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Sister was best

"Normal" is a frequently used word, yet a word whose exact meaning is as elusive as the term "perverse". What those two words imply seems to vary from nation to nation, from community to community, from person to person. Beth Morgan and her brother, Brian, outwardly appear to be two avenge middle class Americans. Yet the two of them indulge in behavior that many others would consider abnormal; indeed, the two of them commit what, in many societies, is among the oldest taboos known to man. But who is to say whether either or both are normal or perverse?

SISTER WAS BEST -- a novel of considerable interest to any who hope to find and define their own standards of correct behavior. A page of our restless society as food for serious thought.

The Publisher


Brenda Macintosh had only one thing on her mind -- she wanted to fuck the most popular guy in school. And that was Brian Morgan, the football jock.

Brenda was blonde, with a pert mouth, lovely steel blue eyes, and a lithe, yet full body. She pressed her large tits against Brian's chest that afternoon, her beautiful face just inches from his. "What gives with you?" she asked him, raising her eyebrows. "Don't you like girls?"

Brian swallowed hard as his face turned red. He felt a stirring in his crotch, his cock began to harden as the hard nipples pressed against his shirt.

"Of course I do!" he stammered. "But with football and my training for Texas, I haven't had much time for dating."

"You mean you couldn't work in just a couple of hours for me?" Brenda asked, her hand dropping to his bulging crotch. She gently squeezed his rock-hard dick and added, "I want you to fuck me, please!"

Brian's voice was locked in his throat. He wanted nothing more than to grab onto her delicious-looking tits and fuck the hell out of her, right there and then, but as usual he heard the familiar honk of the horn, and his father's impatient figure sitting behind the wheel.

"I'm sorry, Brenda, but I've got to go," he said, pulling away from the girl. "I'll talk to you tomorrow!"

"No you won't, you bastard!" Brenda said, tears welling up in her eyes. Her voice was filled with humiliation and anger. She pulled her books to her chest and ran off, his rejection piercing her like a knife.

Brian got into the car and threw his books into the backseat with a savage movement, his body quivering with anger.

His father pretended not to notice, and they drove off in silence. After some moments, his father turned to him and placed his hand on the boy's shoulder.

"Well, what gives?" he asked quietly.

"Nothing you'd understand!" Brian said quickly, his teeth clenched.

His father exhaled audibly and said, "Girls again, is it?" When his comment was meet with silence, he added, "I've told you a hundred times, there will be plenty of time for girls later."

And then the routine lecture on the importance of football and being number one in order to get to the treasured school Texas renewed itself, while Brian half-listened, his mind on Brenda's hurt expression, and his own frustration.

Now that he had won the scholarship, and football season was over, Brian felt very much alone. His father had released his clutches with such reality, that Brian was confused and disoriented. He had a month before spring training on the Texas campus, and his father had told him to take full advantage of the free time.

He tried to call Brenda at least a dozen times, but when he told who was calling, the answer was invariably that she was out or too busy to talk. Once she had answered the phone herself, and he had received a chilling, "oh, it's you!" followed by a crash of the receiver.

He walked into the local drive-in, not really hungry, but wanting to find some of his friends and shoot the breeze.

And then he saw her, sitting only two tables away! Her back was to him, and she hadn't noticed him come in. Her long hair was thrown over one shoulder as she sipped on a milkshake, a book in her left hand.

Mustering up all his courage, Brian walked over and said, "What are you reading?"

Brenda looked up and her body flinched. There was a dead look in her eyes as they met those of Brian's.

"A book," she said finally, her tone dull and flat.

"I can see that!" Brian said, trying to laugh, but not quite pulling it off. "I mean, what's the name of the book?"

"Animal Farm," Brenda answered, her voice sharp and quick.

"That's a good book!" Brian said. Then he added, "I read it in about two hours."

"Gee, your lips must have gotten tired," Brenda commented, then returned to her reading.

"Can I sit down?" Brian asked. "Please?"

"You can go straight to hell!" Brenda said, standing up. She walked quickly out of the drive-in, not looking back, leaving Brian standing there stupidly, a tortured look on his face.

Brian walked home, his hands in his pockets. His mood had altered drastically, and he fairly booted the door down ash entered his house through the garage. He went to the refrigerator and poured himself a large glass of milk and drank it down in one gulp, feeling the icy liquid knot up his already churning it stomach.

He couldn't get his mind off of Brenda. Every time he closed his eyes, he could see her plain as day, her beautiful face -- even in anger -- haunting him. He felt like ramming his fist into a wall as he walked into the living room, and then he heard the voices upstairs. It was probably Beth and one of her snotty-nosed friends, he muttered, turning on the television.

"It's Brian!" his sister Beth called out to her friend, Susan. "Let's go down go and see him!"

"Oh, Jesus Christ!" Brian said quietly, not looking forward to a day with his sister and her bratty friend. "Stay up there and play," he yelled out.

"Hello, handsome!" Beth said sitting beside her big brother, her fingers in his hair.

"Goddammit, Beth!" Brian said loudly, "Don't do that!"

"But I like touching you!" Beth said, her fingers slipping under his collar and feeling his taunt, hairy chest.

"Will you please keep your fucking hands to yourself?" Brian yelled out, pushing Beth away. Then he looked at his little sister with a penetrating stare. "Has this whole fucking world gone crazy today?"

"You sure say fucking a lot," Beth said. "Is that because you do it a lot?"

Brian shook his head in a bewildered fashion, looking at his sister, not knowing what to say. And then he thought once again about Brenda, and his mind called out in bitter frustration, hell no, all I can do it seems is say it!

"Why don't you be a real friend and get lost," Brian said to his sister. "And you too," he added, looking at Susan.

"We will if you'll do us a favor first!" Beth said.

"Anything!" Brian said, exasperated.

"Anything?" Beth asked, and then looked at Susan.

"Well what is it?" Brian asked, irritation in his voice.

"Susan wants you to pop her cherry," Beth said. "And I said you would."

"You said what?!" Brian asked horrified, looking first at his sister and then at Susan.

"We've been talking about it all morning, and I told her that you must have fucked at least a thousand girls, and you'd be happy to do it."

"Well, you thought wrong. You both must be nuts!"

And then Susan spoke. Her voice was soft, tinged with an eager quality. "No, I'd like you to do it," she said, looking at the floor. "Please?"

There was something in her manner that made Brian stop. He looked at the young girl, her innocent eyes cast downward, her face prepared for rejection. And then his mind whirled to the memory of Brenda, and there was that exact same expression. He didn't know what to do, as he cast his eyes over the youthful figure of the girl, knowing what thoughts must be going through her mind.

The silence was almost deadening, as Brian licked his lips and swallowed hard. He felt like a ridiculous character in a ridiculous play, being commanded to act and say lines over which he had no control. And then as though from some director's command, he stood up and placed his hands on the teenage girl's shoulders, feeling her body tense up.

"Are you sure you want this?" Brian asked, his tone almost fatherly.

Susan looked up, her eyes moist and inviting. "Yes," she whispered. "More than anything."

As Brian lowered his head and kissed her gently on the lips, he felt his cock spring to life. He slipped his tongue between the girl's lips and opened his mouth wide. He pulled her closer to his body, feeling his cock press against her pain, sending jolts of pleasure throughout his body. And then that magical moment was interrupted.

