in a hurry," she giggled, sucking his pecker into the warm moistness of her mouth.

"Jesus, Connie," he sighed as she rolled his limp prick around her tongue. "You're sure some woman."

"And you're some man," she answered between sucks. "That was one of best fucks I've ever had."

"You really enjoy screwing, don't you?" Michael smiled.

"You're not shittin'," Connie giggled. "I've loved it since I was twelve years old."

"Jesus," the man laughed. "You got off to an early start."

"I know," she sighed. "Two high-school boys banged me when I was only twelve, and I'll never forget how good it hurt. I knew right then that fucking was the most wonderful thing in the world, and I still do."

"Why did you let me screw you?" he suddenly asked.

"Because you're a virile-looking man and I was horny," she explained. "I always pick my sex partners."

Inserting his rapidly swelling cock back in her mouth, Connie began sucking deeper and harder on it, anxious to feel his hard dick buried deep in her cunt again.

"Okay, darling," she whispered when his rod had reached steel-hard rigidity again. "Roll over on your back. I've got a special treat for that nice big cock of yours."

Facing him, Connie slowly straddled his loins and gasped the base of his shaft, aiming the head of his cock up toward her descending pussy. When her seething cunt made gentle contact with his cockhead, she gently rubbed the tip of it back and forth in the hot moistness between her open cuntlips.

"Oh, my God!" he moaned, her slit feeling so good, so hot and so juicy as his throbbing cock sank wetly into the delicious heat of her slippery fuckhole.

Sitting erect over his imbedded dick, she began teasing her big hard nipples with her fingers as the man stand up at the beautiful creature sitting astride his deeply imbedded rod.

Michael was almost out of his mind as her hot squeezing cunt moved up and down over his cock while she lewdly ground her pussy around it at the saint time. With her hands behind her head and her smoldering eyes smiling down at him, her lower body was writhing around his prick like a pagan dance. Her soft dimpled tummy was rotating deliciously as his cock stirred around deep in the sucking tightness of her grasping hole.

"D'ya like this?" she whispered, smiling down at him through half-closed eyes.

"God, yes!" he panted as his hands found her luscious big tits that were thrusting out from her writhing body.

Michael thought he'd go wild when she began milking and squeezing his stiff shaft with her talented cuntlips. Each time she drove her writhing fuck-hole down over his dick, she would make her soft ass quiver, sending a torrent of delicious sensations sparking through his body.

The wild dance her cunt was doing around his cock was like a tribal ceremony of passion. With her hands behind her head and her breath coming in gasps, she looked and felt like a sex Goddess as she ground her hot juicy twat around his throbbing dick.

"Oh, sweet fuckin' Jesus!" he panted when she began increasing the tempo of her movements. "I've never felt anything so good in my life."

"Good," she whispered down to him as she further increased the rhythm of her writhing cunt. "I want another big cuntful of cum."

"Don't worry," Michael gasped, feeling a wild climax building up deep in his balls. "You're gonna get quite a load."

With her hands still locked behind her head, Connie began moving faster and faster, fucking him with the magnificent grace of a tiger as Michael's hands squeezed and massaged her wildly-bouncing tits.

"OH SHIT!" he roared as his cock suddenly shot a hot stream of cum up into her hot sucking cunt.

"That's it, baby," Connie squealed with joy as she madly gyrated her grasping pussy around his spurting dong. "Keep squirtin', honey! I love it! I LOVE IT!"

Squeezing her twat muscles tightly around his big belching dong, Connie suddenly exploded into her own mind-shattering orgasm.

"Oh, you sweet fucker," she sobbed, throwing herself across his body. "I'm not ever gonna let you get away from me."

That afternoon was the beginning of a whole new life for Michael Turner.


With Michael spending mast of his free time in motels with Connie Duncan, Karyn, his teenaged bride, saw very of him. She spent most of her time with Patti, her sister who was spending her summer vacation with them. Completely unaware that her husband was having a torrid affair, Karyn couldn't understand why he was seldom at home.

One afternoon when her sister was down at the beach with friends, Karyn was sitting alone in the house thinking about her husband. The girl loved Michael very much, and she sorely missed the way he used to hold her in his arms. She was hungering for his kisses and caresses as she sat staring out through the window. She knew deep in her heart that her fear of sex was driving them apart, but it was something beyond her control.

There was something about her earlier life that Karyn had never discussed with Michael or any other living soul. It was a vivid nightmare that was too horrible to even think about.

As a small child she'd been painfully raped by her uncle, and to this day the sight of a naked cock terrified her. She was a very passionate girl and whenever Michael kissed and caressed her, Karyn was creaming to be fucked, but the moment she saw his cruel-looking cock, the girl became terrified. As much as she tried not to, Karyn would freeze with fear the moment she saw her husband's, big naked tool.

She was sitting there thinking about it when the doorbell rang.

"Hi, Mr. Gallagher," she smiled when she saw her husband's real-estate partner.

"Hello, honey," he replied. "I was in the neighborhood and decided to stop by."

"That's nice," Karyn beamed. "Please sit down."

The big florid-faced man stared hungrily at the blonde's bare thighs as she sat opposite him in her short summer dress. The forty-five-year-old man had lusted after Karyn since Michael had first met her. Neither Michael nor Karyn were aware of the man's feelings toward the girl as he always petted and kissed her in a fatherly way while his obscene cock throbbed with desire. Being Michael's partner, Daren Gallagher was very much aware of his affair with Connie, and he'd dropped over to Karyn's with the hope of furthering his friendship with her.

"You look a bit depressed," he smiled at her in a fatherly manner. "Is there anything I can do?"

"No," she answered in a whisper, tears welling up in her eyes. "No one can help me."

"Now, now," he said in a sympathetic voice as he moved over to the couch where she was seated and drew her into his arms. "You're just like a daughter to me. Tell your old dad all about it."

"Oh, Mr. Gallagher," she sobbed, pressing her tear-stained face against his chest. "I'm so damned unhappy."

