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Ugly wife - Cum poetry of Saso

Would you read my Dirty Cum Word Poetry? I'm so pleased to announce that one of my poems are featured in this site. So read my dirty poetry below..

Will choke 4 a smoke
Will smoke for cum
Will wink for kink loads
Just smoke me out first

Will perv for your jerk off cum
Will jack you off 4 hot cum facials
Will make you breakfast 4 cum
Will cum 4 sucking
Will suck 4 anything
Will you fuck my ass
And have me
Then splash me up just right
You know....
Kinda crazy as you glaze me up slutty cause I like it so much I touch myself and get cum streams across me. Fuck yes!!!
Will stress for release.
Will work for a blowjob Cumshot pervert
Will work 4 twerks in my jerk off
Will work 2 jerk on your face
Will cum 4 honeys
Will cum 4 models

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