"Can I watch?" Beth asked, her expression happy and excited.

"No you can't!" Brian said, pulling away from Susan. And then he added, "Where's Dad?"

"Playing golf. Won't be home for hours!" Beth answered with a broad wink.

"Good," Brian said, leading Susan by the hand toward the stairs. "We'll see you later," he said to his sister.

"Are you sure I can't watch?" Beth called out.

"Real damned sure."

Beth snorted out in mock anger. "You'd think it would be okay, since it was my idea in the first place!" she said to the departing figures, and then placed her hand on her moist cunt, her mind deliciously wondering what Susan would be experiencing in the next few minutes.

Susan's teenage body trembled with excitement as Brian led her into his room and pushed her down on the bed, then undressed her. He then took off his clothes and lay beside her, placing his arm around her shoulder.

Susan looked down at Brian's cock and gasped. "My God!" she uttered, "It's huge!"

Brian didn't answer, afraid to say the wrong thing. He kissed her gently on the forehead, running his mouth down the side of her face and caressing her neck with his wet lips.

"Is this going to hurt?" Susan murmured. "Your cock looks like it will split me in two!"

"Don't worry about it," Brian answered, his voice soft and low. As he placed his right hand over her pussy hairs, feeling the hot, moist entrance of her cunt. He glided his finger gently against the opening, feeling her clit harden beneath his touch.

Susan mooned with pleasure as jolts of excitement filled her body with feelings she hadn't known possible.

"Oh fuck me!" she whimpered into his chest. "Pop my cherrry now!"

Brian slipped a finger into her churning cunt as she jutted her hips forward. He finger fucked her gently, slicking her cunt up with her pussy juices, feeling his finger being sucked and caressed with her cunt walls.

"I want your cock!" Susan cried out. "Stick it in my pussy!"

Brian pulled himself over on top of the girl and spread her legs with his knees. He nuzzled his large cockhead against the furry warmth of her slit and pound his hips around, slicking up his cock with her juices, as his heart pounded with lust.

"I'll fuck you good," Brian moaned, his mouth on Susan's. "Your first fuck will be the best!"

He slipped his enormous cockhead into the tight opening of her cunt, not moving it any further. He felt the girl tense up, as the first hard cock of her life was being pushed into her stretching cunt. Although it was almost impossible not to lunge deeply into her pussy, Brian maintained control and gently pushed his cockhead in and out, until he felt her pussy walls relax a little.

"Give me all of it!" Susan groaned, her body thrashing against his, her body aching with anticipation.

Brian slipped in his cock a couple of inches, totally tilling and pushing out against her tender, virgin pussy, and then he pulled his cock almost all the way out. The next time he forced more of his cock into her pussy and increased his momentum. By now he had almost half of his cock into her tiny hole, feeling the pressure of her membrane against his cockhead.

The girl screamed out in pain and pleasure, not knowing which sensation was greater as Brian pulled his cock almost all the way out and then, in one movement, buried his cock deep into her guts, tearing her cherry apart in one thrust.

"Oh, God!" Susan screamed, biting Brian's tongue and lips. "Fuck me!"

Brian felt his balk tremble with a gigantic load of hot cum as his cock was soothed and caressed against her pussy muscles. He began to throttle Susan savagely, thrusting his hips up and down, forcing his cock in and out, and hammering away.

Susan buckled with orgasm and placed her legs around Brian's waist, forcing in all of his cock, feeling the scratchy hairs of his balls slam against her asshole.

Brian lunged deeply into her slit, banging away, feeling his cockhead balloon as the first spurts of creamy cum shot out of his cock and deeply into Susan's guts. He rammed his groin into hers, feeling the base of his huge cock press against her pussy opening.

"Oooohhhhhh," he wailed as load after hot load of jism emptied into Susan's clenching cunt, slicking up his shaft with warmth.

And as it climaxed, Susan felt another rush of orgasm rip through her body, while she gasped with unbelievable pleasure. She locked her leg around Brian's back and pumped up and down, tightening her pussy in a sucking motion against his throbbing cock.

"Oh, baby?" she panted, "fuck me fuck me, fuck me!"

After the last load of hot cum had spilled against Susan's backbone, Brian began pumping up and down with fury, slamming his cock in and out, feeling Susan climax again and again, a seemingly unending rush of orgasm spearing through her body.

They lay panting for several minutes. Brian felt his cock begin to grow limp, slipping out of her slicked-up cunt. He could feel her pussy continue to throb gently, sucking on his dick like a hungry mouth, and then he grew hard again, thinking of poking his cock into her mouth and having her suck out his cum.

"Your mouth is still virgin," he whispered. "You want me to fuck it too?"

"Yes!" Susan whispered. "Let me suck your cock!"

Brian pulled himself upwards, straddling her shoulders, his knees pressed against the outsides of her neck, dropping his cock onto her face.

Susan began licking the underside of his cock shaft, sucking in the cum-smeared piece of meat, feeling his hairy nuts tickle and rub against her chin and neck, her breath coming fast and warm against his flesh.

"Put it in your mouth, you little cunt!" Brian commanded. "Suck my cock! Take it all in your sweet throat and suck out my cum and drink it!"

"I will, I will!" Susan whispered, placing the purplish head of his enormous cock between her lips, tasting the warm, musky scent of her pussy juices and his silky cum which surrounded his prick.

"That's it baby," Brian whispered, placing his hands behind her head and pushing her face into his crotch. "Take it all and suck like you've never sucked before!"

Susan felt the gigantic roundness of his cock as it slipped across the roof of her mouth and pushed into the back of her throat. As Brian lunged his hips forward slamming his entire dick into her mouth, she gagged, unable to breathe. She thrashed around on the bed, gasping for air, but Brian held her head hard against his loins, pumping his prick in and out relentlessly.

She managed to pull her face away after some struggle and whispered, "I can't suck it all! It's too big!"

"Sure you can, just relax. I'm going to come down your throat and you'll love it!" Brian said, rubbing his cock around on her face.

"Ok, I'll try," Susan said, opening her mouth wide and closing her eyes.

She expected Brian to thrust his cock deeply into her mouth, and her throat muscles locked. But instead, Brian only slipped his cockhead into her mouth and gently pumped back and forth, letting her get wed to the feel of his cock between her lips. After few seconds of this, Susan felt her throat begin to ache with a desire to swallow his entire cock, and even his large, cum-filled balls.

"Ummmmmmmm!" she moaned, feeling the warmth of his cockhead against the tip of her tongue, as it danced in and around his foreskin, lapping up the delicious taste of dried piss and her popped cherry.

Brian was slow and easy this time, allowing the girl to suck only a couple of inches of his prick. When she pushed her mouth upward to take in more, he pulled his hips back, in a teasing manner. Just as the girl had thrashed around on the bed a few minutes before, gagging on his cock, she now began to flail about as his cock slammed into her throat!

"I want it all!" she moaned. "Please let me suck all of your cock!"

But Brian continued to tantalize her aching desires, by not pushing his cock into her mouth past his foreskin. He looked down at her hungry eyes as they drank in the beauty of his huge cock, while her lips quivered with sucking desires.

Susan licked the underside of his cock shaft, running her tongue up the enormous length, flickering her tongue around it and sucking it up deliciously with her warm spit. She lowered her face under his cock and sucked on his balls, feeling Brian's body flinch as she took them one at a time into her mouth and gently massaged them with her teeth and lips.