"Please tell me your problem," he whispered. "Maybe I can help you."

Karyn suddenly felt so contented and comfortable in his arms. Being basically a very passionate girl, the feel of his strong arms around her was very comforting to Karyn. She realized that one of his hands was resting on her breast and she didn't want to embarrass him by removing it. Anyway his big hand felt good against her tingling nipple.

"Now tell your old dad all about it," he whispered, kissing her lightly on the forehead.

When the girl had finally finished telling him her sad story, Daren Gallagher sat quietly for a long time before speaking.

"Darling," he finally said, "I'm going to speak to you like a father. I hope you won't misunderstand the things I'm going to say."

"You're so nice," she whispered, feeling his finger brushing over her nipple.

"Now, darling," he began. "A man's sex organ is a very beautiful and sensitive thing. It's built to bring you pleasure, not pain."

"I know," she sighed. "I try to tell myself that, but they still frighten me."

"Karyn," he continued. "Would you be frightened of a man's cock if you knew he would never put it in you?"

"I don't know," she answered. "I really don't know."

"You know I would never try to seduce you, don't you?" he whispered.

"Of course," the girl giggled. "You're like a daddy to me."

"Would you be afraid of my cock?" he asked her.

When she didn't answer, the lecherous man reached down and lowered the zipper to his fly.

"Remember, darling," he smiled as he drew his stiff prick out, "I'm doing this for you and Michael."

Karyn couldn't believe what was happening as she stared at his big purple cockhead.

"Touch it," the man whispered.

"No," Karyn gasped.

"Touch it," he repeated. "You mustn't be afraid of this cock because you know I'll never put it in you."

When she made no attempt to handle his throbbing rod, the man took the girl's hand and gently wrapped her fingers around the hard hotness of his cock.

"See," he whispered. "This prick isn't going to hurt you."

Karyn could feel his hot blood pulsing through the veins just beneath his tightly-stretched cock-skin. She'd always been too frightened to really feel the throbbing of Michael's big rod when she held it. Knowing that Mr. Gallagher's big dick would never harm her, she studied it more carefully.

She had to admit to herself that his prick felt exciting in her hand, sending sparks of joy tingling through her pussy. She was dimly aware that he was lightly pinching and twisting her erect nipple. Knowing that what he was doing was for her own good, she made no attempt to remove his hand, and anyway, it felt so fucking good on her tit.

"You know," he whispered as Karyn experimentally skimmed the foreskin up and down over his cockhead. "You could give Michael's prick one hell of a good time without ever putting it in your pussy."


"Have you ever sucked him off?" he asked.

"Shit no."

"You should," the man whispered. "Men love to be sucked off."

"I don't even know how to do it," she admitted. "Do you want me to teach you?" he asked in an excited voice.

"No," she hesitated. "I don't think so."

"I'm only trying to help you and Michael," he explained, standing up and dropping his pants and shorts.

Karyn sat staring at his big hairy nut-sac as he stood before her, his shiny cock spearing up from his lust-bloated balls.

"Now just start licking the head of my dick," he whispered, guiding his dong toward her mouth.

"I don't think I can," she stammered. "It seems so vile."

"It's far your own sake, darling," he explained. "It could save your marriage."

Realizing that the sweet man was only trying to help her, Karyn grasped the base of his shaft, and bending forward, flicked the tip of her tongue against his cockhead. She could feel his prick jerk with excitement when the hot wetness of her tongue glided over his shiny knob.

This was her first fleeting taste of cock-meat and she found it rather exciting, but the musky scent of his dong sent a delicious tremor rippling through her body. Karyn couldn't explain it, but there was something about the texture of his cock on her tongue that was obscenely exciting.

She could hear the man groaning softly as she began swirling her tongue all around the sensitive surface of his quivering cockhead. Speeding the motion of her tongue, she swirled it wetly around the big throbbing knob. She sensed a strange sexual power as she felt the man's entire body trembling with excitement. How pussy juices were soon flowing out from between her legs.

Suddenly, wanting more and more of his exciting tool, Karyn opened her mouth wide and slid her slippery lips down over his big cockhead. Though the taste and scent were new to the blonde, there was something extremely pleasant about the feel of his hard cock-meat in her mouth. It was highly stimulating to have her soft lips stretched around his dong while her wet tongue teased around his cockhead.

"Am I doing it right?" she asked, removing his dick from her mouth for a moment.

"Yes, darling," he panted. "Michael will love it. Now start pumping your mouth up and down while you suck."

Sucking gently as she began bobbing her head up and down, an illicit pleasure was flowing through her body as a wild flame seemed to be burning in her loins. Her senses were whirling as her soft sucking mouth pumped up and down over his rod. The entire surface of his throbbing dick was coated with a frothy film of her sweet saliva. Taking more and more of his turgid cock into her mouth with every plunge, she could feel the hard tip of his shaft probing deep against the back of her throat.

"Mmmmm," she moaned with delight as she sucked deeper and harder on his big juicy cock. Reaching around the man, she dug her hands into the crack of his ass, puffing more of his delicious dong into her slurping mouth.

"Oh, God," panted Daren Gallagher as he entwined his fingers through her long blonde hair and began pumping his big dick in and out of her sucking mouth.

The strokes of his slippery cock between her encircling lips was almost blowing her mind. She'd never dreamed that sucking a man's tool could be so fucking exciting. Her wet sucking lips were gliding hungrily up and down over his spit-slick meat with wanton lust. She could feel his body writhing in ecstasy as she frantically sucked and licked his throbbing shaft.

Karyn was completely unprepared for it when the man gave a wild lunge as his cock exploded a torrent of hot jizz against the back of her throat. She'd been so involved with what she was doing that the girl had completely forgotten that he would ultimately shoot his load into her mouth. As startled as she was, Karyn sucked and swallowed rapidly so as not to lose one precious drop of the delicious cum that was belching out of his wonderful dick.

Smiling up at him when she'd drained the last drop from his shrinking prick, a rivulet of jizz was hanging from the corner of her sperm-soaked mouth.