"That's it, suck my balls!" Brian moaned, raising his body up just a little so that his nuts were in her mouth. "Suck them in and out, and try to swallow them!"

Susan pulled his balls in and out of her mouth, her lips latched around them with a gentle suction, as she swallowed them around on her tongue, trying to take them into the back of her throat. She could feel them pulsate with glob a of cum that would soon be warming and drenching her mouth and throat. She felt a jolt of pleasure rip through her cunt just thinking about having a load of cum sliding down her throat!

"Now! I want to suck out your cum now!" she begged, running her mouth up the hard shaft, placing his cockhead between her moist lips.

"Okay, you little cunt, suck it all!" Brian said, slowly pushing the entire length of his cock past her lips and into her throat.

Susan felt a warm rush of pleasure that started off slowly and then became almost overwhelming as she felt the gigantic prick begin to fill her mouth and throat. Brian's cockhead was throbbing against her tonsils, pressing her mouth open even wider, to take it all in. She felt a glorious climax hit her throbbing cunt as the base or his cock pressed against her pursed lips. His crotch hair was sweet and musky against her nose, and she lapped her tongue out trying to lick his balls while she sucked on his cock.

Brian felt a tremendous pressure in his balls and he began pumping hard against her face. He pushed her head with his hands against his crotch, forcing his entire dick into her throat as he sensed the first wellings of jism about to shoot out. And then he shot a gigantic wad of cum into her throat, followed by several more hard spurts, filling up her mouth and throat, oozing past her lips and onto her chin.

Susan climaxed again as the thunderous amount of cum poured out of Brian's cock and into her mouth. She sucked long and hard, trying to capture every creamy drop, but the wads of cum came too fast for her to swallow it all. She felt the warmth of his jism as it oozed don her throat while his cock flexed rock hard and throbbed against the insides of her mouth. She drank deeply, like a hungry kitten, tasting for the first time a huge, hairy cock empty all it's cum into her burning throat.

She lay there gasping for some moment, with his wilting cock in her mouth, bobbing her face in and out of his crotch, wanting more of his cum to suck on. She placed her fingers on Brian's as and gently massaged his hard, hairy buns, pressing his body forward, to bury more of his cock into her throat, her mouth still not satisfied. She felt after such a glorious cock exploding in her mouth, she never would be totally satisfied again, union she could drink gallons of cum.

"For a first time, you give one hell of a blow-job!" Brian said, pulling his body away from her face.

"Was it good?" Susan asked, a gratified tone in her voice.

"It was the best I've ever had!" Brian said, truthfully.

"Can I suck you again?" Susan asked, her hands going for his limp cock. "Please let me drink more of your aunt."

"Hold on, you little cocksucker!" Brian said with a smile. "You've got to give me a few minutes, at least!"

"And then will you fuck me again?" Susan asked.

Brian pulled the eager girl into his arms and kissed her on the mouth. He felt her full tits press against the hair on his chest, her rubbery nipples throb against his skin and then he laughed.

"You haven't had enough?" he asked.

"I don't think I can ever get enough of you!" she whispered, her young body already ready and twilling for another round of torrid fucking.

Brian pulled himself on top of the teen girl, placing his cock between her legs, and closed his eyes. He began to slowly pump and grind his loins into hers, forcing his hardening cock into the moist, warm tunnel of her cunt. And then his mind once again flashed to Brenda. This one is for you, Brenda, he thought and began fucking little Susan like she would never be fucked again.


Susan left Brian's house walking on air. Her body ached from the three hours of continuous fucking and sucking she had done. She licked her lips, tasting the lasting scent of Brian's cum, and exhaled with a sigh of pure relaxed pleasure. She has whispered a reluctant good-by to the teen stud, making him promise to fuck her again. She hardly noticed Beth sitting on the couch, her head thrown back as she masturbated, her mind on doing what her friend Susan had just done.

Brian called from the top of the shirt after Susan had left, "Hey, Beth, do me a favor and do something with these sheets! If Dad sees the blood and cum on them, he'll shit!"

As Brian was dressing, Beth came into his room, her face flushed and excited. She sat down on the bed and lovingly touched where Susan had lost her virginity, her fingers swirling in the cool mixture of pussy juice, cum and blood.

"Brian," she began, her eyes still on the bed, "will you pap my cherry too?"

Brian was startled. He turned round and looked fully at his teenage, beautiful sister. "No I won't!" he said.

"Why not? You fucked Susan and popped her cherry," Beth argued.

"That was different," Brian said, his tone tired and worn. "You're my sister, she's not!"

"If I weren't your sister, would you fuck me?" she asked. "Or is it because I'm not pretty enough?"

Brian looked at the hurt in his sister's eyes. He walked over and pulled her to her feet and placed his hands on her shoulder.

"You know that isn't the reason," he whispered and kissed her lightly on the forehead. "You're oven prettier than Susan, and the guy who is lucky enough to fuck you for the first time, well, I sure envy him!"

"Why can't you be him?" Beth asked. "I don't want anyone else to fuck me. I want you to do it!"

Brian didn't know what to say. He loved his sister too much to do that to her, and he wanted to explain in such a way so that she wouldn't feel rejected. But words escaped him.

Beth put her hands around her big brother's waist and pushed him closer, her fingers lightly swirling around on his firm, young ass.

"Can I at least touch it?" she asked. "Please?"

"No, Beth, it would be wrong," Brian said, his heart almost breaking. "Please don't ask me."

Beth lowered her hands, cupping Brian's as, and then moved her arms around the sides of his body, until her fingers lightly touched the bulge in his jeans.

"Don't, Beth, please," Brian said, his voice shaking. "I just want to touch it." Beth said, unzipping his jeans and placing her fingers next to his shorts. She could feel his cook begin to grow hard as she lovingly ran her finger up the shaft of his cock, through the fine material of his under shorts. She pulled his shorts down, revealing a massive cock almost bursting with excitement.

Brian tried once again to stop his sister, but his body was frozen, feeling the surges of pleasure race through his body as his little sister began to slowly jack his cock up and down.

"Oh, this feels nice!" Beth whispered. "It's so big and hard!"

She squeezed his cock and pulled her palm upwards, forcing the center of his pleasure upward to his swollen cockhead. He jutted his hips inward as she pursed her hand around his prick, gently massaging it with her fingers.

"Oh, Beth, that feels nice," he said, his feelings of right and wrong becoming blurred with, the pleasure his sister was giving him.

"Can I suck you?" Beth asked, kneeling between his strong thighs. "Can I put your cock in my mouth and suck out your cum?"

"Yes, baby, suck it!" Brian rasped. "Suck it dry!"

Just as Beth lowered her head to his cock, his cock just a couple of inches from her aching lips, they both jumped back from each other hearing the familiar voice of their father.

"I'm home!" he called out. "Beth? Brian, you here?"

"Goddammit!" Brian muttered, zipping his jeans up and pulling his sister to her feet. "Quick, get those sheets off the bed!"

"Be right down!" Brian called out.

He took the stairs two at a time and greeted his father. He tried to look him in the face, but he was too embarrassed.

"How was the game?" he finally managed to at last.

His father sat down and threw his golf hat on the couch. "Shot a 79. Not my day. How was yours?" he added.