"Did I do it right?" she whispered.

Not answering, he pushed the pretty blonde back down on the couch and frantically ripped off her panties.

"What are you doing?" she gasped.

Letting out a low groan, he pressed his face down between her smooth thighs. He was greeted by the sweet fresh scent of her pussy as he buried his nose into the soft tuft of golden pussy hairs.

"What are you doing?" she repeated.

"I'm gonna tongue-fuck this sweet twat of yours," he panted, lifting the back of her knees over his shoulders.

"I'd like that," she giggled, squirming her wet slit up against his mouth.

Karyn couldn't believe the wild sensations she felt when his hot thick tongue licked up the entire length of her juicy twat. This was the first time the blonde had ever felt a tongue on her pussy and the intense pleasure was almost more than she could stand. Karyn almost fainted from the hot, wet feel of his tongue.

Locking his mouth tightly over her twat, the man suddenly plunged his tongue up into the hot wetness of the girl's dripping cunt. Swirling his tongue against her slippery cunt walls, her sweet hot juices were flowing into his mouth. He'd never tasted such a delicious cunt in his entire life.

"Oh, Mr. Gallagher," Karyn panted. "I've never felt anything so fucking good."

Karyn couldn't believe the intense ecstasy she felt when his tongue moved up and found her hard clitty.

"Oooooh! Oooooh! Oooooh!" she squealed with delight as she rubbed her wet, slick pussy all over his face.

The sweet scent and taste of her soft wiggly cuntflesh against his lips and tongue was driving him wild. His tongue was twitching around in the slippery folds of her juicy twat, darting up against the tip of her hard clitoris.

"Oh, Mr. Gallagher!" she sobbed, squeezing her soft thighs against his juice-drenched cheeks. "I've never felt anything so good."

The blonde's hot cunt had never felt so juicy and open in her life. She suddenly realized that a big thick cock could be buried in the heat of her juice-slickened fuck-hole with absolutely no discomfort. Glancing down and seeing that the man's prick was once more as stiff as a plank, the wildly-aroused girl suddenly wanted to feel it stuffed up her cunt.

"Oh, Mr. Gallagher," she panted to the slurping man. "Please stick your cock in my cunt."

"What?" he gasped.

"I want be fucked!" cried Karyn. "I wanta be fucked with your nice big cock!"

Without a moment's hesitation, the lusting man crawled up between the girl's widely-spread legs. When he was lying over her, Karyn spread her shapely thighs wider apart, drawing her knees up so that the hard length of his dick rested flat in the wet split between her legs.

The lecherous man was trembling with anticipation as he began moving slowly back and forth, the underside of his big dong rubbing against the furry wetness of the blonde's open slit.

While his big throbbing cock rested against her steamy hot furrow, Karyn wrapped her legs around his body, locking her calves around the back of his thighs. She couldn't understand why the man's tongue-fuck had made her fear of a cock suddenly disappear, but for the first time in her life, Karyn was dying to be screwed.

The man couldn't wait another moment. Panting over her, he reached down between their two naked bodies and grasped his lurching shaft, nosing his quivering cockhead between the open lips of her lust-slickened cunt-mouth. The silky golden hairs of her hot pussy slowly parted as the head of his prick slipped slowly through the tight, juicy opening.

"Oooooh, Mr. Gallagher, baby," she mewled with delight as she squirmed her naked body up against his. "I love your cock."

While Karyn's arms were locked passionately around his shoulders, the man reached beneath her and cupped the soft cheeks of her ass in his palms, pulling her scalding cunt farther up around the head of his partially-buried dong.

Since the flint time Michael had introduced her to the man, Daren Gallagher had been lusting to fuck the beautiful blonde. He could hardly believe that she was lying nakedly beneath him, eagerly waiting to be screwed.

"Here it comes, darling," he whispered. "Are you ready?"

"God, yes," she panted. "I want every bit of it." Grasping her tightly, he lunged forward, driving the full length of his shaft up into her cunt with one single swoop.

"Aaaaahhhh!" she gasped, feeling the moist flesh of her pussy slipping wetly over his thick naked cock as it floated deeply up into her juicy fuck-hole.

Daren Gallagher had never experienced such bliss in his life as her hot wet cunt muscles closed around his big dick. The feel of her tight hot cunt walls opening as his bloated knob advanced into the scalding moistness of her quivering hole was something the man would never forget.

"Oh, my God," she whispered when he began screwing his prick in and out of her gold-fringed twat with long measured strokes. "I never dreamed that a hard cock could feel so good."

Karyn was writhing with a wild new ecstasy as the real-estate agent's big dong glided in and out of her pussy. With her horrible fear of being fucked gone, the teenaged housewife was experiencing real sex for the very first time in her life. She had never dreamed that a big thick prick could feel so fucking good. She was riding an incredible wave of passion that was mounting crazily with every stroke of his big lust-bloated tool.

"Oooooh, you darling!" she sobbed beneath the lurching man as his slashing cockhead pounded into the farthest reaches of her deep cunt. "I love it! I LOVE IT!"

Karyn thought she'd go wild when the experienced cocksman began to vary the tempo and depth of his strokes.

"Oh, yes!" she squealed. "That's it, honey! That's it! Oh, howl love that prick!"

"Oh, darling," he panted. "I've never felt such a sweet pussy."

After several deep long thrusts, he withdrew his shaft until only the hard knob remained imbedded, and then he began teasing her clitty with a series of short fast strokes. This was followed by another series of hard deep plunges, followed again by short fast ones. The ever-changing tempo of this rhythmical fucking was almost blowing the blonde's mind. In her wildest imagination she'd never dreamed that fucking could feel so good. She knew that from now on she was going to fuck as often as possible.

With his cock buried to the hilt in Karyn's hot sucking cunt, the man slowed down to rest for a moment, letting his big thick rod soak up the warmth and moisture of her deliciously-tight pussy.

"Oh, Mr. Gallagher," she whispered, covering his mouth with her soft open lips. "I'm so happy you came over today. I'll never be able to repay you for what you've done for me."

"Yes you will," he smiled.


"By letting me fuck you once in a while," he whispered.

"Oh, I'd like that," she giggled. "But we mustn't tell Michael."

A delicious shudder shook her body when he once again started pumping his big thick prick in and out of her slippery pussy. On and on they fucked, getting better and better until Karyn could hardly stand the unbelievable ecstasy much longer. Throwing her legs around him, Karyn locked her trim ankles over his butt, digging her bare heels between his asscheeks, pulling his plunging cock even deeper into her hot sucking cunt.

"Oooooh, darling!" she suddenly squealed. "Fuck me harder! I'm gonna come! I'm gonna COME!"

The lust-crazed man obediently drove his thick slippery shaft deeper and harder into Karyn's writhing fuck-hole.

"Aaaaahhhggg!" the girl shrieked when she felt his hot cum gushing into her cunt. "I'm coming, darling. I'm COMMMIIIINNNGGG!"

Clinging tightly to him as his spurting cock continued pumping hot jizz into her trembling belly, Karyn Turner experienced her very first orgasm.


Karyn and Mr. Gallagher spent the rest of that afternoon fucking, and when the man finally left, the blonde bride couldn't wait for her husband to get home. Karyn loved Michael very much, and she knew how wonderful it would be to have wild sex with him for the first time.

Her sister returned from the beach shortly after five.

"Hi," beamed Patti, walking into the house in her bikini.

"Hello," Karyn smiled. "Did you have a nice day?"

"Gee, yes," her sister answered. "I met the neatest guy at the beach."

"That's nice," Karyn replied, realizing this was the first time her sister had mentioned a boy.

"He sure is handsome," Patti continued, brushing her long brown hair back from her face.

"Is he a nice boy?" asked Karyn.

"You wouldn't call him a boy," Patti sighed dreamily.

Smiling inwardly, Karyn glanced at her sister's trim figure. She had a slim, boyish body with two hard titties just starting to blossom out under her bikini bra. Until now, Karyn hadn't realized that the cute girl was mature.

"Isn't he a bit old for you?" asked Karyn, amused at the glowing expression on her sister's face.

"Oh, Karyn," the girl sighed. "Don't be so droll."

"Sorry, honey," Karyn laughed. "But you'd better get dressed for dinner. Michael will be home in a few minutes."

"Okay," Patti grinned, leaving the room.

Karyn was just setting the table when Michael called and said he wouldn't be home for dinner. He had an appointment with an important client and wouldn't be home until quite late. The girl was awfully disappointed because she could hardly wait to get Michael in bed with her again.

Karyn and Patti had dinner alone together, and the pretty blonde sat up until almost midnight before she finally went to bed.

Lying alone in her room, Karyn couldn't sleep as her thoughts were filled with Mr. Gallagher's beautiful hard cock. Thinking about it, her cunt was getting as hot and juicy as it had been this afternoon. She couldn't wait until Michael got home to bury his big boner in her super-aroused twat.

Filled with an uncontrollable passion, Karyn reached down and began lightly rubbing her tingling clitoris with the tip of her finger. Closing her eyes, she tried to visualize that Michael was holding her in his arms as he gently caressed her hard clitty.

"Oh, yes, sweet Michael," Karyn whispered aloud as she continued fondling her own twat with her fingers. "You know just how to turn a girl on, darling."

As her excitement mounted, Karyn ran a finger up her aunt, and then a second and finally a third. Oh, God, it felt almost like a prick as she plunged the three fingers in and out of the moist hotness of her slippery twat.

"Oh, Michael darling," she sobbed, visualizing his body over hers as his big stiff cock pounded into her dripping slit. "Your cock feels so good, honey. Oh, Christ, baby, can you fuck!"

Karyn was writhing toward a wild, self-induced orgasm when she heard her, husband open the front door.

"HI, darling," she beamed when he entered their room.

"Hello, baby," he sighed. "I'm sorry I'm so late."

"That's all right," Karyn whispered, pleased that he was finally home.

Watching him as he dropped his shorts, a wild tingle raced through the girl's pussy at the sight of his smooth limp prick. Karyn giggled to herself, knowing that it wouldn't take her long to get his dick nice and hard. She was pleased that her husband always slept in the nude which made his cock so easily available.

"Oh, darling," she sighed, putting her arms around him when he got into bed. "I love you so much."

"And I love you, darling," he answered, "but I'm awfully tired tonight."

"That's too bad," she whispered, reaching down and wrapping her fingers around his limp prick. "I thought maybe a hot fuck would make us both feel better."

"Not tonight," he answered, wondering how she could expect a hot fuck out of her cold pussy. "I'm really tired."

"I'll give you a real juicy party," she giggled, teasing the foreskin up and down over his shriveled cockhead. "Don't you want my hot pussy?"

"Not tonight," he answered.

Karyn couldn't understand why his cock wasn't responding quickly to her touch as it usually did, but she didn't realize that Connie Duncan had just fucked the last drop out of his weary tool.

"Please, darling," begged the horny girl. "Please fuck me."

"Jesus Christ, Karyn," he growled, turning his back to her. "Will you stop messing with me. I'm tired."

Tears of frustration and hurt poured down her cheeks in the darkness of the bedroom.

It was hours before the girl finally drifted off into a fitful sleep.

When she awakened the next morning, Karyn was tense and irritable. Not only was she dying to be fucked, but the way Michael had snapped at her filled the girl with shame.

Sitting alone in her living room that afternoon, Karyn was almost tempted to call Daren Gallagher and ask him to come over and fuck her again. Patti had gone to a matinee with two of her girl friends, and Karyn was left alone with her steaming, itchy pussy.

Deciding to try and relieve her burning lust by masturbation, the girl had just taken off her panties and inserted her finger up her cunt when the door bell rang.

Answering it, she was surprised to see a handsome boy standing there.

"Hello," the boy smiled. "Is Patti home?"