"Pretty good," Brian answered.

"What did you do?" his father asked, a casual tone in his voice, which Brian took as accusatory.

But the telephone interrupted them both. Brian gladly answered it, and almost sighed with relief hearing the voice of his friend, Gary.

"Sure!" he was saying to his buddy. "I can be ready in about an hour." And then he hung up the receiver.

"Okay if I go to a party tonight?" he asked his father. "That was Gary. He wants me to go with him."

"Fine by me," his father answered. "Just don't stay out too late."

"Thanks, Dad!" Brian yelled out, running up the stairs to his room.

When he got out of the shower, Beth was making his bed, plumping up the pillows. She looked at the wet figure of her big brother, her eyes dancing over his hard, muscular body, little drops of water clinging to the hairs on his chest.

"Ummmmm, you look good!" she said. "I can't wait to finish what we started!"

"Shut up!" Brian whispered. "You want Dad to hear you?" Then he looked at his sister and added, "besides we're not going to finish anything. I just lost my head!"

Beth looked at him wickedly and smiled. "You just wait! We'll see what happens." And then she left the room.

Brian tried to shake the memory of what he had almost done to his sister, and finished getting dressed. It was a relief to get out of the house as he bounded down the stairs, hearing the honk of Gary's car.

The two of them drove down the highway, chatting in the casual way only best friends can do, exchanging jokes and at times rather technical conversation about particular football plays. Gary was also going to Texas, but not on a scholarship, the victim of not letting there be plenty of time for girls later. He had had plenty, Brian knew, and he often envied his friend's free time to mess around, but it hadn't hurt their friendship.

"Where's this bash to take place?" Brian asked, his tone eager, as this was the first real party he had been allowed to attend in years, it seemed.

"Oh, didn't I tell you? It's at Bill's." Gary answered.

"Bill MacIntosh?" Brian asked in disbelief. When Gary nodded a surprised agreement to Brian's shocked expression, Brian added, "Of all the Goddamned luck!"

"Why? What's the matter?" Gary wanted to know.

"It's Brenda, his sister. She hates my guts!" Brian answered.

"Oh, come on, Brian, how could anybody hate your pita? What did you ever do to her?"

"That's just it, it's what I didn't do to her," Brian answered, flatly.

Brian entered the house with a knot in his stomach, not knowing what Brenda would do or say when she saw him. He looked around the large living room, filled with his classmates, and some people he didn't know. And then his gaze zeroed in on Brenda as she sat talking excitedly with another girl. She glanced up, and her smile froze, seeing Brian. And then she got up and walked out of the room, leaving her friend with a confused look on her face.

The party was loud and rather wild, music was blaring from one corner, and several people were passing a joint around. A few couples were dancing, their arms swinging madly as they laughed and enjoyed themselves. Gary entered in with the spirit of things and was soon sitting on the couch, a lovely teenage girl to his side, whispering seductively into her ear.

Brian felt miserable. He looked around for Brenda, but she was nowhere to be found. He waded through the mass of people and went through the door where she had made her hasty exit just minutes before.

He saw her lying on the bed, her right arm over her face. She looked so lovely, so vulnerable, as she lay on the velvet bedspread, her blonde hair flowing freely down her shoulders. She looked asleep.

"Brenda?" Brian asked quietly. "Are you feeling okay?"

If she heard him, she didn't show it. She just lay there quietly, breathing deeply, as her firm, young tits heaved up and down. Brian walked into the room and closed the door, and then studied the gorgeous figure of the girl more closely. He fairly ached between the legs as his mind thought about gently spreading her legs and thrusting his cock into her tight, hot pussy. His hands trembled as he approached her, standing just a couple of feet away.

"Brenda?" he asked again, sitting down on the bed.

She removed her arm, placing it on her stomach and looked up with surprise and some annoyance. She didn't say anything for a few moments, only looking at Brian with a curious contempt.

"What do you want?" she asked sharply.

"I want to love you," Brian heard himself say, surprising her with his tender tone. "I've always wanted to low you!"

Brenda's frosty expression melted slightly. She furrowed her eyebrows as though studying a difficult problem, looking into Brian's handsome face, before she spoke.

"You mean, you want to fuck me now, on your terms!" she said heatedly.

"No," Brian said. "I want to love you, and on any terms."

Brenda was taken aback, not exactly knowing what to do or say. She looked at Brian's face, his massive shoulders, tapering down to a slender waist, and his large capable hands. Her impulse was to grab him in her arms and pull him down on the bed, but her mind screamed against it. She wouldn't be hurt again, by him or anyone else. She lowered her eyes, feeling thorn become moist.

"I'm afraid," she finally whispered. "I think I care for you too much. I don't want to be hurt."

"I won't hurt you. Ever," Brian said softly, taking her hand in his. "I want you, now. Here."

Obeying her first impulse, Brenda savagely pulled Brian don on her body and kissed him violently on the mouth, months of pent-up passion expressed with her hungry lips and tongue.

"Do it to me?" she begged, caressing his large arms. "Fuck me now! I want your cock inside me!"

Brian got up and locked the door and shucked out of his clothes. His gaze never left Brenda's for a moment as he pulled his shorts down, revealing his large, bobbing cock as it slapped against his stomach.

"My God, it's like I thought it would be!" Brenda muttered, taking in the full glory of his massive prick, as it throbbed in agony.

Brian knelt on the bed and slowly began removing Brenda's blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra, and when he pulled the material open, his eyes were greeted with the most perfect pair of tits he had ever imagined. He lowered his head to them and sucked the hard nipples between his lips and teeth, savoring the delicious aroma.

"Oh, baby, I've waited so long for this!" he whispered against her firm, round tits, "I'm going to fuck you like I should have a long time ago!"

"Do it! Do it, now! Please fuck me, Brian!" Brenda moaned. "I want your cock in me, fucking me!"

Brian removed the rest of her clothes and then placed his knees between her legs. He gently spread her thighs and lowered his hips to hers. He nudged his cockhead against the hot, moist opening of her tiny cunt and rolled his pelvis around on hers, causing them both to grunt with pleasure.

"You've got a nice, tight pussy," he said softly, placing his lips on hers. "And I'm gonna fuck you all night!"

"Stick it in! Shove that big cock all the way up my cunt!" she moaned into his mouth, her tongue dancing and flickering against his. "Fuck me!"

Brian slowly let his cockhead enter her frothy pussy, and then he pulled it out slightly, only to stick it in again. He pumped back and forth, each time allowing a couple of inches of his long, hard cock to slip inside her churning cunt.

"Oh, that feels great," he said, pressing more of his meat into her pussy.

Brenda arched her body upwards and then placed her legs around Brian's waist, pushing his body down on hers, causing his cock to lunge deep into her aching pussy. She groaned with pleasure, and some pain, feeling the gigantic, round shaft of meat stretch her pussy walls, and slam into her guts.

"That's it!" she gasped. "Shove all that beautiful cock in my cunt! Fuck me!"

Brian pulled his body upwards, shoving his cock all the way in her pussy, feeling his cockhead against the tight walls of her warm, delicious cunt. As he did so, he felt her entire body tense with pleasure, her demanding slit surrounding his cock with a snug, sucking motion. And then he pulled his dick almost out, only to lunge it in again, deeply.