"No," Karyn answered. "Won't you come in?"

"Thank you," he smiled, disclosing a row of flashing white teeth against his deeply-tanned face. "I'm Eric Johnson. I met Patti at the beach yesterday."

"Oh, yes," Karyn recalled, "Patti told me about you."

Studying the boy, Karyn realized how right her sister had been when she said Eric Johnson was handsome. He was quite tall and muscular. Standing in nothing but a pair of cut-offs, his thick blond hair contrasted beautifully with his deeply bronzed body.

"I'm Karyn, Patti's sister," she explained. "She's gone to a movie this afternoon."

"I thought maybe she'd go down to tile beach with me," he smiled. "Will you tell her I stopped by?"

A deep blush covered her face when she saw him staring at her discarded wet panties on the floor by the chair.

"What's the matter?" she asked sarcastically as he continued looking at them with an ill-concealed smirk on his face. "Haven't you ever seen a pair of pants before?"

"Of count," he stammered, embarrassed at having been caught staring at them.

"I'll bet you have," she grinned, staring at the big bulge in the front of his tight cut-offs. "I'll bet you've seen plenty of girl's panties."

Karyn couldn't explain why, but there was something about the handsome big kid that really turned her on. She suddenly decided it would be fun to seduce the boy. From the way his crotch bulged out, it certainly looked like he had the equipment to give her a good party.

"Want a Coke?" she asked.

"No thanks," he stammered. "I have to get going?"

"Why?" she giggled. "Did my panties scare you oft?"

"Of course not," he mumbled.

"Then what's your rush?" she whispered, walking over and resting her hands on his bare shoulders. "You should be able to figure out something to do with a girl that isn't wearing her pants."

He just stared at the beautiful blonde, unable to hilly understand what was going on.

"You're sure a big kid to be chasing after my sister," she continued, massaging his shoulder's with her fingertips.

"I've been around."

"Okay," she whispered, lightly running her hands over his smooth chest. "Then you must know what to do with girls who don't wear their panties."

"I don't quite know what you mean," he stammered as the girl lightly ran her fingers down over his stomach.

"Then I'll show you," Karyn smiled at him, as she reached down and covered his big bulge with her hand.

She could feel the boy's entire body tremble with excitement as she tenderly caressed the big lump in the front of his cut-offs.

"Now do you get the idea?" she asked as she slowly lowered his zipper.

"I sure do," he grinned at her, knowing exactly what she had in mind. "I think I'll just spend the afternoon here."

A new self-assurance seemed to come over the boy when he fully understood that Karyn was serious about a fuck-session. He was only eighteen, but Karyn sensed from the way he was suddenly acting that the boy had been servicing plenty of girls.

"I'm glad you're staying," she smiled as she unfastened his cut-offs and dropped them down around his ankles.

Karyn could feel her heart pounding with excitement when his virile cock sprang into sight. It was long and thick and hard as it thrust up from the tangle of blond hairs around his big lusty balls. She could see a droplet of seminal fluid boiling out of the slit in the end of his big shiny cockhead. Grasping the base of his stiff shaft, she knelt down and licked the tip of his deliciously hard prick.

"God, that's a beautiful cock," she whispered, rising to her feet and leading the boy over to the couch.

While he sat down, she stood in front of him and removed her dress. The boy's eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw her juicy pink slit winking up at him from her soft growth of golden pussy hairs.

"D'ya like my twat?" she whispered, blatantly parting her wet, coral-tinted pussy lips with the tip of her fingers.

"God, yes!" he panted as he stared at the luscious cunt only inches from his eyes.

"Then lick it," she challenged him.

Without a moment's hesitation, the boy gasped her bare asscheeks and pulled her dripping cunt up tightly against his mouth.

"Oooooh!" Karyn squealed when his tongue darted out of his mouth, making a direct hit on her clitty. "Oh, baby, you know what you're doing!"

After several minutes of slowly tongue-fucking Karyn's juicy box, the boy removed his mouth and drew the girl down on his lap. Covering her moist open lips with his hot mouth, he began kneading and squeezing her luscious big tits.

"Oh, Eric," she whispered when their wet mouths finally parted. "I can't believe you. You make love to a girl like a man of thirty."

Sucking one of her nipples deep into his mouth, he plunged his middle finger up into the juicy hotness of her slippery wet cunt. Nibbling lightly on the girl's hard nipple, his finger teased her erect clitty until Karyn was almost out of her mind with uncontrollable passion.

"Oh, sweet fuckin' Jesus," she sobbed. "Fuck me, Eric! For Christ's sake, fuck me!"

"Then get on your knees," he panted.

"Why?" the blonde gasped.

"So I can fuck you the way I like to do it."

When Karyn was finally positioned the way he wanted her, he crouched down behind the girl, tenderly grasping her soft hips.

"Ready?" he whispered.

"Ready," she answered, still not sure of what he intended to do to her.

His stiff rod was throbbing frantically as Eric looked down at her open wet cuntlips just beneath her puckered asshole. Nudging the head of his cock between the wet, wiggly flesh of her slippery pussy lips, he quivered with expectation.

"Hurry," Karyn begged. "Stick it in me."

Clutching her hips tighter, Eric thrust forward, driving his big hard shaft up into the hot tightness of Karyn's slippery fuckhole.

"Oh, yes, Eric," she softly moaned. "That's what I need, honey! Oh, shit, that feels so fuckin' good."

Eric's hips began undulating, his cock sliding in, pulling out and sliding in again as he set a slow teasing rhythm. The feel of his cock slithering in and out of her hot dripping cunt was almost driving Karyn wild. This was only her second real fuck, and as far as she was concerned, Michael could go piss on himself. If her husband didn't want to fuck her, that was his tough shit. She knew she could find enough studs to keep her cunt filled with cocks.

"Oh, Eric, honey!" she sobbed as her big full tits swung wildly beneath her. "It feels so fuckin' good honey!"