He pumped in and out, fucking her in a sweet, gentle motion, feeling her body rock with the first pangs of pleasure that soon would mount to uncontrollable heights. He placed his hands under her and on her asscheeks, and slammed them upwards while he throttled his cock in and out, almost lifting her off the bed with each movement.

Brenda pushed Brian's head don on her tits and moved her chest back and forth, slipping her tits in and out of his sucking and eager mouth, wetting her skin up with his spit.

"Suck my tits and fuck me!" she moaned into his hair. "Fuck me harder. Give it to me, you fucking stud!"

Brian increased his efforts, slapping his body against hers in a staccato fashion, feeling every muscle in her body tighten as she gushed out in pure pleasure, her first climax hitting her hard and long.

"Oooohhhhhh!" she wailed, her breath uneven and gasping. "Fuck me, you bastard!"

Brian couldn't control himself any longer. His balls emptied their load through the shaft of his throbbing cock, and spurted out huge wads of cum deeply into her boiling pussy, splattering up her insides with hot, creamy jism.

"Oh, baby, I'm coming!" he grunted, humping her body with renewed energy, slamming his cock all the way into her backbone.

Brenda buckled with pleasure, feeling his hot cum soak up her insides and ooze out of her hot cunt, slipping down the crack of her ass, in large wads of milky, slick pleasure. She felt his balls slap against her asshole, their skin sticking together and then pulling apart, lubricated with his jism.

Brian pumped her full of his cum, his cock throbbing against the tight walls of her pussy, ramming his dick in faster and harder, while Brenda gasped with a new wave of a fantastic orgasm. Her fingernails were embedded in his ass, deliciously stabbing into his taunt flesh as she tried to force his entire body into her cunt with her quick, jerky motions. She came again and again, each climax longer and better than the last, until she lay there quivering, spent and relaxed.

Brian lowered his upper body down on hers and placed his arms under her, hugging her hard while he continued to fuck her in a slow, deliberate manner. He raised and lowered his small ass, forcing his cock deeply into her cunt, and then pulled it almost out. In one last movement, he buried his cock all the way in her pussy and lay still. His dick was quietly throbbing inside her slit while he began to kiss and touch her face with his lips. He gently rocked her back and forth, squirming his cock around in a swirling motion inside her body.

"Oh, Brian, I loved it!" she whispered after some moments. "Let's fuck all night long. Fuck me again and again!"

"I'm not going anywhere, baby," he said softly. "I'm gonna fuck you till you're raw!"

"I think I will be raw," she said. "Your cock is the biggest thing I ever saw! I love it!"

Brian continued to fuck her after a couple of moments of just lying still. He pushed in and out, his cock still hard as ever, feeling Brenda's body begin to tense with pleasure.

"You want your ass fucked?" Brian asked, placing his hand under her ass and pressing a finger against the opening of her slicked-up shitter.

"Yes!" Brenda moaned. "But, it's so big! Do you think it will fit?"

"We'll make it fit," Brian promised, pushing his finger inside her asshole and then slipping it out again.

He finger-fucked her asshole while he continued his gentle fucking motion with his cock, in and out of her cunt. He pressed two fingers inside her shitter, stretching the tight opening just a little and slipped his fingers in and out.

"Oh, that's good!" she moaned. "I want your cock in my ass!"

Brian rolled her over and placed his hands on the front of her thighs, so that she was in a half kneeling position. He rubbed his fingers into her cunt, slicking up her asshole with her pussy juices his cum. He rammed his fingers in and out of both holes, and then nuzzled his bobbing cock against the dark opening of her shitter.

Brenda wiggled her ass, pressing against his cockhead, feeling the enormous glans as it smacked against her tender shitter. She sighed with pleasure and anticipation of having Brian's cock slipping in and out of her ass.

"Oh, hurry! I want your cock in my ass, please! Now!" she said, her body heaving with passion.

Brian slipped his cock, inch by inch, slowly into her shitter, and pressed her body against his, his fingers in her cunt, tickling and rubbing her throbbing clit. He pumped in and out as he entered her slowly, his enormous cock stretching her asswalls out with his throbbing meat.

Brenda grunted with pleasure, feeling hardly any pain as his cock slipped into her warm, aching asshole. She felt the hairs of his crotch tickle her asscheeks as he forced himself closer and closer. When she felt his hairy nuts gently touch and caress her thighs, she knew he was in all the way. She exhaled audibly, not quite believing that she could have taken in all of his gigantic prick.

Brian moaned with delicious pleasure feeling his cock tightly surrounded by her ass muscles as he slowly slipped his dick in and out of her shitter. She was small, but her asshole somehow took all of him in. He pulled her legs back until her body was straight, his cock anchored deep in her ass.

"Fuck my ass, Brian. Fuck it hard!" Brenda gasped. "Oh, baby, fuck me hard!"

Brian slipped his cock in and out with increasing momentum, until he was slapping his body into hers with a loud smacking sound. He pulled her legs apart, like a wishbone, and violently rammed her body down on his cock, while he throttled her hard, shoving his cock all the way in her asshole.

"I'm coming!" Brenda screamed, feeling her body ripped apart by his large cock thundering away in her tight shitter. She arched her butt upwards as a violent, searing organ hit her. She bit her lips, her hands clutching the sheets, as a wild wave of almost unending pleasure screeched through her body.

"Oh, Jesus fucking Christ!" Brian moaned, as a hot wad of cum shot out of his cock, followed by several more spurts, sucking and warming up her asshole. "Jesus fucking Christ!"

He pulled her body up as he lay on his back, forcing his hips upward. She sat on his cock and pumped up and don, another fantastic orgasm hitting her as she felt his cock explode deliciously, filling up her insides with his creamy jism. Globs of cum oozed out of her ass and onto his balls as she rode him like a horse, while he pumped up and down, his hands on her waist. He raised his knees up to her cunt and pulled her down on him, her back on his chest. He fucked up and down, raising her completely off the bed with each thrust, while he grunted with his spewing cock, in rhythm.

They lay like that, face up on top of each other, for several moments. Brian's cock remained hard for a long time, but slowly began to grow limp. He felt it ooze out of her ass and slick against her pussy as if finally rested on his thigh.

Brenda rolled off of him and rested her face in her arm, her body aching with the assault of his jackhammer cock. She didn't know it could have possibly been this good, as her mind began to drift away in a quiet corner, just the magnificent feel of Brian's cock inside her, lingering for a few moments before darkness swept her into a quiet, restful sleep.

As she lay here, her cunt and ass slaked with cum, Brian touched her back softly, running his fingers up and down her spine. He raised himself on one elbow and looked at her firm, teenage body, and then tilted his head and kissed her lightly on the shoulder. While she slept, he watched her intently, memorizing every smooth feature, each delicious golden inch of her exciting body.

And then after several minutes, he nuzzled his head against her neck and fell asleep.

He was dreaming, he thought, as the pleasure in his groin intensified. It was slick, hot and exciting. In the darkness, he felt his cock grow as a delicious warmth bathed and caressed it. He seemed to be floating down a dark tunnel, while a million, warm water jets foamed up his cock. He was swept closer and closer to a lighted opening, and then he opened his eyes.

Brenda was between his legs, her mouth bobbing up and down, taking in his cock deeply, her lips pursed and sucking. She cupped his hairy bans with both hands, gently squeezing and milking them, while her mouth traveled the length of his cock shaft, sinking it all the way into her burning throat.