Eric's hips were moving faster and faster as the deliciously-wild ecstasy mounted in his loins. Clutching to her asscheeks, the boy could see her puckered asshole just above her cock-filled pussy. Gently massaging the soft flesh of her quivering buttocks, he worked his thumbs around the tight ring of her shitter. Squeezing her soft resilient moons together and then parting them, he probed at her shitter with his finger.

Savagely slamming his prick into her hot sucking cunt, the boy screwed the tip of his finger into her tight asshole, feeling her entire body shuddering with ecstasy. Each time he pounded his hard dick up her writhing cunt, Eric slipped his finger a deeper into her hot, buttery asshole.

"Oh, Christ!" Karyn squealed, suddenly realizing for the first time that the boy intended to fuck both holes at the same time, one with his cock, the other with his finger. "Oh, yes, baby! That's what I want! Please finger-fuck my skitter!"

With the full length of his finger planted up her asshole, the girl began slamming his dong into her cunt with even more force.

With the full length of his finger planted up her asshole, the girl began slamming his dong into her cunt with even more force.

"Oh, God," the boy panted, feeling his shaft slithering deliciously in and out through the hot slippery flesh of her sucking slit. "Christ, that feels good!"

"You're not shittin', baby," she giggled, throwing her legs back to better receive the thrusts of his cock and finger. "I love it! I LOVE IT!"

"You're some broad," Eric panted. "Christ, can you fuck!"

"Keep pumping," squealed Karyn. "We're just getting started!"

Eric Johnson had fucked plenty of girls in the last couple of years, but nothing like this teenaged housewife. It was an incredible sensation, feeling his shaft fucking in and out of the pretty blonde's scalding fuckhole.

Withdrawing his finger from her butt, he stared down at her cunt and could see her gasping, clinging pussy lips sucking wildly against his juice-slickened rod as it slithered in and out through the tight opening of her hairy twat.

Thick hot cream was oozing out from between her cock-squeezing cuntlips and dribbling down her inner thighs.

In all his wildest imagination Eric had never dreamed he would be fucking this beautiful blonde when she first answered the door. Looking down at the girl's long golden hair streaming over her back and shoulders only served to further excite the frantically humping boy.

"Oh, Eric!" Karyn cried, rhythmically thrusting her ass back to meet his vicious lunges. "Your cock's so nice and hard, honey. Oh, shit, it feels so fuckin' good!"

"Oh, God," he panted, thinking all the pleasure was his. "Does it feel good to you, too?"

"You're not shittin'," she gasped, grinding her cunt back around the base of his thrusting dong. "You're driving me crazy, you sweet fucker!"

It was a joy beyond anything the pretty blonde had ever experienced. When his thick juicy prick slithered up her slit, Karyn could feel it pulling her wet clinging pussy-lips in with it, and when he withdrew, she could feel them following his prick out, sucking noisily against his hard slippery cock-flesh.

The wild sensation of the teenager's big stiff rod fucking up through her hot sensitive pussy flesh was almost mind-boggling to the horny housewife. Aware of nothing but the thick meaty dick that was racing in and out of her tingling hole, the blonde's flushed face was contorted with her fiery passion.

"Oh, Eric!" she squealed, frantically grinding her pussy back around his plunging shaft. "That's it, honey! Fuck! FUCK! FUCK!"

Karyn could feel herself rushing toward a wild orgasm as the boy's glorious fuck-pole continued pounding into the slippery hotness of her sucking pussy-flesh. She could feel his big bloated cockhead pounding deliciously against the very bottom of her cunt as it carried her to new heights of ecstasy.

"Fuck, honey, fuck!" she shrieked as their two naked bodies pounded erotically together. "I'm coming! I'M COMING!"

Grasping tightly to her hips, the teenaged cocksmen gave a violent plunge as his massive cockhead spewed a torrent of white hot jizz up into the screaming girl's cunt.

"That's it, Eric!" she shrieked, completely crazed by the feel of his hot thick cum gushing into her spasming fuck-hole. "That's it, baby! I'M COMING WITH YOU! COMMMMIIIINNNNGGG WITHHHHH YOOOOOUUU!"

When the last drop of jizz dribbled out of his rapidly-shrinking prick, the exhausted couple collapsed together on the couch.

"Oh, Eric," she whispered as she licked his limp dick clean. "That was so wonderful, honey."

"Gosh, Karyn," he sighed. "You're sure a wild piece of ass."

"And I'm going to get wilder," she giggled. "Are you gonna come and fuck me again sometime?"

"I sure am," he grinned, standing up to put on his cut-off's.

"Shall I tell Patti you stopped by?" asked Karyn.

"No thanks," he grinned. "I'm more interested in her big sister."


The following afternoon, Patti had walked down to the beach and Karyn was alone in her living room, idly leafing through a magazine. Thinking about the wild fuck she'd enjoyed with Eric yesterday, Karyn was finding it hard to concentrate on the magazine. She realized the kid was only eighteen, but there was a virility about him that really turned her on.

"Hi," he grinned. "These are my friends, Pete and Chuck."

"Hi, guys," smiled Karyn. "Come on in." Pete was a tall kid with dark hair, and Chuck was a rather stocky redhead. All three boys were barefooted, wearing nothing but cut-offs.

"Can I get you boys a Coke or something?" Karyn asked when they were seated.

"No thanks," smiled Eric. "My buddies just want to fuck you."


"I told them what a hot piece of ass you are," he explained. "And they want to screw you, too."

"I think you'd better leave!" snapped Karyn, quickly rising to her feet.

"You don't have to get so up-tight," he grinned, his eyes moving over her body as she stood there in her shorts and halter. "You seemed hot to fuck yesterday."


"When did you turn into such a goody-goody?" he sneered.

"Eric," she said in a calmer tone of voice. "I just asked you and your friends to get the hell out of heft."

"Hey, Eric," laughed one of the boys. "You said she was always ready and willing."

"She is," sneered Eric. "I wasn't in the house ten minutes yesterday when she tore my pants off."

"That's a lie!"

Karyn realized that she couldn't allow him to say such thing. It was a small town and the story would undoubtedly get back to her husband. There was nothing she could do but deny it in front of the boys.

"He's just bragging," she continued. "I wouldn't let this smart-assed kid lay a finger on me."

The two boys gave him a disgusted look. "Well, Eric?" said Chuck. "I thought you told us you fucked her?"

"I did!" he panted. "The dirty bitch is lying!"

"Get out of here you dirty creep," hissed Karyn. "Why did you make up such a filthy story?"

"Come on, Eric," sighed Pete. "Let's get out of here. I've had enough of your damn bullshit."

"It's not bull shit!" he shouted, grabbing the girl's wrist. "Tell them the truth."

"I did!" she screamed. "And let go of my arm. You're hurting me!"

"Listen, you bitch," he panted, twisting her arm. "You're not going to make me out as a liar in front of my friends."

"You pig!" she hissed.

Grasping the tie strings of her halter, he ripped it away from her. There was a loud gasp from deep in Chuck's throat when her big naked tits spilled out in front of him. Her quivering nipples looked as hard as cherries.

"Stop it!" she shrieked when Eric dug his fingers into the waistband of her shorts. "You rotten bastard!"

Holding her with an arm lock, the boy worked her shorts down over the soft globes of her ass. When he finally had her completely undressed, he forced her to turn around and face him.

"Okay, guys," he said, releasing the girl and removing his cut-offs. "Take your clothes off. We've got a lot of fucking to do."

In spite of herself, Karyn felt a hot tingle in her twat when she saw Eric's big boner thrusting up from between his legs. The horny housewife was dying to feel his stiff cock stuffed up her cunt, but she could never allow it in front of the other boys. It would be spread all over town and her reputation as well as her marriage would be completely mined.

"Please get out of here," she whispered to Eric. "Just leave me alone..."

"I want a blow-job," he smiled coldly.


"Get down on your knees," he panted, twisting her arm, forcing her to the floor.

"Please leave," she begged as she knelt in front of him.

Through the comet of her eyes she could see the other two boy's standing naked beside her, their stiff cocks pointing toward the ceiling.

"Start suckin'!" ordered Eric as he grabbed her hair and pulled her face toward his lust-swollen cock. "SUCK ME OFF!"

"I can't," she sobbed, knowing she would be ruined if she did it in front of the other two boys.

As he forced her mouth closer and closer to his throbbing dong, the pungent odor of male cock filled her nostrils. It was that same exciting scent that she'd found from Mr. Gallagher's dick the other day. She suddenly had a wild desire to suck his prick deep into her mouth and taste the hard meatiness of it.

Unable to control the wild urge any longer, she opened her mouth as wide as possible, suddenly eager to feel the texture of his cock between her lips. No longer caring if the other boys were watching, she felt his deliciously hard prick sliding hotly over the top of her slippery tongue. When his bloated cockhead nuzzled against the very back of her throat, she could feel his thick shaft throbbing with life in her sucking, slurping mouth. Moving her wet hot lips up and down over his quivering cock, she cupped his big nut-sac in her hands, gently massaging his balls while one teasing finger probed lightly around his asshole.

Her entire body was glowing with ecstasy and she suddenly realized that the other two boy's hands were warning all over her bare flesh. She could feel fingers goosing into the soft meat between her asscheeks as well as fingers pinching and tweaking her hard tittie-buds.

One of the boys was rubbing his stiff naked cock against her neck while his middle finger plunged in and out of the hot wetness of her frothy slit. Reaching out, she grabbed the other boy's cock and began rubbing it against her face. Never had she been in such a sexual paradise. Surrounded by three hard male bodies, six hands were moving over her flesh as well as two stiff dicks and a third cock in her mouth. She'd never felt so beautifully depraved in her life.

From the way Eric was trembling, she knew the girl was enjoying every second of her lewd ministrations. It excited her to know she could bring such complete joy to a man. She felt sorry that her own sweet husband was missing all of the pleasure she was capable of giving.

"Oh, baby!" panted Eric. "That's the way, honey! Oh, Christ, what a cocksucker!"

As the three boys kissed, caressed and played with her naked body, Karyn no longer gave a shit about her fucking reputation. What they were doing might be considered lewd and vile by others, but to her it was the ultimate in human sensuality. Sucking excitedly on Eric's big throbbing cock, the horny housewife through about all the many cocks she'd enjoy in the glorious years to come.

Her body began quivering with renewed arousal as she felt one of the boys licking her asshole while his thick middle finger plunged in and out of her dripping twat. She was sliding the foreskin back and forth over the other boy's cock while his hands and fingers worked deliciously over her tits and nipples. God, how the blonde was loving every second of this glorious assault on her body by the three boys.

While her mouth was working avidly on Eric's meaty pecker, Karyn decided she wanted to enjoy every sex experience available regardless of how vile and filthy it might seem. Feeling Chuck's thick wet tongue licking her asshole, she suddenly wished he'd shove his cock up her shitter. There was something lewdly exciting about the thought of a hard prick reaming out her hung.

With her entire body aflame with sexuality, Karyn began sucking harder and deeper on Eric's lurching dong. From the way his body was jerking, the girl knew he'd soon be firing his hot load into her slurping mouth.

"Suck, honey, suck!" Eric suddenly shouted. "Here it comes, baby! HERE IT COMES!"

The boy's whole body gave a frantic lurch as his exploding cock shot a thick load of slippery cum into Karyn's waiting mouth. She continued sucking and swallowing until she'd drawn out the last drop. When she finally released his limp wet prick from her dripping mouth, Eric staggered over and collapsed in a chair.

"How about you guys?" Karyn giggled to the two boys who were frantically playing with her naked body. "Do you want me to bring you off, too?"

"Shit yes," Chuck grinned as Karyn looked down at his slim long cock.

"How about you?" she asked Tony.

"Christ, yes," he beamed. "Will you suck me off?"

"Sure," she smiled, glancing once again at Chuck's sleek tool. "I'll suck you off while Chuck fucks me in the ass."