Brian felt hotter than ho had ever before. He shot his cum deep into her mouth while she drank it down eagerly. He grasped the back of her head with both hands and forced her head down love, while he jutted his hips upward, stuffing all of his meat into her mouth. His cum sent a burning jolt of pleasure throughout his body it spurted into her throat, filling her mouth up with cream. He placed his legs around her neck and pulled her over on her side, while he began to face fuck her, pressing his crotch hairs savagely against her nose.

Later, he lay there exhausted. He looked at Brenda who was still sucking on his cock, her tongue lapping up all the spilled cum that had oozed onto his balls. She squeezed his prick firmly at the base, and running her hand upwards along the shaft, was rewarded with another delicious glob of milky cum, which she sucked into her mouth with the tip of her tongue.

"Ummmmmm," she moaned, slicking up her mouth with his jism, "you taste good. I like your cum!"

Brian was still half-asleep. "How long have you been sucking on my cock?" he asked.

"Long enough," she answered, then placed her mouth back on his meat, pulling it into her throat.

"What a way to wake up!" he muttered, feeling her hot mouth suck up and down on the shaft of his cock.

But Brenda didn't comment. She sucked and licked methodically and slowly enjoying every second of her cock-sucking, making up for months they had wasted not doing this before now. Neither of them slept the rest of the night, almost succeeding in forcing months into one night.


"Come on, Gary, we gotta split!" Brian whispered to his friend who lay sprawled on top of a very nice redhead, his hips pumping his cock in and out of her cunt, even in his sleep.

Gary opened a sleepy eye and smiled at his friend.

"My dad is gonna be pissed as hell when he finds out I stayed out all night!" Brian continued, shaking his buddy on the shoulder.

"Not to worry, pal," Gary said, yawning, while still grinding his hips into those of the girl. "Beth called over here while you were, uh, busy, and I told her that you'd be spending the night with me. All systems go!"

"Thanks!" Brian whispered, sitting down. At least that was one worry he wouldn't have.

"Hey, you want a little of the action here?" Gary asked. "She's got a pussy as tight as a drum, and as much fun to bang!"

Brian shook his head and looked toward the bedroom where he had left Brenda just a few moments ago. He had the sudden urge to go in and wake her, and perhaps fuck one more time, but he was exhausted. He needed some sleep, and he needed to get home. He told Gary as much.

"Ok, sport," Gary said. "I'll be right with you, just one more minute or two."

Brian watched as his friend began fucking the teenage girl with energy, his large cock slipping in and out of her slippery pussy. He sat there fascinated, watching him fuck away happily, not at all embarrassed that someone was watching. Gary thrust his hips forward as he climaxed, sending large globs of cum deep into the sleeping girl. A lingering wad or two oozed out of her cunt and slicked up his balls as they slapped against her asshole.

"Oh, baby!" Gary moaned into the girl's face. "You'll never know what hit you!"

The girl smiled and kept on sleeping, and by the expression on her face, they both knew that she was having very pleasant dreams.

Later they sat in Gary's living room, holding a beer, each lost in his own thoughts, as the early morning light cast a warm, yellow glow in the room.

"So you and Brenda finally got it on, huh?" Gary asked.

"Yeah, we did. It was great!" Brian said, half dazed with the early morning beer and the lack of sleep. "But I gotta crash pretty damned soon!"

"Me too," Gary said. "You can sleep in my sister's room. If she's not up, kick her out of bed."

As if on cue, Gary's sister, Tanya, walked into the room. "Did I hear someone say something about me?" she asked.

Even in his sleepy condition, Brian's senses picked up. He looked at Tanya, as she stood there, looking young, fresh and beautiful. Her large, firm tits fit snuggly into a pullover, and she smiled, revealing white, perfect teeth.

"Ok if Brian uses your bed today?" Gary asked.

Tanya looked at Brian, her eyes almost taking inventory of his broad shoulders, his massive arms and the obvious bulge in his jeans. "He can use my bed anytime he wants!" she said seductively.

Brian blushed and stood up. "If it's any trouble, I can call my dad to came pick me up," he began.

"Wouldn't hear of it!" Gary said. "Come on, let's get some shut-eye."

After Brian had shucked off his clothes, he slipped between the cool sheets that Tanya had slept on just a few hours before. Her sweet smelling aroma still clung to the pillow, as he closed his eyes against the soft texture. He was asleep almost before he had time to think about it, except noticing that he started getting a hard-on, as his mind drifted from the vision of Brenda, and sleeping in Tanya's bed. His dreams were undisturbed except for one vivid incident. His dreams felt so real, as the soft touch of a woman's body slipped between the sheets beside him, the familiar fragrance of her body tantalizing his nostrils. She stoked his chest, running her fingers dawn to his stomach and then lower, to his crotch.

The dream became reality as he opened his eyes and looked into the smiling face of Gary's sister. He was too stunned to move or say anything, and couldn't a few seconds later, as he felt her hungry, moist lips on his.

Tanya's body was hot next to his, as he felt her boiling cunt premed against his hips, her crotch hairs gently tickling his skin. He felt her tug on his waist, for him to roll on top of her, which he did.

She spread her legs, and placing her hands on his hard cock, she pressed his cockhead into the entrance of her tight, hot cunt.

"What are you doing?" Brian finally said, pulling his mouth away from hers.

"I'm about to get fucked, I think," she answered huskily. "That is, if you want to!"

"Oh, yes, you know it!" Brian said, losing control of his body. "I'd like to fuck the hell out of you!"

"Then slip that big dick into me all the way!" Tanya said sweetly.

Brian cased a couple of inches into her tight pussy, feeling her cunt walls tighten and stretch under the burden of his immense shaft. Her body tensed as he buried his entire moat deeply into her slit and began pumping back and forth.

"Goddam!" she winced, "you're so big!"

"And you love it!" Brian whimpered into her mouth.

"Yes!" she whispered back. "Fuck me hard! Make me hurt!"

Brian began fucking her fast and hard, slamming his cock savagely into her aching pussy, fooling her muscles tighten as he relentlessly pounded away.

By God, if she wanted to be hurt, he'd hurt the little bitch!

Tanya whimpered with each throttle of his cock, almost unable to bear the banging rhythm of his prick as it speared her guts brutally. She moaned softly at first and then loudly, feeling his cock begin to swell with a load of hot cum. She pulled her legs as far apart as they would going, to take in all of his cock, which was about to explode in a bath of creamy jism.

"Pump me full of hot cum!" Tanya wailed. "Fuck me full of your big cock!"

And with her words, Brian shot a tremendous wad of hot jism deep into her cunt, splattering up her insides with its warmth. He jutted his hips deeply against hers, as his cockhead blossomed out, pressing against her tight pussy walls, spitting out loads of cream into her backbone.

"Ummmmmmhhhhh!" he gasped. "Take it all, you little curd!"

Only a couple of seconds after he emptied his globs of creamy cum into her pussy, Tanya yelled out with her own pleasure, as she climaxed. She thrust her hips upward and into his loins, trapping his exploding cock, sending jolts of fantastic pleasure throughout her body. She thrashed around on the bed, almost lifting Brian in the air, as she forced her body against his, ramming his cock deeply into her hungry cunt, while his hairy nuts slipped up and down in the crack of her ass.

As they lay there breathing hard, their bodies not moving except for Brian's steady, slow fucking motion, slipping his limbering cock in and out of her raw pussy, they didn't see who entered the room. Brian froze as he heard the familiar voice.

"Well, what's going on in here?" Gary asked, his figure framing the doorway.

Brian looked over at his friend as a rush of guilt sped through his body. He couldn't help but notice, however, that Gary was smiling, his eyes taking in the two naked bodies.

"Look, I'm sorry," Brian began, but he was interrupted by a wave of the hand from Gary.

"SO you've been fucking my little sister, huh?" Gary asked, walking into the room. "Is there any of that sweet pussy left for me?" he added, looking at Tanya.

"There's plenty for both of you!" Tanya whispered.

Brian stated in amazement as Gary unzipped his jeans and flopped out his growing cock. He crooked his finger and motioned for his sister to come over to him. She got out from under Brian and sat on the edge of the bed.

"I'll meet you halfway, big brother," she whispered, holding out her hands.

Brian watched in fascination and shock at what then took place. Gary walked over and nuzzled his cock into his sister's face. She clasped it with both hands and placed between her tits, and then pressed her firm mounds together, caressing Gary's meat.

"Ummmmmm," Gary moaned, feeling her hard nipples press against the shaft of his prick. "Fuck me, sis!" he moaned, as she began jacking his cock with her tits.

Brian was still stunned, but he felt a hot throbbing between his legs as he viewed the scene before him. Gary was standing with his legs apart, his head thrown back, while his sister rubbed his gigantic cock around between her tits. She lowered her head and grasped his cockhead between her lips and slicked it up with her spit, cock sucking and tit fucking at the same time.

Tanya moaned softly as she tilted her head forward all the way, taking in more of his cock, while she pumped back and forth with her tits, totally encircling his shaft with her soft skin. As his cock became more slicked up with her spit, his cock moved between her tits with greater ease, intensifying their pleasure. They both rocked back and forth, while Gary's cock expanded largely, his purplish cockhead slipping in and out of her hungry mouth.

"Oh, little sister," Gary moaned, "Suck out my cum and drink it!"

Brian placed his right hand on his hard cock feeling it throb against his fingers. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. His best buddy was fucking his own sister! And it didn't look like the first time either. He was repelled and excited at the same time, thinking of what he and his sister had almost done, and here they were doing it!

Tanya and Gary were oblivious to Brian's thoughts or even his presence, as they continued their movements. Tanya could sense that her big brother was about to shoot his wad as his cock began throbbing violently, and his cockhead grew even larger. She began sucking furiously, running her lips up and down his dick, while she increased the momentum of her tit fucking. And then she felt the first glob of cum hit the back of her throat.

"Holy fucking Jesus!" Gary called out as he pumped his cock deeply into the dick of Tanya's throat. "Suck it, you sucking little bitch, suck it!"

Tanya released her tits and pulled Gary's cock out of her mouth, and held onto the shaft with both hands, jacking it up and down. She watched his spurting cock like a hungry animal as it shot wads of cum into her face. Huge creamy drops of jam collected on her cheeks and ran in streams down her chin and onto her tits. She held her tongue close to his cockhead, allowing the last few spurts of hot cum to squirt into her mouth.

"Oh, brother!" she moaned as the cum warmed up her mouth with creamy deliciousness.

She licked his cock, running her tongue up and down the shaft, taking into her mouth all of his spent cum, and swallowing it around in her throat before swallowing it. She released one hand from his cock and scooped up the cum off her face and chin and took it between her lips, moaning as it slicked down her throat.

Gary stepped back and watched as his sister fondled her tits, rubbing his jism round on the soft mounds. And then she bent her head and sucked on her tits, savoring the taste of his cum that had spilled on her hard nipples. And then he looked at Brian.

"What's the matter, Brian?" Gary asked. "You look like you've seen a ghost!"

"She's your sister!" Brian stammered. "How could you do that?"

"Easy!" Gary said, sitting beside his sister. "It's because I love her," he added, placing his mouth on his sister's cum-stained lips. They kissed long and eagerly, not at all like brother and sister and lay back on the bed together, their arms intertwined.

Brian watched as Gary caressed his sister's tits, while their tongues flicked against each other, in a gently dancing motion. Tanya placed her hands between Gary's legs and held his cock and squeezed it gently. As she did so, Brian moved as though in a dream. He reached over and touched Tanya, on the shoulder, letting his fingers play with her soft skin. He ran his hand down her arm and then over to her tits, cupping them tenderly.

Tanya pulled her face away from Gary and looked at Brian. "You want to fuck me now?" she asked.

"Hell yes!" Brian said, his voice eager.

"Then get over here and shove that big dick in my cunt!" she commanded with a smile.

Gary pulled away from his sister and propped himself up on one elbow, watching as Brian slipped between his sister's legs. Tanya spread wide and grabbed Brian's cock with both hands and shoved his cockhead against the entrance of her pussy. She moved his cock around and around, his throbbing gland popping in and out of her cunt, rubbing against her clit.

"Oh, that's nice!" Tanya moaned as his cockhead excited her clit and made it throb with passion. "Fuck me, you bastard!"

Brian lunged his hips forward violently, and in one movement slammed his cock all the way into her cunt. His balls slapped against her asshole as he did it, and he could feel her little shitter throb against the hairy flesh of his nuts.

Tanya yelled out as she felt the monstrous piece of meat bang into her slit, slamming up against her guts. The mixture of pain and pleasure combined in an electric jolt that sent her body quivering with ecstasy. She tightened her already stretched pussy walls, latching onto his cock like a vise, as she gasped with the sensation.

She pushed him over on his back, and still keeping his cock deep inside her, straddled his waist. She began pumping up and down, moaning with delicious pain, as his cock slipped against the tender, tight insides of her cunt. She sat down on his balls and squirmed her ass around and around, forcing all of his cock to churn and twist inside her pussy.

"Oh, baby!" she wailed, feeling his hard cock press into her backbone. "Make me hurt, you bastard, make me hurt!"

Brian raised his upper body and placed his mouth on her tits and chewed them with his teeth, as she buckled with the pleasure. She thrust her tits back and forth, burying them into his face, while he chewed on them, her hard nipples slipping in and out of his mouth.

"Bite them!" Tanya screamed out. "Bite my tits hard! Hurt me!"

Brian clamped down on her tits, squeezing her soft skin between his teeth, until he left marks, and still she wanted him to do it harder. She grabbed him by the back of his head and forced his head against her nipples with all her strength. She screamed out in pain as Brian took her tits between his back teeth and chewed them like he would a steak.

"Ooooohhhhhhhh!" Tanya screeched out like a wounded animal, as her body exploded with passion, her first orgasm hitting her with unbelievable intensity. She wither around on Brian's cock, slamming her body up and down, as wave after violent, painful wave of pleasure ripped through her body.

Brian could hardly comprehend what was going on with Tanya, as she bounced around on his cock. He didn't know if she was in agony or pleasure, or both, but whatever it was, she didn't want to stop. As her body slammed down on his, her pussy jacking his cock up and down in thrusting motions, he felt every muscle in his body tense, as he was about to slam his wads of cum into her burning cunt. He felt his cock tighten even more against the sucking walls of her pussy, as ho spilled out a huge load of jism into the back of her cunt. He felt the burning liquid spurt out and lubricate his cock as it ran backward and down his shaft, and onto his balls, causing their bodies to smack together loudly.