"Gosh," Chuck stammered. "I've never cornholed a girl before."

"And I've never been ass-fucked," giggled Karyn. "Rut do you want to try it?"

"Christ, yes," panted the redheaded kid as he stand at her cute bum.

Tony walked over and sat down on a couch as Karyn knelt on the floor between his outstretched legs. Raising her butt, she leaned forward and slipped Tony's stiff dick into her mouth. Dropping to her knees behind the girl, Chuck nosed the head of his cock up against the tight ring of her shitter.

"Shit," he panted after several unsuccessful thrusts. "It won't go in."

"Try putting some spit on it," Karyn suggested.

Wild tingles raced through her loins when the boy began licking her asshole. When it was thoroughly saturated, he spit in his hands and spread the slippery saliva all over his cockhead.

"Now try it," she whispered, anxious to feel his hard dick in her butt.

Once more placing the tip of his hard prick against the tight hole, he firmly grasped her hips and pushed with all his strength. He could see the ring slowly expanding as the head of his cock began disappearing into the dark hotness of the girl's shitter.

"Eeeeegggghhhh!" Karyn shrieked as his cock suddenly ripped through the torn tissues of her virginal asshole. Clutching her hips even tighter, the boy continued easing his throbbing shaft inch by painful inch up into the bride's stretched rectum.

Holding back her tears, Karyn could feel the head of his dick cruelly tearing through the tissues of the sensitive flesh. She hadn't dreamed that his entry would be so fucking painful. When she finally felt his balls pressing against the wide crevice between her asscheeks, she realized that his cock had fully penetrated her tight shit-chute.

With his rod firmly buried in her asshole, he moved his hands around her waist and slipped his finger between the juicy lips of her quivering slit. Though her body was screaming with pain, the feel of his probing finger gently caressing her chit sent delicious sparks tingling through her flesh. The pain in her widely-stretched rectum seemed to slowly recede, being replaced by the pleasure induced with his finger on her clitoris. The initial hurt was soon turned to intense ecstasy as his smooth cock glided in and out of her buttery hot asshole. She was soon wildly thrusting her butt back to receive every smooth stroke of his plunging tool.

As Eric slowly recovered from his climax, he was shocked at the sight by the couch. Tony was slouched back on the couch being sucked off by Karyn while Chuck was corn-holing her up-turned asshole.

"Oh, Christ, Chuck!" he heard the blonde moan between sucks. "That's it, baby! Fuck me hard, honey! Jesus Christ, I love that hard cock in my ass!"

Getting up, Eric moved over onto the couch where he could get a better view of the three lurching bodies. He stared as if hypnotized at the way Chuck's stiff dick slithered in and out of the girl's widely-stretched asshole. The pink flesh of her shitter was brightly flushed as it squeezed against the boy's slippery cock. Eric had never seen anything so erotic in his life.

"Fuck, Chuck, fuck!" Karyn sobbed as her mouth continued ravishing Tony's big hard dick. "Bang me harder, baby! Fill my ass!"

The sight of his friend's sleek shaft driving up into Karyn's tight hot shitter, and the sound of her excited cries and moans was driving Eric wild. Watching them, he could almost feel his own cock plowing up into the girl's sweet ass. Not fully realizing what he was doing, Eric grabbed his dong, which was bone-hard again, and began frantically stroking it.

Massaging Tony's balls while she enthusiastically sucked on his throbbing dick, Karyn was almost beside herself with the sweet agony of Chuck's stiff cock slamming viciously into her pleasure-ravished asshole. Nothing had ever been as exciting as this explosive afternoon with these three virile teens.

"Fuck me, Chuck!" she moaned around the big cock that was stuffed in her mouth.

"Fuck my asshole!"

Wildly stroking his big hard-on, Eric stared at Chuck's dick as it began slicing deeper and harder into the girl's hot butt.

"That's it, baby!" shrieked the blonde. "Fuck the shit out of me!"

Thrilled by the vigorous attack on her asshole, Karyn clamped her lips more tightly around the base of Tony's big swollen cockhead and began furiously sucking on the delicious piece of male meat. It was the most glorious thing that had ever happened to her. She was alone with three naked males. Her beautiful new world was filled with nothing but big hard pricks. Her slurping mouth was filled with a thick meaty cock. Her quivering asshole was being ravished by a cock and she could see that Eric's big boner was more than ready for her when the other two climaxed. She had never felt so deliciously ravaged in her life, and she didn't give a shit if her own husband ever touched her again. These boys were carrying her to the very apex of sexual fulfillment.

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A husband arranges for his wife to have the best birthday yet

John tucked the present birthday inside the dresser drawer than looked at his watch. Julie would be home from work any minute now. He was ready to take his place inside the closet and wait. John worked afternoons. He was usually gone to work by ..continue reading

Modern Housewife

When I first met her she had been divorced for several years and was different from any women I had ever met. She was a throwback to an earlier time. A very gentile southern woman with beauty, charm and warmth not common in women today. She was never ..continue reading

Family Friend

It was one of those things where, after hanging out with a guy for a while you find things that you have in common and often times, if one is very careful, the topic of sex and personal sexual preferences comes up. You know; big tits or long blonde h ..continue reading

Gipsy porn (part1)

Wife hires a private investigator to find out if her husband is cheating. Then, after discovering that he is cheating on her, she hires a gypsy witch to make a special potion for her penis shrinking revenge. Obviously not wanting to be seen by anyon ..continue reading

Cash for fuck (bitch,sex,erotic story)

Hal Porter and his wife Deidre had been married for almost five years and everything was fine except for him having a problem with her tendency to over spend. Therefore it seemed only natural, when he inherited $10,000 from his deceased grandmother, ..continue reading

Christmas cookie with cum

"And to all a Good Night!" She watched the team and sleigh sail away in the deep blue night, off to make their appointed rounds. Soon, they were only a distant silver line reflecting the moonlight. She blew a kiss as they disappeared, as her window ..continue reading