"Oh, fuck me!" Brian whimpered, as his cock spewed out his load. "Fuck me, you little cunt!"

Tanya yelled out again feeling the hot cum spurt into her guts, filling her insides up entirely with his creamy warmth. She climaxed again as she felt his cockhead bulge and press hard against her flexed pussy walls, shooting out wonderful, milky gobs of cum.

Tanya fell forward on Brian's chest, her body heaving with spent passion. She could still feel the delicious throbbing of Brian's cock as it lay buried deep in her cunt, while a gentle ooze of cum slipped out of her cunt.

Some moments later she managed to speak coherently. "What a fuck!" she whispered, her breath hot and heavy, "what a wonderful fuck!"

Gary reached over and patted her on the ass. He ran his finger up and down between her ass cheeks, slicking her shitter up with her pussy juices. He kissed her on the neck and sucked her tender skin between his lips.

"You ready for your bother's cock now?" he asked, placing the tip of his finger inside her whole. "Or can you handle it?"

"Are you going to hurt me?" she asked with lust.

"I'm going to rip your ass apart!" Gary whispered.

"Good!" Tanya purred. "Fuck me in the ass and make it bad!"

"You got it, little sister!" Gary replied, slipping between her legs and nuzzling his cockhead against the opening of her whole.

Tanya arched her ass upwards pressing into his loins, slipping off of Brian's cock. She pushed against Brian's stomach with both of her hands, caressing the dark hairs adorning his muscular frame.

"Scoot up," she told Brian. "I want to suck your cock while Gary fucks me in the ass."

Brian pulled his body up and spread his legs as Tanya lowered her face to his crotch. She took his cock in one hand, cupping his balls with the other, and ran her nose between his nuts and up the shaft of his dick. Then she lowered her mouth onto his nuts and took them, one at a time, into her mouth and hummed softly, vibrating them with her voice.

Brian felt a new, wonderful sensation surge through his balls as Tanya sucked and hummed, while her teeth nibbled on the furry, sensitive skin.

"Oh, baby, suck my balls!" he whispered. "Suck them into your throat!"

Tanya pulled his balk deeply into her mouth, pursing her lips as she did so, rolling his balls around in her mouth, slicking them up deliciously with her hot mouth. She could feel his cock grow hard as a rock as she pulled it down against her cheeks. She rolled his cock back and forth on her smooth skin feeling his cockhead rub against her eyebrows.

"You ready for me, little sister?" Gary asked, puffing her to her knees and pressing his cock into the opening of her asshole.

Tanya stopped sucking on Brian's nuts long enough to answer, and then placed them back into her mouth, while she began jacking his cock up and down with her hands. She squeezed his cock shaft gently as she pulled upward, filling her tiny hands up with his large meat.

Gary placed the end of his cock into Tanya's shitter, grinding it around against the dark opening. He forced hard with his hips, slipping a couple of inches of his enormous cock into her insides, making her wince with pain.

She took her mouth of Brian's balls and ran her tongue up the underside of his prick and whispered to Gary, "Shove it in hard!"

Gary held his sister's hips in his hands, and with one move pulled her into his loins, while he rammed his cock deep into her whole, thrusting his hips with a smack against her ass cheeks.

"Oh God, that hurts!" she wailed. "Do it again, harder!"

Gary slipped his cock almost all the way out of her asshole and then banged his cock in hard, the base of his shaft meeting the outside rim of her hole. As he did so, his hairy balls slapped up against her pussy, slicking them up with cunt juice.

"Again!" Tanya gasped. "That hurt good, do it again!"

Her last few words were lost to either men as she had plunged Brian's cock deeply into her mouth, tickling the back of her throat. She squeezed the muscles of her throat, caressing and kneading Brian's hard cockhead. She felt it throb against her sucking motions and swallowed, trying to take it into her lungs.

"Suck it, you cocksucking little whore!" Brian muttered, pushing his hips up so that his entire prick was embedded in Tanya's sucking throat. "Suck out my cum and swallow it!"

Tanya's entire body fluttered with pain and excitement, as she gagged on Brian's cock, as it pulsated against her throat muscles. She squirmed her ass around against Gary's banging cock as it pounded her ass walls viciously. She felt her tender shitter almost rip apart as he throttled her in and out, his rough, hard cock stretching and tearing her insides out.

"Does it hurt enough, you fucking cunt, you?" Gary asked, placing his hands around her waist and forcing his fingers in her boiling pussy, frothy with her cunt juices.

Tanya gagged out a delicious response, as she lay in Brian's crotch. She pursed her lips around the base of his cock, forcing her face into his musky-smelling pubic hairs, while Brian humped his body up and down, face fucking her violently. She grasped Brian under the ass and pulled him into her face hard, feeling his prick slam into the back of her throat, almost choking her to death, but she moaned for more of it.

As she felt Brian's cockhead swell to the limits, pushing out against the insides of her throat, she quickened her pumping motions with her ass. In anticipation of the hot cum about to shoot deep into her throat and in her hot little ass, she flinched with orgasmic pleasure. A gigantic rush of pleasure and pain filled her body as she tightened every muscle.

"Suck out my cum!" Brian yelled, pumping her mouth and throat full with the first few spurts of his hot jism.

Tanya sucked deeply, taking in every drop of cum as it splattered the back of her throat and bathed up her raw insides. She felt the huge gobs gently ooze down the back of her throat, and as she exhaled through her nose, a couple of wads of cream dripped out of her nostrils, wetting up her lips. And as she drank down Brian's cum, she felt a hot shower of jism flood her shitter, deep in her guts, as Gary almost yanked her off the bed with his climax. Her tender asshole suddenly felt comfortable and warm, his sticky cum baffled and soothed her aching ass with sweet relief.

As the two men shot off into her body, tilling her ass and her mouth with cum, Tanya could hardly take the pleasure. She flailed around on the bed, her movements like a jackhammer, as thunderous pangs of orgasm swept through her body. She gagged out a moan, gurgling on Brian's cum, as the enormous rush of pleasure Gary was giving her, stormed through her guts like a jolt of lightning. She humped her body back and forth, her ass slapping against Gary, maintaining a constant level of pleasure, while she gobbled down

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I am a woman in my fifties, and I am recently divorced. It was too long of a time coming, and I think I wasted too many years not knowing what good sex was. The sex in my marriage slowed down a lot in our forties, and when my husband suggested that w ..continue reading

Father and Daughter story

Every father thinks that there is something very special about any daughter of his. He loves them from their birth and watches them grow, shares with them all the difficulties of growing up, and finally sees them leave the nest to continue with thei ..continue reading

The family saga

Many things were now extremely clear to Gabriel Scott. He settled back in his favorite chair nursing his gin tonic, promising himself that, tonight, he wouldn't get sloppy drunk. Hell! He had waited too damned long! After having read the note his wif ..continue reading

Ay Papi ! (gay sex story)

Small footprints in the sand weave past the roots of the mangroves, away from my hut. I follow them towards the placid afternoon sea which glitters blue-green beyond the white beach. The sky is cloudless azure above the swaying emerald fronds of the ..continue reading